1. Paul R says

    I cannot understand how reasonably wealthy people can get such poor cosmetic surgery. I’ve had it three times, twice because of car accidents, and no one knows except my ex and my parents. You can’t tell if it’s done well.

    But you look at her and it couldn’t be more obvious. Her eyebrows are a tragedy.

  2. Jeremy says

    I hope that Lisa is able to show the image of Christianity that we often never see. It will be hard work, for sure, but will hopefully cause others that share her vision of Christianity to speak up against those that are so hateful.

  3. Stefan says

    You know, maybe she’ll actually show the good side of Christianity. Every group is capable of bad and hypocritical behavior–from Christians to Jews to atheists, from gay to straight to bi, and everything in between. Hopefully we can wait to pass judgment on her.

  4. AJ says

    YES!! Cannot wait! Love me some Blair. I think she’ll be okay. She’s a huge homeschooling advocate more than anything. I just hope she doesn’t go first because of the age nonsense. Only thing I am pist about is the returning players thing. STOP IT!

    Interestingly, 3 of the 4 girls from “Facts of Life” are bible thumpers now, the other two being Kim Fields and Nancy McKeon. Mindy Cohn seems to be a big liberal hippie. She’s in a lot of independent gay movies.

  5. DK says

    I wonder where in the Philippines they filmed this season. It’s probably not anywhere that’s rife with religious separatist violence, even though those are often the nice “pristine” wilderness.
    It’s interesting that she’s trying to put the “accepting and including” version of Christianity on Survivor. She must not want to win~ Also, the dominant Roman Catholicism in the Philippines is pretty divisive on its own.

  6. cadence says

    People got upset when Lisa Welchel said that she put hot sauce on her kids’ tongues when they lied, but I can’t get over her saying that she made her kids ask for permission before they could go to the bathroom, and that sometimes she would tell them no, just so they would know that she’s in charge. That’s not parenting, it’s abuse. It’s also a way to make sure that her kids will have trust issues.

  7. Ken says

    It should also be noted that the other celebrity in the cast, former major league baseball player Jeff Kent, is known to be extremely anti gay and was a major contributor to the Prop 8 campaign.

  8. Amy says

    For all those commenting on her suppossed plastic surgery, I think it justs looks like she had it in this particular pic of her. Maybe the photographer just caught her off guard talking or something. I just saw another of her that I think was taken after this one, and she doesnt look like she had it at all in that one.

    But, if she did, please dont be so hard on her. Aging (and doing so visibly) is very hard for everyone, but especially women. It is even more difficult to go from being a very beautiful woman to someone who is no longer beautiful. I understand b/c it happened to me. I was a late blooomer, but really blossomed around age 19. All thru my 20’s, I was flirted with daily, asked out 3 or 4 times a week, and told several times a day by men and women that I was beautiful. It was wonderful. But, then when I was 29, I had a baby and still had 30 lbs to lose afterwards. Then, 3 months later I was d/xed with Lupus and the steroids pacdked on the lbs! Now I am 40 and about 50 lbs overweight. Now random men only flirt with me about twice a year, I am never told I am beautiful anymore, and no one has asked me out in 10 years. (I have been married for 13 years, but can’t wear my rings b/c my fingers swell. So, strangers dont know I am married.)

    I cant tell you how much it hurts to go from one extreme to the other! I am going to keep on doing my best to get this weight off of me, but dont hold out much hope. But I do hope that after reading my comment, maybe you guys wont be so hard on her or other formerly beautiful women.


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