Chelsea Clinton Attending Republican National Convention

The former First Daughter writes on Facebook:

Chelsea"I’m on my way to Tampa to moderate a panel as part of the "Conversations with the Next Generation" series The Atlantic and National Journal are hosting at both the Republican and Democratic Conventions. Some of you may be surprised to learn I’m not the first Clinton to attend a Republican National Convention! My mother attended the RNC in 1968 to support Nelson Rockefeller. Stay tuned for updates from Tampa and to learn about the panel I’ll be moderating later today."


  1. Markus says

    Some bureau chief for Yahoo cracked that “Republicans love hurricanes where black people drown” and it was caught on tape. Chelsea may be on her way, but he’s on his way home. He was just fired. (via Politico)

  2. Phaerisee says

    Chelsea is getting absolutely gorgeous like her mom! We need to spead the word to the catholic, evangelical and conservative members of our families (who we still talk to) and let them know what Mitt Romney believes. If they really knew, they would not be so quick to support him. Spread the word!

  3. Dback says

    She’s one tough cookie, as anyone who’s read the VOGUE interview can attest (she recounts a Rush Limbaugh joke told about her when she was in middle school that would make a lot of people weep; John McCain told an equally vile joke about her and Janet Reno that made me lose all respect for him). I’ve no doubt she’ll handle herself with grace and aplomb, as she has her whole life; however, she should be careful lest some of the Republican attendees try to corner her and vent their spleen at her parents. (My partner was almost attacked in his store by a woman who went on an anti-Bill Clinton tirade in the mid-2000’s, shaking her finger and shouting at him like someone possessed.)

  4. Icebloo says

    I love Chelsea. She’s smart, classy and has been an outspoken supporter of full gay rights for many years.