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Tea Party Leader Concocts Elaborate Gay Fantasy About Obama: VIDEO


NYT bestselling author and Tea Party conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi is out with a brand new piece of paranoid propaganda in which he tries to build the case that he was 'gay-married' to his Harvard Pakistani roommate:

His Pakistani roommate, whom we also went to Pakistan with, from Occidental, seems to have been, take a look at pictures of he and his roommate together, Obama had all these roommate pictures, seems to be sitting about on the guy’s lap. I’ve not seen a lot of roommate pictures where two guys are that chummy. The issue is again, not an issue that we want to raise in terms of criticizing the homosexuality or the bisexuality or whatever Obama’s true inclinations are, the issue is why does he have to lie about this too.

Have a laugh, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. Check out his Wingnutdaily (

    They're STILL milking Chick Fil A, but the Sikh shooting is basically buried with only one story -- it hit a bit too close to home.

    Land of homophobes, racists, christofascists and especially birthers!

    Posted by: KevinVT | Aug 7, 2012 1:37:08 PM

  2. don't these people have 'real' lives?

    Posted by: mike/ | Aug 7, 2012 2:23:12 PM

  3. Celebrate equality today!, August 7! Go to Starbucks! Tell your friends!

    Posted by: TJ | Aug 7, 2012 2:34:49 PM

  4. Oh, please. We've already had several gay presidents and the founding fathers were practically transvestites. Not to mention all the philanderers, drunks and adulterers that have held the office as well. Obama by any comparison is a choir boy.

    Posted by: Beef and Fur | Aug 7, 2012 2:39:52 PM

  5. The only way they can top this is by claiming that Obama is a really one of those lizard aliens from "V" and that he's plotting to harvest humans for food and steal our water...after forcing all Americans to become Muslims and get gay-married, of course.

    Posted by: FuryOfFirestorm | Aug 7, 2012 2:44:11 PM

  6. This guy is a writer? I had to read his statement five times and wade through bad grammar and twisted syntax to figure out what this pinhead was trying to say. I've noticed this with a lot of right-wing writers. I wonder if it's just that as a whole they are less intelligent or that their arguments are just so intrinsically weak that they can't express them coherently.

    Posted by: mackkrycek | Aug 7, 2012 2:50:58 PM

  7. "Obama's not what he seems." Right: he couldn't possibly be a very bright, powerful, black man.

    Posted by: David R. | Aug 7, 2012 4:38:38 PM

  8. I once owned a pair of hiking boots and was also known to have a poster of Brooke Shields in my room when I was a teenager. Did this make me lesbian or bisexual? Please. Corsi should give it a rest.

    Posted by: Mary | Aug 7, 2012 4:48:07 PM

  9. The Internet is a great platform for loonies.

    Posted by: anon | Aug 7, 2012 5:06:25 PM

  10. It seems to me that in the olden days people like this were tracked by the FBI and arrested. This man qualifies as a traitor to his president therefore his country, to boot. When did things get so lenient?

    Posted by: tinkerbelle | Aug 7, 2012 5:18:09 PM

  11. It's interesting how these Tea Party people speak in sentence fragments. Have you noticed this? Example: "His Pakistani roommate, whom we also went to Pakistan with, from Occidental, seems to have been, take a look at pictures of he and his roommate together, Obama had all these roommate pictures, seems to be sitting about on the guy’s lap."
    That isn't a sentence. It is like three or four.
    Let's work this out.
    1. Obama had a lot of pictures of his Pakastani roommate at Occidental.
    2. In one of them, he seems to be sitting on the roomate's lap.
    3. The two men appear to have such a close relationship they went to Pakistan together.

    It isn't just that these Tea Partiers are ignorant. Their assault on logic and reason is evident in their incoherent sentences. They can't even put together a sentence that resembles English. It is incredible.

    Posted by: Miguel R | Aug 7, 2012 7:00:30 PM

  12. Dr. hit it right on..check out the following by keying in Obamas name and the name I have provided.

    —Larry Sinclair (Drug & Sex Party Limousine) - Barrack Obama (Obama’s Gay Lover)

    —Barrack Obama - Jeremiah Wright , Gay lover

    —Barrack Obama - Chicago, Gay Man’s Country Club he was a member of. The bathhouse Barack Obama frequented (as a Senator) in the late 1990s and early 2000s is called Man’s Country, which is located not in Boystown but in a neighborhood about fifteen minutes in a cab to the north called Andersonville. Man’s Country is much older and much less well-maintained than Steamworks;
    Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod & Obama are life members of the above Old man bathhouse

    Posted by: Ann | Aug 7, 2012 9:12:13 PM

  13. @Ann, dear, if you want people to key in Obama's first name, you might want to learn to spell it correctly first. And thanks for the info on how well Chicago bathhouses are maintained--trolls are so useful!

    Posted by: Ernie | Aug 7, 2012 9:29:16 PM

  14. Please don't call this guy a nut case. He may be a future member of Romney's cabinet.

    Posted by: andrew | Aug 8, 2012 1:27:54 AM

  15. He is treated as a respected news reporter and historian by Alex Jones andRon Paul still goes on Jones show and is respected......insane world

    Posted by: rjp3 | Aug 8, 2012 3:42:33 PM

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