1. Polyboy says

    He just gets worse and worse. Where was he when women were complaining about sexual misconduct in the middle east in the U.S. military and among contractors?

  2. nick says

    Gerry Rivers (as he used to call himself back in the day) is only upset because there might be a woman or 2 in the world that will pay no heed to him. What an egomaniac? Fear the lesbians -do you Gerry?

  3. Rick says

    My experience in general has been that when women with a feminist bent take over a department of a company or an organization, they tend to a) hire only women, and b) be totally unfair to male employees.

    Feminists are about nothing but empowering women at the expense of men and could not care less about equality or fairness… I don’t doubt for a minute that Rivera is right and I am glad that this issue is finally beginning to be brought to the fore.

    (Of course, man-hating, woman-idolizing effeminate gay men think this is the way the world should be–ergo the above comments and those undoubtedly on the way).

  4. Polyboy says

    If you are a misogynist of course you’re going to have a poor experience with women.

    And you really need an actual definition of feminism, prattling the ditto-head definition just makes you sound paranoid and more femmiphobic than usual.

  5. Bill says

    This is Fox’s latest attack campaign. They are running this story on every show. Hannity had a graphic the other day with “Janet’s Frat House” at the bottom of the screen. They are saying she hired lesbians with no experience because she’s a lesbian. Conservatives want her to resign or the President to tell her to leave.

  6. Rick says

    My experience with women, as a morbidly obese Christian conservative, is that they won’t do whatever the men tell them to, and instead, behave in a professional manner which I find intimidating and unacceptable.

    It angers me because the ONLY sex that I can get is when I have to pay hookers to blow me.

    I’m pathetic, I can’t even get a drunk Tranny to feign interest in me, though I try every Friday night, after work…

  7. Buckie says

    IF this were true, it would be awful and worthy of being exposed, since DHS is probably one of the most freakin’ evil government agencies there is, with WAY more unchecked power and authority than ANY agency should have.

    But Graldo didn’t back up any of his claims with anything. So this is yet another inflammatory attempt at the attention he so desperately needs to remain marginally relevant.

  8. Rick says

    Totally predictable responses, but the important development here is that men are finally beginning to shed “chivalry”, which is what has allowed women to get away with all kinds of crap in the workplace for the longest time. “Don’t criticize a lady” has been an unwritten rule for men in this culture for ages, at work and everywhere else in society–and it is really what allowed feminism to take root in the first place.

    Women, in general, have always been able to play men off against each other by exploiting the social privilege that accrues to them due to their gender.

    But men are finally getting smart–which explains not only developments like this, but also–whether you want to acknowledge it or not–explains why men in general are becoming less homophobic.

    It is all about re-defining the male culture in such a way that social, emotional, and sexual dependence on women is eliminated…..taking away all the privileges women have enjoyed based on the code of chivalry. And when that transformation is complete, we will see just how “strong” women are…….

    This will all accrue to the benefit of gay men who embrace masculine values and who have a truly male identity……just as it will signal the death-knell for the culture of effeminacy and its woman-idolizing practitioners…….

  9. My2cents says

    Does Gerry have a gay problem?? He recently interviewed Tony Perkins on his radio program in the aftermath of the shooting at FRC hqtrs. His interview was a fluff job, and didn’t bother to address any of the issues that make the FRC a Southern Poverty Law Ctr hate group. This guy will do anything to get publicity.

  10. Derrick from Philly says

    “Women, in general, have always been able to play men off against each other by exploiting the social privilege that accrues to them due to their gender.”

    Damn, Rick, I wish you were Mitt Romney’s speech writer.

    You make up sh.t.

  11. ratbastard says

    He’s actually probably not that far off the mark.

    And guess what? Lesbians, and females in general, can be just as obnoxious, bigoted, discriminatory, hypocritical, and fraudulent as any male. Please stop putting females on a pedestal above boys and men. It is unjustified, especially in a society obsessed with ‘equality’. To many people, ‘equality’ means I get more than you.

    As an aside, google ‘female bosses’ and check out the large number of surveys done over the decades on this subject. Overwhelmingly, most men AND women prefer male bosses. Why?

  12. jamal49 says

    Well, if it is controlled by a “lesbian cabal”, then we’re in good hands because (a) lesbians do it right and (b) lesbians kick ass when it comes to management and administration. I’d rather a “lesbian cabal” than a bunch of chubby, clubby, white, straight men. I mean, they’ve been running things for 250+ years and they ain’t got nothin right yet. Yeah, I’ll opt for the lesbians every time.

  13. MammaBear says

    Not that I’m a fan of Fox News, but it’s about time that someone stood with the straight white Christian middle/upper middle class man, who is taking a serious kicking at the hands of the cabals. The Muslim cabals, the liberal cabals, the lesbian cabals, the illegal immigrant cabals, the atheist cabals, to say nothing of the Muslo-Indonesian-Presidentio-Minicabal – they are undermining the American way with their cabalistic, if not cannibalistic, lifestyles.

    A random survey of Geraldo and Rush appears to support these fears.

  14. Buckie says

    When you claim that Lesbians can do no wrong, and elevate women above men like that, you are just proving the point.

    To me, it just reeks of overcompensation, not to mention some pretty serious hypocrisy.

    Equality is NOT about pretending someone is better than you, based on their gender.

  15. Randy says

    He better be careful, or someone just might have to break his nose again! Not that he doesn’t deserve it. Why all the hate over at the FOX Network?

  16. tyler says

    What I like about lesbians is that they don’t have a cutesy laugh that endears them to others. I work in sales and the straight women here are so fake with customers!! Barf- get me to the cabal !!

  17. MaddM@ says

    He is ind of an Ann Coulter type character in that they are political hookers- pay them enough and you can put anything in their mouth, including complete confabulations about the “liberal agenda” or stuff like this. I’m sure if Air America were still on and paid Geraldo enough $$$ he would be doing an expose on corporate corruption. He’s a mouth for hire, nothing more

  18. brighidlady says

    Taking Geraldo seriously….REALLY? I don”t think so! Sick to death of conspiracy theories, doom prep, zombie apocalypse prophets……aaaaah!

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