As Tropical Storm Isaac Aims at Tampa, Mayor Says He’ll Cancel Republican Convention if Need Be


With Tropical Storm Isaac forecast to approach South Florida by Monday morning, the mayor of Tampa, Bob Buckhorn, says he'll cancel the Republican National Convention if need be:

“Obviously public safety is going to trump politics,” Bob Buckhorn said on CNN’s “Starting Point.” “If we had to make that decision to cancel or to postpone or move the convention, we will do that knowing full well that my obligation and the city’s obligation is to move people out of harm’s way. The politics will take care of itself.”

But why would God do such a thing?


  1. Rick says

    It won’t hit Tampa. Hurricanes almost always change course and/or drift to the west as they enter the Gulf. Tampa hasn’t gotten a direct hit from a hurricane in ages.

  2. anthony says

    ” I think I am starting to understand some of the logic”

    1- The Red States presently in a drought- because of Activist Judges and “Big Gay” finally have been advised by Pat to pray for rain – today’s news

    2- Issac the Son of Abraham -or the possible hurricane will be prayed away FROM Tampa to
    rain in these areas.-even though most of the crops are practically lost already.

    3- The GOP convention will take place because of their prayers.

    4- While doing so: Any kind and or form or Abortion and or the woman’s right to choose will accepted and hence “more normal babies” will be brought fourth.

    5- Assuming the GOP wins…..and more babies are born……..New local community groups will be formed to “weed the possible
    GLBT children out” and sent away….to Camps…..across international boarders…
    along with those that have already been corralled.

    OR…..there will be an influx of persons and industries in areas of the U.S that support total tolerance and those persons who are GLBT.

    I dunno……

  3. dan cobb says

    My computer-generated projections show the storm intensifying and becoming the first category six hurricane record. My computer models indicate that it will arrive in Tampa on Monday morning and remain stalled over Tampa the entire week, dousing the region with more than 40 inches or rain and sustained winds over 100 mph for the entire week.

  4. TampaZeke says

    I honestly don’t know which I dread coming to town more; Isaac or Mitt and company! One will do terrible damage to my city, the other will do terrible damage to my country!

  5. uflyguy says

    I’m leaving town tomorrow for the week. I feel sorry for all those left behind. You’re either going to get hit by Isaac or the convention mess. Either way, Tampa’s screwed next week.

  6. Swiminbiff says

    Those poor male escorts will be working overtime with all those GOP delegates trapped inside their hotel rooms “riding” out the storm. Grindr will probably be overloaded.

  7. Tarc says

    Personally, it makes me wonder if god is making a statement. Today’s poll, which says Romney is drawing ZERO percent of the African-American vote, also comes at an interesting time. (Though it’s surprising that Romney getting any of the gay and female vote at all, as well.)

  8. Horrible says

    All you people in the comments that I just read, you must be liberals and you want to see this country go under by the likes of Barak Obama. He has done nothing for us in the time he has been in office, but he is going to do a lot to us (that we are not going to like) if he gets a second term.


  9. vann says

    @Horrible, what wonderful things do you foresee a President Romney doing for the gay community? Will we be celebrating a constitutional amendment to install bigotry into our basic rules of government? Will we be celebrating the annulment of all the same sex marriages already performed? Will we be celebrating all of our out military members being forced to either leave the military or return to the closet? What benefits do you see in our future from electing two homophobes as President and Vice-President of the United States?

  10. scott says

    yeah, um, please don’t wish this to hit us….. we don’t like the convention to be happening here- but we’d rather have that than a disaster killing people and ruining homes and businesses

  11. NY2.0 says

    @Horrible, and Romney will be oh so wonderful with those extravagant tax cuts for the 1 percent of the population. It sure has worked so well for us lately!

    I hope the hurricane settles directly over the convention sparing the rest of Tampa, LOL

  12. Laura says

    Tampa doesn’t need to be directly hit by Isaac to wreak major havoc. Heavy winds and flooding could cause big problems even if the hurricane hits elsewhere.

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