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'American Family Association' Mouthpiece Bryan Fischer Endorses Kidnapping of Children from Gay Parents


In two tweets last night, AFA radio host Bryan Fischer suggested that children of gay parents should be kidnapped for their own protection.

Zack Ford at Think Progress has more:

In one tweet  he was referring to the sad story of Lisa Miller, who, after declaring herself ex-gay, kidnapped her daughter away to Central America to prevent her former partner from having any custody. (She is still being tracked by federal agents as a fugitive of the law.)

In the other tweet, Fischer referred to the testimony of a individual named Robert Oscar Lopez, who blames all of his social problems on being raised by his mom and her lesbian partner.

Ford adds: "And yet, Bryan Fischer believes it to be the perfect example of why the children of same-sex parents should be kidnapped away for their protection — that they are the equivalent of slaves who need to be rescued. This is incredibly dangerous rhetoric that has the potential to do great harm. How much destruction could self-declared “Harriet Tubmans” do to same-sex families, motivated by Fischer’s claims? More than ever, the “culture war” is a direct attack on the lives of LGBT and their families."

Adds HRC: "LGBT families are not a new phenomenon. There are over 650,000 same-sex couples raising nearly 250,000 childen, according to the 2010 U.S. Census data. Fischer’s call for kidnapping children from same-sex partners is not only offensive, but a harmful mischaracterization of families that struggle daily to provide loving and safe home environments despite significant legal, financial and dignitary inequality."

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  1. We don't have any children, but if we did and Miss Fischer came around, he'd find himself on the wrong end of a 12-gauge shotgun.

    Posted by: VoenixRising | Aug 8, 2012 3:05:24 PM

  2. Isn't this like, a felony ?

    Posted by: NVTodd | Aug 8, 2012 3:05:40 PM

  3. This guy needs to be a suspect in every case of kidnapping from so-called nontraditional families.

    Posted by: Sam | Aug 8, 2012 3:08:49 PM

  4. Agreed! They should immediately be whisked away and placed under the loving protection of Rush Limbaugh, or some other stalwart and upright moral pillar of the xtian child sex tourism afficianados...

    Posted by: MikeInSanJose | Aug 8, 2012 3:11:47 PM

  5. Did Mr. Lopez never watch any TV to see the "gender norms" or how to interact with others? Something else is going on there.

    Posted by: Gus | Aug 8, 2012 3:16:29 PM

  6. Only if someone had kidnapped him we wouldn't have to see this day. But Alas

    Posted by: Alejo | Aug 8, 2012 3:22:46 PM

  7. I think nvtodd is right - this is a felony. Why isn't he arrested?

    Posted by: azpunky | Aug 8, 2012 3:28:30 PM

  8. If a gay person in a position of prominence uttered a statement like this, be assured that he would be getting a knock on his front door from the FBI.

    Mr. Fissure's comment has all the earmarks of a threat and a call for violence against same-sex marriage families.

    Will anyone do anything about it? Of course not. It's open season on the LGBT community and anything goes.

    Posted by: Schlukitz | Aug 8, 2012 3:32:10 PM

  9. This is the kind of rhetoric that may well inspire some nutjob already on the edge to pick up and run with it. It only takes one person to forever change your family life as you know it. It's time we realize that things are getting worse in some ways and it 's possible that before long we'll be seriously under physical attack in numbers that can't be ignored. We're responsible for the safety of our families and our own it may be time to have a weapon that we know how to use and are willing to, if necessary.

    Posted by: PAUL B. | Aug 8, 2012 3:32:30 PM

  10. I usually dismiss this guy's rhetoric as right wing sensationalism, but this goes way over the line.

    To suggest that babies should be stolen from their parents is too horrible to comprehend. Anyone who advocates this sort of thing should be considered extremely dangerous.

    Anyone who goes on his show from now on should be tied to these comments and dogged by questions about the propriety of kidnapping babies.

    Posted by: Trev | Aug 8, 2012 3:38:09 PM

  11. I freak every time I read crap like this. My husband takes our son four blocks to Kindergarten every day and Skipper (Steven's puppy) and I are standing outside ready to bring him home. We've never once been accosted or (verbally/physically) assaulted but it only takes one nutcase. Isn't there a law that could be invoked to put those who advocate the kidnapping of children in jail? Bryan Fischer belongs in prison, not on the radio.

    Posted by: OS2Guy | Aug 8, 2012 3:38:30 PM

  12. Shouldn't someone start an investigation against this "man". Disgusting.

    Posted by: Matt26 | Aug 8, 2012 3:43:24 PM

  13. BF is in rhetorical competition with his fellow nomers, so each has to come up with a more outlandish thing to say than the last. However, there's like zero chance this will happen.

    Posted by: anon | Aug 8, 2012 3:43:31 PM

  14. I think this is incitement to commit a crime (kidnapping).

    Posted by: Artie_in_Lauderdale | Aug 8, 2012 3:43:40 PM


    Posted by: GUEST | Aug 8, 2012 3:45:26 PM

  16. He's an ass, put & simple. He says these things to infuriate people... and of course, boost his ratings. This man is vile.

    Posted by: Married in Mass | Aug 8, 2012 3:47:51 PM

  17. He's going beyond the pale on this one. I suspect even Maggie Gallagher and James Dobson would distance themselves from what he's advocating. Espousing extremism such as this only further marginalizes himself ( as if that were possible ).

    Posted by: Stan D | Aug 8, 2012 3:49:28 PM

  18. Does the FBI know about this poor excuse for a human being?

    Posted by: Jack M | Aug 8, 2012 3:51:08 PM

  19. Worse still, is that they do it in the name of 'free exercise of religion', and any attempt to stop them is resisted as an incursion on First Amendment liberties.

    Posted by: Constitutonal Scholar | Aug 8, 2012 3:52:43 PM

  20. The Miller-Jenkins case is only about gay parenting in the eyes of rightwing nuts like Fischer. In the eyes of the law it is a custody battle between divorced parents, no different than a heterosexual custody battle. Those who aided Miller in kidnapping the child are now being held accountable, though they and Miller herself keep hiding from the law, literally. What Fischer is suggesting is unambiguously criminal.

    Posted by: Ernie | Aug 8, 2012 4:03:11 PM

  21. That's funny because I don't know a single gay person who was raised by gay parents. They all overwhelmingly are the product of heterosexual relationships. God, how hateful can one person be? He's an idiot.

    Posted by: shle896shle | Aug 8, 2012 4:09:31 PM

  22. Now that he's inciting crime, can we have this ass-hat arrested and silenced please...

    Posted by: Robert In WeHo | Aug 8, 2012 4:10:42 PM

  23. @OS2guy Your family sounds incredibly cute. Just FYI.

    Posted by: Wdeanis | Aug 8, 2012 4:11:17 PM

  24. Time to get the guns. Actually it's been beyond time for gay people to start arming themselves.

    I bet he'll be in favor of gun control once his kidnappers start getting killed.

    Posted by: Polyboy | Aug 8, 2012 4:24:51 PM

  25. Please sign and share the petition:

    Posted by: Andrew Martin | Aug 8, 2012 4:28:39 PM

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