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Fox Radio Station Sacks Host For Pro-Gay Interview

SeanSavoyThere's a silver lining in this story. The website LGBTQ Nation reports that Reno-based Fox Radio affiliate KKFT-FM fired long-time host Sean Savoy after he brought Dallas-based gay activist Will Kolb onto his "House of Savoy" program earlier this month.

According to Savoy and his producer, Eddie Floyd, station manager Jerry Evans didn't appreciate the positive things being said about gay people, so he just called the whole thing off. Savoy is displeased, to say the least.

"I have always appreciated the variety of viewpoints expressed on my program. To think I could be removed for having a conversation about the LGBT community in America baffles me. I have conducted a variety of interviews with a wide range of people over the past year, and yet this was the topic that got my show cancelled," he said.

"Mr. Evans and his company certainly have the right to control their opinion. But censoring any message that benefits the LGBT community is wrong and detracts from basic human rights. It means that he is gate keeping and not allowing the public to make their own informed decisions."

So, where is the silver lining? Well, Savoy, an ordained minister, has used the occasion to finally come out of the closet.

Savoy had not made the decision to come out until earlier this year, and said there was considerable “soul searching,” as well as intense discussions with his inner circle, including his family and his partner.

At the time he was sacked, Savoy acknowledged that he was still hiding the fact that he is gay.

Savoy added that while he lived as a straight man, he found himself desiring a much more fulfilling life that wasn’t based on deception and was true to his sexual orientation.

GLAAD is currently trying to raise attention to KKFT's actions, which organization president Herndon Graddick described as "blatant discrimination" that "[sends] a dangerous message that they believe LGBT people shouldn't be given voice or afforded basic respect."

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  1. Thank you, everyone, for your comments and the lively debate. I'd like to clear up a few points. First, I am not a "conservative Christian." I am a religious/spiritual teacher who has been ordained within my religious order. My community is not political, nor do we ascribe to the "religious right" philosophy. We are mystics and spiritual adepts, an order working on our own spiritual unfoldment and for the enlightenment of the world, which certainly includes acceptance and non-discrimination. So, there is no contradiction or hypocrisy when it comes to my beliefs, faith or spiritual path.

    Second, despite what the news media has said, I was not living a lie. Being gay is often, as many of you know, not an easy thing. My life has primarily been lived within the straight world. I have had girlfriends and was nearly engaged. However, as I became older, I understood that there was a dichotomy in me, and I needed to explore that. I have been honest with myself. But it has not been until earlier this year that I decided to let go of "straight" relationships in favor of my preferred sexual orientation, which is not "gay."

    Coming out publicly is another matter altogether. That has been a process, beginning immediately when I decided to engage in a same-sex relationship. My partner, my immediate family and my community, as well as a close circle of friends have been very supportive of this process and my timing.

    My decision now to come out publicly and professionaly is because I realize I must also be a voice for change and, as I always have striven to do, champion those who need to be heard when they are marginalized. As a journalist, I cannot condone censorship and silencing. As a human rights advocate, I cannot either. As a gay man, I certainly cannot allow blatant discrimination to happen without speaking out.

    Also, let me clarify that I was not employed by FOX. I do not subscribe to the FOX News brand, per se. I do not involve myself politically. I had an independently produced public affairs show of general interest that was placed by my producer on FOX News Radio. We have been looking for additional outlets.

    My show was not an LGBT show. I conducted an interview with a respected member of society who is gay. We spoke on gay rights and issues. It was pertinent, relevant and respectful. The theme is one of many that I have covered on the show. To be cancelled by any news outlet for speaking about any issue of relevance is undignified and incivil.

    I hope that whatever the news outlet (and most are biased one way or the other) that they allow all voices to be heard in a reasonable way so that the audience can draw its own conclusions and learn. Education is integral to good radio.

    Thank you for reading and listening.


    Posted by: Sean Savoy | Aug 30, 2012 4:46:27 PM

  2. is your statement here a typo?

    " I have been honest with myself. But it has not been until earlier this year that I decided to let go of "straight" relationships in favor of my preferred sexual orientation, which is not "gay.""

    If your preferred orientation is NOT gay, why do you refer to yourself as a gay man two paragraphs later?

    Posted by: Tim NC | Aug 30, 2012 5:16:27 PM

  3. SEAN SAVOY! Welcome to the club.

    I appreciate your points, and I think it's generally true that if you;re not part of the solution you're part of the problem, so thanks for being part of the solution. All the best to you and yours.

    @TIM: there are many shades between "gay" and "straight" identity statements, and I'm happy to have Savoy as an ally regardless.

    Let's face it, to the hardline religious right, ANY sex that is not specifically to deposit sperm on a fertile egg is Queer, including not only anal but oral, masturbation, and sex with contraception. Which means if we adopt "queer" we are actually a MASSIVE majority in society!

