Anti-Gay NYC Cardinal Timothy Dolan to Bless Democratic Convention, One Week After Doing Same for GOP

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, an outspoken opponent of equality, will deliver the closing benediction at the Democratic National Convention one week after doing the same for the GOP, RNS reports:

DolanrncThe Obama campaign also revealed Tuesday (Aug. 28) that Sister Simone Campbell, the popular face of the recent “Nuns on the Bus” tour for social justice, will be addressing the Democrats in Charlotte, N.C., the night before Dolan’s appearance.

That is kind of a Catholic “two-fer” that threatens to upstage GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s Catholic outreach and highlights the importance of this swing vote in a deadlocked race.

The Catholic League's Bill Donohue clucks:

Over the past week, Cardinal Dolan has been hammered by liberals for accepting an invitation to give benediction at the Republican National Convention (RNC). Now that he will close both conventions, they look even more foolish…

…The fundamental difference between Cardinal Dolan and these critics comes down to one thing: he is a man of principle and they don’t know how to spell the word. He invited President Obama to the Al Smith Dinner, knowing he would receive flak from some on the right. Then he agreed to speak at the RNC, knowing he would be blasted by some on the left. Now he has accepted an invitation to speak at the DNC and none of his critics—on both the left and the right—can figure him out.

What this shows is that Cardinal Dolan is able to rise above the politics of the moment. But to those who view the world exclusively through the lens of power, this is completely unintelligible.


  1. stanchaz says

    May I humbly remind Cardinal Dolan,
    as he preens and pontificates under the spotlights
    of the political conventions:
    there is really room for only ONE superstar in his religion.
    And as the Cardinal addresses and blesses the Republicans and their billionaire buddies,
    as he smiles upon those who would destroy Social Security and voucher Medicare to death,
    and as he joins with those who readily admit they they “don’t care about the very poor”……
    it would be good, it would be very good …for the good Cardinal
    to remember -and take to heart- the words of his boss,
    who once said “What you do for the least of these you do for me”.
    Unless perhaps, the Cardinal is working for someone else these days?
    Not only do Politics and Religion not mix:
    they bring out the worst in each other.
    And they destroy each other.

  2. jason says

    What this shows is that the Democrats will pander to “the gays” when they need to do so and to “the Catholics” when they need to do so. There is no moral consistency with this political party. Everything is a political calculation, not a principle.

    The Democrats have no principles and deserve to be booted out of office. Their commitment to gay rights is a calculated fraud.

  3. I wont grow up says

    Yes, we want to be taken seriously. So we dress up like renaissance drag queens (molest little boys) and parade around and tell everyone else how to live their lives.

  4. say what says

    shouldn’t have at all but was probably an order straight from the Pope

    since he had done it for the GOP …supposedly the Vatican was upset with confining the 2,000 year old church that has seen empires rise and fall to being the GOP church

    Dolan probably went begging to the DNC since the vatican most likely shook his leash in anger

  5. say what says


    yes david….the cardinal is a whore

    No jason….see my above comment…reports had been coming out that the Vatican was upset with being forced into a box of a singular political party…Dolan most likely went begging at the DNC because the Pope had spanked him

  6. Michael says

    Man of principle? Is that what we call fat ass, super Nelly gay men who preach hate against their own kind while steadfastly allowing pedophilia to fester?

    Thanks for clearing that up. I was under the impression we were calling that food and fodder for Hell.

  7. Jay says

    OMG Billy: “But to those who view the world exclusively through the lens of power…”

    All this time I thought you were just some over-privleged d*ck, but maybe you are just trulyl a myopic and misunderstood soul.

    To make such a statement as you did above when there are countless BILLIONS of people over the past 2000 years who have suffered at the hands of the hierarchy within the religion you support…such a hierarchy…a patriarchy…of MEN, ONLY men, predominently white (at least until relatively recently), in positions of EXTREME authority, who have condoned and PROVOKED unspeakable violence in the name of a supposedly benevolent god for the sake of securing and maintaining the very power you seem to think we shouldn’t concern ourselves with.

    Billy…could it be that you TRULY have bought the Wizard’s command to “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain” ???? I thought your schtick was synical…but…gulp…can it be you are a sincere foolish ass?

  8. SoLeftImRight says

    I don’t want the Cardinal at EITHER convention. The f*cking church doesn’t belong in politics, full stop.

    If he want’s to participate in the political process, then his kidfucker church needs to start paying taxes.

  9. John says

    Religious people have every right to participate in the political process. I think many here have a severe misunderstanding of the Establishment Clause of the Constitution.

    While the anger at specific religious persons and specific affiliations is correct, it is unfair to generalize and assume that all religious affiliations and all religious persons hold the same views.

    Just as we constantly point out that not all LGBT people are the same as the few LGBT people who have done awful things, we should recognize that not all religious people are the same as those we disagree with.

    Many Christians, Jews, Muslims, and other religious and spiritual Americans, both LGBT and straight, have done great work on behalf of the LGBT community. It is important to continue building positive relationships between the LGBT communities and the faith communities, particularly since the two are not mutually exclusive.

    Please know that this post is not a post in support of Cardinal Dolan. Rather it is in regard to the rhetoric that often appears in the comments here.

