Attendees At ‘Shiny’ Homocon There For Obama, Ron Paul


Sure, the Republican Party at large does not support its gay and lesbian followers, but at least same-sex loving conservatives got some love at the convention, and from an unlikely source: Amy Davidson at The New Yorker.

After surveying the doom and gloom being broadcast out of Tampa, Davidson found only a few shiny, lovely things among the GOP convention’s many trappings – and gay group GOProud’s annual “Homocon” made the cut:

From “Four Shiny Things In Tampa”:

1. The mini-disco-ball keychains at GOProud’s Homocon.
There were bowls full of them, party favors at a bar called the Honey
Pot in Ybor City, at a celebration that lasted until after 2 A.M. and included both convention delegates and journalists, club dancing and Grover Norquist.

Questions raised: Is GOProud, which works on gay rights from
a conservative direction, making progress within the party? Is this a
sign that the G.O.P.’s libertarian faction is still strong—or that,
after hours of speeches, some people just want to dance?

Looking at the level of discrimination written into the GOP’s platform, I’m guessing GOProud is not “making progress”. And considering The New York Times report on Homocon, I suspect that there wasn’t even a collective Republican urge to dance: “Many in the crowd were not Republicans or Romney backers. The founders’ remarks were sometimes drowned out by jeers from supporters of Representative Ron Paul and President Obama who were gathered at the back bar.”


  1. Homo Genius says

    What really baffles me is that most gays i know who conservative are very “button down” types. whether GOP sponsered or not, a disco dance party just isnt their thing. Its not the type of venue they would ever go to in real life.

  2. Graphicjack says

    IF ONLY the GOProud members WERE working on gay rights from within the party… But they aren’t. They are only working on assimilating themselves into a gay-hating party and protecting their financial assets at the sacrifice of gay rights for themselves and for the entire community. Enjoy the party, Uncle Toms… Mittens and Rand/Ryan are going down in flames…

  3. woodroad34 says

    While I agree with you, Homo Genius, that the Ultra Conservative person and the satellite conservatives I know, who aren’t as spittingly hateful, do tend to be “button down” (they’re ‘decorateurs’, btw and they all claim their conservative clients have no problem with gays at all…because gays are FUN!) The “satellite conservatives” do tend to go to dance clubs to feed their “you’re so beautiful and hip” need (which reminds me of Sally Field in the “Soap” movie.

    To be around them, however, especially after a couple of drinks, is to hear the spitting-in-your face diatribes about people who are suffering or otherwise selfishly annoying them–it is really sickening.

  4. belo says

    Two things: First, GOProud does NOT work on gay rights from a conservative direction. They work on conservative rights from a “bought and paid for” gay punk’s direction.

    Second, don’t let it be lost on you that LaSalvia’s idea of expressing his gay side is throwing a party at an extreme fetish gay bar, showcasing a stereotypical gay lifestyle.

    That’s why he prefers to kiss conservative @$$; he sees his life as a gay man as nothing more than a series of party nights looking for a hookup. That’s just freakin pathetic.

  5. andrew says

    @Ugly: You need to have your eyes examined if you think that studly go-go dancer was a “scrawny dumb twink” I don’t know his I.Q. but he is a muscular hunk. When you deny obvious truths it undermines everything else you post. I would do that guy in a New York second and ask him about his politics after I caught my breath.

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