    Posted by: Strepsi | Aug 30, 2012 5:41:39 PM

  4. Thank you, TIM NC, that was indeed a typo. I meant to write: "...in favor of my preferred sexual orientation, which IS "gay."

    Thank you for noticing the error.

    Posted by: Sean Savoy | Aug 30, 2012 5:52:14 PM

  5. Keep your eyes on the ball, people. Sean Savoy (congrats on coming out, Sean!) is not the problem here. FOX News radio and KKFT-FM in particular are the problem. They are the ones that censored Sean because of homophobia. These incidents of censorship are becoming alarming and it shows how far conservatives will go in discriminating against us, silencing us and trying to delete our rightful place in society. Keep our eyes on the ball and remember who our enemies are.

    Posted by: Francis | Aug 30, 2012 6:58:42 PM

  6. What Sean is suggesting is that the summary on TR above is misleading. I was assuming that the station manager x-ed the show because he was worried there would be "more of the same". Fortunately, with the Interwebs you can publish anywhere. Talk radio is more about making money than simply getting one's word out.

    Posted by: anon | Aug 30, 2012 7:29:29 PM

  7. From Savoy's website:

    "Sean Savoy is a spiritual educator trained in Cosolargy®, the religious-scientific system that teaches the restored ancient arts and sciences of personal transformation by means of solar light-energy techniques. He holds certificates and degrees in pre-the0logical, theological and divinity studies from the Jamilian University of the Ordained (Reno, Nevada)"

    So as for being a minister, he might indeed be, but not by any Christian definition I am aware of.

    Posted by: derrysf | Aug 30, 2012 8:21:53 PM

  8. @Little Kiwi: "Testicle deprived" You are such a Johnny One Note. And the 9th comandment is just more biblical b*ll s*it. Why don't you come into the 21st century and realize that the bible is a collection of myths, made up bloody history and contradictions written by primitives who like Jesus thought that diseases were caused by evil spirits.

    Posted by: andrew | Aug 30, 2012 9:37:19 PM

  9. Sean savoy,
    This is the worst place to respond to posters to. Roughly 40% of the posters here are homophobic heterosexuals who pretend to be gay all while derailing conversations, creating fights and picking on people like you. I can assure you a great majority of lgbt eagerly welcome you with open arms. You're brave for what you did. Please continue inspiring others and showing them that being gay is ok.
    All my best

    Posted by: Ruben | Aug 31, 2012 1:32:39 AM

  10. @Reuben: "Roughly 40% of the posters here are homophobic heterosexuals" Did you make that up, pull it out of your a$$ or do you have some proof of that statement?

    Posted by: andrew | Aug 31, 2012 1:39:08 AM

  11. STFU Andrew. You're nothing but a hetero apologist. every single one of your posts has subtle anti gay themes in it. ALL of them. the only priorities you have is your minority race, calling people racist, and sticking up for Obama. But gays? anytime someone speaks ill of gays, you defend the bigot and say "they have a right to their ignorane, accept it" you and your homophobic ass are NOT qualified to tell ANYONE about anything. Pathetic loser.

    Posted by: Mark | Aug 31, 2012 7:03:39 AM

  12. oh don't get your panties in a twist, folks.
    it's great that he's out now. GREAT.

    but this does bring up the religious-angle that i'm sure a great many of us are simply fed up with - the hypocrisy of "Faith Leaders."

    from non-gay religious leaders who preach their words with fire and piety...only to get busted in sex scandals. financial scandals - ripping off the poor for their own benefit. corruption from the top to the bottom, glossed over because it's done in the guise of "faith."

    it simply proves the leaders don't believe even HALF of what they preach - they're not slaves to God's Law, or any such nonsense, and it's all hinging entirely on the ideas and ideals of other "lowly mortals."

    as for "military VS church" - apples and cadillacs.

    Marty mentioned it and he's right. when we have religious leaders actively lying, and breaking the commandments of the God they claim to worship, they show us all that their actions and life have nothing to do with the God they worship, and everything to do with the people they align themselves with.

    as for teens coming out in school, why on earth would i judge them? they're teens. the reason all of us adults are Out is in order to HELP THOSE TEENS. stop comparing at-risk children with grown adults who suck up to the conservative establishment and don't work hard enough to open the doors for others.

    Posted by: LittleKiwi | Aug 31, 2012 2:05:17 PM

  13. and Andrew, i'm well aware the bible is a bunch of hooey. What irks me are those who believe, or claim to believe, that it Isn't, yet who continue to live lives that contradict their supposed claims to faith and love in whatever God they think they're worshipping.

    Posted by: LittleKiwi | Aug 31, 2012 2:09:36 PM

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