1. Beef and Fur says

    Other videos in this series:

    2nd video shows footage of hysterical, rampaging Koala mauling canoeist.

    3rd video shows Koala BBQ

    4th video shows arraignment of canoeist on charges of harassing protected Koala.

  2. Darrell says

    Hopefully the little one has survived and is doing well in the wild as Koalas are being forced out of thier habitat by increased suburban development in and around cities in Queensland.

  3. DaTruth says

    There’s something so real, raw and sincere with all animals..unlike human beings who pride ourselves in how “evolved” we are..but ever notice how 8 out of 10 humans you meet are nothing but pretencious.

  4. Cali Greg says

    Beautiful animal. Thanks for sharing this.
    Aimals truly have a way of giving us a comic (and often lovely) relief from the chaos that is crazy humans.

  5. says

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