    In regards to Cardinal Dolan speaking at the conventions, I suggest reading this article from last Friday’s NY Times:

    As a summary of the article for those who may not have access to the NY Times, since 1972, the candidate who won the Catholic vote has won the popular vote as well. In 2008, Obama won the Catholic vote, which may have been boosted by Biden. Commentators see Cardinal Dolan’s selection for the closing prayer at the Republican National Convention as the Republicans’ outreach to Catholics. The Cardinal told the NY Times that he was only giving a prayer, not an endorsement. At the time of the article, the selections for the Democratic National Convention had not been made.

    It appears that the Democrats’ choice of Cardinal Dolan is a strategic selection to downplay any appearance that the Cardinal is endorsing the Republican ticket.

    Given Paul Ryan’s openness about his Catholic faith, it is probably wise of the Democrats to neutralize the Republicans’ outreach to Catholics as best they can.

  10. simon says

    “the candidate who won the Catholic vote has won the popular vote as well”
    If Catholics follows the Church, then they naturally should vote for the Republicans since they have almost the same views on women and gay issues.
    Fortunately this is not the case. Therefore the logical conclusion is that the political parties can safely ignore the Church.
    The fact that Obama openly supports same sex marriage and defied the Church doesn’t mean he is going to lose a lot of Catholic votes.

  11. says

    There seems to be more and more religion insinuated into US politics.

    Do you all still believe this is not the long term project work of Opus Dei ?
    And now the Repugs have a fully signed up member – Paul Ryan.

  12. Stefan says

    @John: Excellent, insightful commentary. I don’t know why so many in the LGBT community fail to appreciate the need for bridges and allies. We’re a VERY small minority and manage to be divisive even amongst ourselves. Being critical is fine and necessary, but completely trying to stand alone is not smart.

  13. Randy says

    Why are Democrats lending legitimacy to this joke? Even Catholics don’t respect the institutional church any more. If they’re dumping it, surely Democrats can do the same.

  14. simon says

    The voters of the United States had not elected a Catholic in nearly 200 years before J.F Kennedy.
    The influence of the Catholic Church is over exaggerated. Some even thought Kennedy being a Catholic was a disadvantage.

  15. "The Gay" says

    It’s tragic that all the focus in these comments is on the Cardinal, and the evils of religion.

    What about the nuns ?

    We have friends everywhere, we should focus on supporting them. Real, lasting change comes from within. Within ourselves, within organizations, within systems.

    Simply hating religion is ridiculous.

    It also shows a lack of awareness of our history; after all, it all went critical mass for us as a community after the San Francisco churches worked so hard to bring the community and local business people together. Ever heard of this, all you religion-haters ? When the cops busted up the church sponsored workshops between local business people and community leaders, arresting both straight and gay participants, it hit national news.

    There would have been no early revolution without the help of those true (mostly forgotten now) leaders.

  16. Bill says

    As a partial answer to the question, “Why are Democrats lending legitimacy to this joke,” it is probably an example of sailboat-racing tactics. If you are upwind of another boat, the default tactic is to ‘tack’ when that boat does, even if it looks like you could finish faster by not tacking. It protects you against unexpected changes in the wind direction – it doesn’t matter by how much you win as long as you win. Dolan apparently asked to give the benediction so allowing him at the end will avoid any impression of “snubbing” the Catholic church.

    The good news – during Dolan’s benediction, most of the delegates will be thinking about their flights home or where they will be partying afterwards. He’s supposed to offer a prayer, not give a speech so they’ll be no “platform” for him to express his views.

  17. RC says

    Grew up being the good little Catholic boy then gradually developed my own personal beliefs. My Catholic relatives have of course slammed me for being gay and of course were so put off and disgusted. In the eyes of the church they are much better than I am even though they only get involved with the church for weddings and funerals. Even though the relatives are offended by my lack of morality (for being gay), over the years I discovered their secret litany of sins, MANY illegitimate kids, adultery, substance abuse, sexual abuse, child abuse and the list went on. Yet of course they are so much better than I because I’m gay, they’re straight and they consider themselves Catholic. Whatever guilt I had vaporized and am so over the church and organized religion in general.

  18. John says

    First, I don’t believe in religion – I especially don’t believe that Catholicism should even exist.But, that’s probably not going to change. That said, I don’t believe that religion and politics should mingle, and I don’t think there should be a benediction, period. But, tradition calls for a benediction – as inappropriate as that is, at least having the same whore at both conventions kind of takes the wind out of the sails.

  19. Bud says

    First of all you propagandizing whores, as you say, Archbishop Dolan is totally and always will be against marriage as you pretend it should be i.e., If it isn’t a male and a female involved it just isn’t and never will be Marriage. Get used to it queenie! He doesn’t hate anyone. If anyone are bigots, read these articles from frustrated queens filled with bigotry with anyone that doesn’t agree with them. Even the non Christians as well as the rest of humanity couldn’t care less what you think.

  20. Bud says

    First of all you propagandizing whores, as you say, Archbishop Dolan is totally and always will be against marriage as you pretend it should be i.e., If it isn’t a male and a female involved it just isn’t and never will be Marriage. Get used to it queenie! He doesn’t hate anyone. If anyone are bigots, read these articles from frustrated queens filled with bigotry with anyone that doesn’t agree with them. Even the non Christians as well as the rest of humanity couldn’t care less what you think.

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