1. Javier says

    Jason, Christianity did not justify slavery. People who claimed to be Christians tried to justify it, but that is not the same as real, Jesus-centered Christianity. Jesus told us to do unto others as we would have them to do unto us, and American slavery obviously contravened that command, as well as the command to love one’s neighbor as yourself. Claiming to be a CHristian is not the same as being one. The Word of God defines who is a Christian.

  2. says

    So many of these so called “Christians” care way more for the first half of the BuyBull than the second. Y’know, the all those inconvenient parts about the guy named CHRIST who taught love for all people and basically told them to forget about all the silly laws laid down in Part 1…

  3. says

    People like Reverend “Hitler Mustache” can rant all they want. Not two African-American voters in 500 will switch their votes to Romney because of President Obama’s stance on marriage equality. Nor would Irish-Americans & Catholic-Americans have switched their votes from JFK had he lived to run in 1964 merely for his support for a broad based Civil Rights act.

  4. kpo5 says

    Just remember, in 40 years when the gays are called upon by the “good” “Christian” “patriots” to deny some other group equality, we were on the other end of it once, too.

  5. Taylor says

    Without Judas (or some other pre-ordained scapegoat), there would have been no crucifixion, no resurrection, and no ascension. Judas should be hailed as a hero by Christians. If it weren’t for him…there would be NO Christian religion.

    On second thought…damn that Judas!

  6. Luke says

    Taylor, actually you are wrong. Jesus said that He laid down His life of His own authority, will, and control:

    “The reason my Father loves me is that I lay down my life —only to take it up again. No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord. I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again. This command I received from my Father.” John 18:17, 18

    So, while Judas became one of many instruments whereby God’s perfect will that Jesus would die for the sins of the world was accomplished, God’s transcendent will would have been accomplished with or without Judas. Judas was not in control, nor any other mere human.

  7. Bart says

    It’s stunning how short the memory of these black ministers. And the misuse of the Judas reference only highlights their ignorance of scripture and of Jesus Christ.

    We are in a time when anyone can be famous. Anyone can get in front of a microphone and spout lies and insanity as if it’s truth, because for crazy bastards it is…but it’s only truth to the nutjobs.

    I’m over stupid. I’m over prejudice and phobia. I’m done with ignorance, no matter what color it comes in. And I’m over these people who proport to speak for Jesus or Christians, when they blindly ignore Jesus’ greates commandment. Talk about a Judas…how much money you making, Pastor?

  8. david says

    here’s a thought, closeted ‘ankle grabbers’ are afraid if same sex marrage is voted in the ones getting laid ‘on down low’ will not has as many to chose from cuz they will all be able to come out and be how they are, so say for them and their closet.

  9. Really says

    The “pastor” said that gay marriage threatens families, especially black families.

    OK, let do assume the false narrative that gay marriage threatens families, how on earth would it be more of a threat to black families?!

    Is he saying there are more black dudes on the down-low because they can’t marry another dude?!

  10. Michael says

    Lmfao, gays are a threat to the segment of our community that has the most out of wedlock children?

    3 words for these good pastors:

    Go, f#ck and yourselves.

  11. Tom in long beach says

    The sacred cow of supposed heterosexual monogamy is NOT threatened by giving loving same sex couples their civil right of being treated equal! The president did the right thing by supporting liberty and justice for all even if it goes against ignorant tradition! I call it ignorant because it displays a complete lack of understanding of human sexuality. You can not pray away the gay. The real culprit to heterosexual monogamy and more importantly family stability is adultry and divorce. Persecution of gays as a scapegoat is totally the wrong focus. People need to be focusing on their own families. Also the pastor has his facts wrong. GBLT folk did a lot to helo get Obama elected in 2008.

  12. Taylor says


    God’s will or not…Judas was the means to the end…no matter how you look at it. As I said…it could have been any other scapegoat, but no matter who or what…someone or thing had to facilitate it.

    If it was God’s will that Judas was the person to do so…then he certainly should not be vilified…and so much for “free will”, if Judas was not in control.

    PS…it’s John Chapter 10 not John Chapter 18 that you quoted.

  13. Taylor says


    God’s will or not…Judas was the means to the end…no matter how you look at it. As I said…it could have been any other scapegoat, but no matter who or what…someone or thing had to facilitate it.

    If it was God’s will that Judas was the person to do so…then he certainly should not be vilified…and so much for “free will”, if Judas was not in control.

    PS…it’s John Chapter 10 not John Chapter 18 that you quoted.

  14. says

    …and I’ll call this black pastor “JUDAS” for supporting the denial of civil rights to a minority group. There – we’re even. Oh, no we’re not – the PASTOR (???) is BLACK (???????) and is supporting a group to deny a minority group it’s CIVIL RIGHTS (???????????) WTF?

    Is there something in the water that’s causing severe lapses of memory ? Time machine please – and send this hateful, selective amnesia, idiot back to Mississippi circa 1957

  15. Precious Life says

  16. RIPSherman says

    I know that the white gay males get accused of being racist all too often. Sometimes they are guilty of it. But one thing I am sure of, if you took a poll to see how many gays are against equal marriage rights for blacks, you would not see numbers like 51 percent. You would not even see 2 percent. The fact that people like this idiot can suffer under the bigotry of the majority and then turn around and inflict that same bigotry on us…. is f***ed up beyond all belief.

  17. Mike says

    God created all men equal and to be born gay and straight on earth and to love one another. It is the antigay Christians who are going against the words of God. God Bless Obama for he truly is a good Christian who knows the real words of God.

  18. Tom Cardellino says

    Astounded, simply astounded am I because of a trend running throughout this string of comments. Evidently, just J Edgar Hoover infiltrated innumerable organizations he deemed unAmerican, it appears obvious that a whole lot of right wing Christian fundamentalists are zeroed in on this website to preach to the “pagan” homos. Many of the comments preceding mine are so transparently evidence that wacko Christians see free speech amongst LGBT folks as threatening to their self-perceived vital control of American opinion that they “lower” themselves in the service of their ignorantly understood “Jesus” to troll gay websites in order to inject irrational nonsense into civil discourse. Beware of being lured into engaging with these Whores of Babylon (to emulate an age-old Christianist shibboleth) so as to render them legitimate in any way to a “democratic” debate in good conscience. The far right wing Christian Dominionists are truly “shape-shifters” who will lie outright in order to provoke rationally based commenters into a futile parry and thrust headed nowhere but a futile dead end where so-called “faith” declares victory by means of its extremely absurd and baseless claims about a magic afterlife in the clouds where gays will be sent to Hell for ETERNITY to endlessly twist and turn while cast upon brimstone and fire. That’s what they think you are worthy of if gay. Why would you ever even debate with these crazies when their fantastical view of a non-existant afterlife is you writhing in pain while they and their Jesus remain aloof amidst the clouds to your suffering? How hateful can one belief be!

  19. Ihsan says

    The very race that was subjected to cruel discrimination and abject inequality is now projecting such sentiments to another minority group. Is this irony?






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