1. Toto says

    Oh gee, thanks a lot… now a million cheezy scenerios of being lost naked in the woods and stumbling into this amazing creature wont stop running through my head!

  2. Ruddigore says

    This is the worst thing Ranger Foley could have done. Now he is going to spend his days fighting off (or giving in to) his thousands of admirers who will be flocking to Florida and no one will be able to protect the poor sea turtles.

  3. MateoM says

    Is guy enough of a real man for Rick/Jason/Ratbastard? Probably not, because he’s out and proud and everyone knows the guy behind the three aforementioned aliases hates out-and-proud gay men.

  4. peterparker says

    Why are you identifying him as “openly gay park ranger”? There’s something about the term “openly gay” that seems akin to “admitted homosexual”. Shouldn’t the opening sentence just read “Gay park ranger Mark Foley…”?

  5. tommyz says

    This is so funny – I have to say – he’s a really great guy – used to bartend in the back at Jackhamer on weekends – if you ever got to Fort Lauderdale – go on in and ask about his birds! He’s a sweetheart!

  6. johnny says


    Why does the sentence even have to have the word gay in it? Why does his sexuality have to define him? Why can’t the larger part of the story be about a park ranger who does his job well and the smaller part be that he happens to be gay?

    The problem about the “gay man” situation is that instead of it being mostly about the man, it’s mostly about the gay.

    I’m getting tired of the label coming first instead of the life. I’m more than just a gay person but as long as we stress the gay part as the important part, we’ll never really be people in the opposition’s eyes.

  7. Neil says

    Uffda, the South Florida Gay News says so, and apparently he says so himself, hence the phrase “openly gay.”

  8. Christopher says

    Of course the best pictures of ranger Mark, are the nude ones on a couple of “bear” sites. He can be my hairy Yogi anytime!