Buckingham Palace Has Prince Harry’s Back: It’s Nobody’s Business


Prince Harry's wild weekend in Vegas continues to make ripples.

People reports:

Prince Harry has been lying low ever since nude photos, taken during his weekend of debauchery in Las Vegas, hit the Internet last week.  But according to the Palace, the Party Prince, 27, has nothing to be ashamed of.

"He didn't do anything unlawful," a Palace source tells PEOPLE in this week's cover story. "What he did was entirely his own business."

Meanwhile, additional reports are surfacing:

A U.S. website on Tuesday reported that cocaine was present in Prince Harry's Wynn Las Vegas suite and that a video is being shopped of the widening royal-gone-wild scandal. The Radaronline.com report comes two days after a source was quoted in this column as saying "something pretty gigantic" was about to emerge in the aftermath of Prince Harry's naked "strip billiards" photos 11 days ago.


  1. UFFDA says

    Gingers can do anything they want, especially sweet Harry, plus soldiers all over the world have publicly stripped down to their rifles in support of his innocent escapade. Buckingham rocks for its response.

  2. candideinnc says

    Yes, leave the spoiled, rich aristocrats alone. If you had ever spent time in England around these arrogant SOBs who think their genes made them “special,” you might be rooting for the liberals who would like to see an end to the nonsense of birthright.

  3. StevyD says

    He’s one of the richest, unemployed, youthful, militarily trained, gorgeous (for a Windsor), single, Royals in a long time. What else should he do but waste his time, ours when we bother and have fun? It is his anointed vocation after all.

  4. ratbastard says

    This whole story smells. If this wasn’t a manufactured scandal than Harry and the ‘royals’ need to re-assess their personal security. No way prostitutes high on drugs and with cocaine [that’s all?], and carrying phones that can record video and audio should have been allowed near the suite where he was ‘partying’, with their sh*t. He’s not just a reality TV star. Do his handlers want him to be thought of as one? Maybe they do. Maybe his ‘partying’ is good for business, so to speak.

    As far as being no one’s business, I’m not a British taxpayer or ‘subject’ [my mom was], but if I was I’d say it was my business. One of this guy’s most important ‘jobs’ is to present a respectful image for the UK, and to stand in, when asked, for the UK’s head of state, his grandma, the queen. His family is well compensated for this service is is [pardon the pun] treated like royalty.

    Other than that, he’s easy on the eyes naked.

  5. Fruit-for-Peace says

    This is what happens to my brain when reading the first sentence right below that photo:

    “Prince Harry’s wild weekend in Vegas continues to make NIPPLES.” :-)

  6. Jack M says

    What the Palace meant was, it’s none of the world’s business, but it is family business, and we’ll take care of it, so mind your own business.

    English can be a tough language to translate.

  7. BigJock says

    FYI @STEVYD Prince harry is not unemployed he is a Captain in the Army he makes $60 grand a year. He is not just a figure head in the military he has been in combat. Also He is not paid for his Royal duties. Yes he has a trust fund from his mother.

  8. mike/ says

    wanna bet there is gonna be a ‘quickie’ wedding in the near future? not a shotgun wedding. well, not because someone is preggers but to get him out of the limelight.

  9. Ugly says

    What’s the point of the monarchy anymore? It’s stupid and pointless. And I don’t give a damn what this clown does, but he’s pushing 30 and these frat boy antics are kind of embarassing at his age. He should have been over this behavior by 25, or at least had enough sense to keep it private.

  10. GregV says

    I saw both Anderson Cooper and Matt Lauer questioning the whole notion of the prince’s “misjudgement,”. Anderson suggested it was the photo-seller whose judgment should be questioned and Laurr said he thought people would probably say Prince Harry would be great to hang out with.
    I agree, and find it hard to believe so many commentators in the media are so prudish to think that the bodyguards should be in charge of making sure he never gets naked (in private!), never has a sex life and never acts too silly with his friends. Their job is to keep him safe, not to act as a nanny to a grown man.
    He’s done nothing to be ashamed of.

  11. Graphicjack says

    Well, if rumours are true, the “something pretty gigantic” we’ll see will be his penis. He’s supposed to be hung like a horse, but then, “red” is the new “black” if you catch my drift :)

  12. andrew says

    If you watch a lot of gay porn, as I do, there are a whole lot of well hung gingers on the current scene.

  13. OberonOZ says

    @GregV I agree that the bodyguards should not be in charge of making sure he never gets naked, or parties etc. Thats not their job at all. I do, however, think that its realistic to suggest that his bodyguards should never have let anyone bring phones/cameras into the suite. If people had to stash their phones/cameras before entering the suite none of this would be public now. I think that could reasonably be seen to be protecting the prince’s security. What he does, or doesnt do in his private life is none of their business and Im sure they would want it to stay that way, unless it would directly involve a threat to his physical safety, which is their legitimate concern. Oh well…. the photos show a good-looking 27 year old guy partying. Shocking behaviour I know! *snort* :) More power to him, but maybe now he will think twice about making sure it stays private as it should.


  14. Andy says

    From the day he was born, his life was not his own. He, like all of the Windsors, lives like a caged animal in a zoo, on display for the public’s amusement. Yes, it’s a splendid cage, filled with every luxury one could ever ask for…except a way out.

    I’m all for ending the monarchy. It’s an unbelievably cruel way to force people to live. Once you reach a certain age, you have very little privacy, your career options are limited to a small handful of occupations deemed suitable, and then you have to find someone to marry who will not only pass muster with the family and the public, but who will be able to withstand the spotlight’s intense glare for the rest of his or her life.

    I wouldn’t want to live my life like that for all the money in the world, and if I were forced to, there’d be a LOT more going on behind closed doors than a little “strip billiards.”

  15. ratbastard says

    There is a huge gender gap in regards to having a monarchy and ‘royalty’. If it were up to just males the monarchy and ‘royalty’ would be history. Females disproportionately love the monarchy and ‘royalty’, I suppose because of the drama and soap opera/reality TV effect, and because women in general tend to be more sentimental and conservative regarding such cultural customs than men. Of course the queen is a woman so radical feminist aren’t falling over themselves to get rid of her,either.

    Those responsible for propping up the monarchy and ‘royal’ family are well ware of the gender gap.