1. Michael says

    Does anyone remember J Lo’s music career right before American Idol? Me neither.

    She blew off the hand that fed her and it’s about to smack her down, right back to where she was 5 minutes before AI.

  2. Ernest1960 says

    “Ummm, isn’t she over 40 or something?
    That means she’s tired and over the hill.”

    Really?? Wow. I guess you’re not planning on getting older! The age-ism on this blog is simply amazing.

  3. marc says

    Dear ERNEST1960,

    That was posted with tongue-in-cheek as a reply to all the bitter nastiness that is spewed at Madonna and her age.

    Please give me a break!
    I’m actually a Jlo fan.

  4. RONTEX says

    WTF with you ageists on here. So she’s over 40 and has two kids, her body is eff-ing tight and her music is just as good as anything else on the radio right now. Agree with Ernest1960, apparently no one on this site plans on getting older, sheesh.

  5. Bob says

    @Marc — if we are gonna post irony, we need to use our brain to see how it reads: you forgot to do that.

    For the critics — I don’t expect other than fluff from JLo, and I think she and Idol did each other good. Moving on is good for all

    Of course, the song is like a TV jingle, but it was fun to watch the first 50 seconds and wonder how she endured the jewels glued to her lips, then bail.

  6. Solomon says

    I won’t play into any kind of calls of age-ism because Bruce and McCartney are still allowed to rock out at the ripe combined age of 150 but this song/video is bland and uninspired. The color pallete isn’t contemporary at all. I mean pastel pink and yellow? What crusty gay advised that? The song is without climax and like was someone above me said, is so 2000’s. I don’t understand how she has managed to NOT evolve her sound, except that she is just a barbie doll pop-locker who shouldn’t be a music star in the first place.

    If it wasn’t for her fabulous meteoric career in the early 2000’s I wouldn’t see the appeal of her at all. But she can’t go on riding her own coattails without genuinely NEW inspiration that is of this era. It’s so sad to see music that doesn’t age WITH you.

  7. Ed says

    The rise and falls of Jlo and falls again after Idol, I hope for good this time, find another career, what about your sex tape? you already have a tape out there, now their a good future for someone that has failed in life?

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