1. Otkon says

    Ugh, leftist propaganda from the vegan canine consortium. My dogs will eat anything: lamb, sweet potatoes, coloring books, neighborhood cats, kombucha scobies, smart-mouth kids and goose crap. Whatever.

  2. jaragon says

    The first video is funny but I really doubt that adorable puppy would love cabbage that much unless it has some beef flavoring…the beef jerky dog should have pounce and bitten the hand of his annoying owner.

  3. Jim says

    My 2 dogs love broccoli stems and so did my previous dog. One of my current dogs will eat just about anything including bananas, green beans, carrots, cauliflower, and who knows what else – including some unmentionables. The other one has a somewhat more discriminating appetite. My previous (and first) liked apples and learned to eat them with some assistance. I showed him how to eat around the core rather than gulping the whole thing. So then when I ate an apple I would eventually share it with him by holding it in my hand and let him nibble around the core.

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