Elton John Reportedly Thought the Ugly Remarks He Made About Madonna Were ‘Off the Record’

Elton John thought that remarks he made about Madonna in an Australian TV interview — he called her a "c*nt" and a "f**king fairground stripper", were off the record, according to an entertainment reporter on Radio 3AW’s Breakfast Show:

Elton_john3AW's entertainment reporter Peter Ford told Ross and John he had been contacted by Elton John's publicity team, first saying the claims made by Molly Meldrum were rubbish. Pete Ford said after telling Elton John's representative that the claims had aired on television, he was told that the conversation was allegedly 'off-the-record'.

"Elton's been around long enough to know that if there's a camera there and someone's standing behind it with a red light on… It's still being recorded," Peter Ford told 3AW Breakfast.

Speaking with 3AW Breakfast, Molly Meldrum said he was taken aback by Elton John's comments attacking Madonna.

"I love Elton, but when he launched into Madonna I slightly went into shock because Madonna also is a friend of mine," Molly Meldrum told Ross and John. "But I have to say that she has been very naughty of late."

Peter Ford said Molly Meldrum had a good enough relationship with Elton John to not do the wrong thing by him.


  1. EchtKultig says

    I’m so sick of this publicity whore/drama queen. He’s far more of an embarrassment than Madonna is.

  2. graphicjack says

    He is not doing himself any favours. Obviously, he’s pissy since he lost that GG to Madonna last year and he has not gotten over it. He says M has been “horrible” to Gaga… I think she’s been pretty reserved about it considering how much Gaga’s copying her every move (forget the BTW/EY controversy, the perfume launch month’s after Madonna’s was soooo obviously a rip-off, it wasn’t even funny). And Madonna’s repeatedly called Gaga talented… she certainly hasn’t sunk to anywhere near this level. Is this the pussy (pot) calling the vagina (kettle) a c*nt? That’s a pretty reprehensible and mysogynistic word. Shame, Elton, shame.

  3. says

    Elton and Gaga have been especially nasty. Madonna has never been as “cunty” as either of those two drama queens.

    I know he’s all cleaned up, but someone should fix that a man a cocktail!

  4. Christopher says

    These comments are hysterical

    Someone trash talking another for publicity sounds SO unfamiliar!

    Do any of you realize that the “reductive” comment came a full 11 months after Born This Way came out and Madonna just so happened to have a film, album, single, video and Superbowl performance that she was trying to drum up press for?

    If anything, she’s actually found her match in Elton in stunt-queenery and I for one am LIVING for it

  5. Joshua says

    He’s right about her recent output, at least. She keeps cynically going back to the dance music well instead of continuing to grow as an artist.

  6. dh says

    When was the last time Elton did anything fun or interesting? At least Madonna still experiments and takes risks.

    Elton should just retire to Palm Springs, wear ugly caftans by the pool, and stay out of the media.

  7. Josh says

    Those who question Madonna haven’t followed her since she knew Andy Warhol. In other words, like so many of the unfortunate aspects of your generation — you missed it. Time Elton started tinkering with the lyrics to “Candle In The Wind” to suit his life. Of course he would have to say something about Madonna.

  8. Josh says

    Christopher: That Gag is so unique. She’s had a meat dress. Her next costume is made of all things, toilet paper cardboard roll inserts. I hear she’s just a few rolls shy of a completed outfit. You can live for that one. She’s a genius.

  9. AngelaChanning says

    It makes me giggle that folks are actually taking sides in the Elton-Madonna “feud.”

  10. jamesintoronto says

    At least Madonna continues to release new material whereas Elton just continues to recycle his old catalogue. But seriously, who cares about either one? Move on people, nothing to see here.

  11. Markt says

    Really: There’s no reason to take sides. It’s not like they’re your neighbors or there’s an election.

  12. fabtastique says

    Elton has become a sad and bitter individual – he has nothing else to do anymore but make such remarks about people who still have a career…..

  13. Molc says

    Elton you were right. Don’t backtrack. Own it. Madonna is repulsive-always has been, always will be. And by the way, the only thing she’s brilliant at is self-promotion, with the enormous help of an acquisent media.

  14. scotsyank says

    Elton John is not sober. He’s REGULARLY seen being carried out of London restaurants at lunch. He’s a complete fraud.

  15. Bill Michael says

    Elton is and has been one of my heros in life. I am sorry to hear about such discord between he and Madonna but, I guess, he knows her better than I do. Perhaps they’ll eventually make nice to one another.

  16. rayrayj says

    Regardless of whether his assessment of Madonna’s talent is correct or not, when he uses such degrading language to describe her, he just sounds bitter. It’s hard for me to accept his assessment as credible.

  17. BRAINS says

    …..but, Madonna has become REPULSIVE..!!!..

    She looks like a nursing home resident attempting to dance at the local Town Fair..!!..

    Time to retire, Madonna!

  18. Senti says

    Elton John is jealous that Madonna is still selling records and is selling out stadiums. When Elton played here in Seattle, the theater was half empty and several tickets had to be given away. He has turned into one repulsive individual.

  19. jamal49 says

    @JOSH I was there. Madonna barely knew Andy Warhol, if at all. She was much closer to Keith Haring. Slept on his couch for awhile, in fact, when she didn’t have any place else to stay. I don’t know what the hell you mean about “your generation”, but whatever generation you’re a part of, it’s a damned clueless one.

  20. Wilkby says

    What does Elton John do anymore, besides producing saccharine elevator music, and palling around with Rush Limbaugh?

  21. Liz says

    Elton is just a tired, old, bitter and jealous queen who still hasn’t gotten over losing the Oscar to Madonna this past year.
    Someone needs to tell to remind him that his career has been long over who is no longer relevant.
    He’s the fat Cu#t!!!
    A fat repulsive TROLL!!!!

  22. Jerry6 says

    “On” or “Off” the record, the comment just shows that the “Sir” is still just a low class entertainer.