‘GetEqual’ to March on the RNC with Coalition of Diverse Progressive Groups

Activist organization GetEQUAL has joined a coalition of groups which will march on the Republican National Convention at 10 am on August 27th, Towleroad has learned.

MarchWrites the group:

GetEQUAL has been approached to endorse this coalition as the very first national LGBTQ organization to join forces with students, immigrant, African Americans, women and workers to reclaim our voice and hold accountable those in federal government, as well as in every local community across the country, who stand in the way of equality for all Americans.

Felipe Sousa-Rodriguez, national field director for GetEQUAL, said, “As a resident of Tampa, an LGBTQ leader, and an immigrant, I have no other choice but to protest when our worst foes descend on our beloved community. We are honored and pleased to join Coalition to March on the RNC. We are all part of a progressive movement.”

Jared Hamil, one of the lead organizers of the coalition, stated, “Until the final days before the event, we will continue to unite all groups and individuals who oppose the agenda of the Republicans and the 1%, and support a People’s Agenda of good jobs, affordable education, healthcare, equality, and peace.”