1. it isn't just me, is it? says

    Look who the Repubs associate with, birds of a feather. Haters, know-nothings and clowns — what a convention circus!

    And now the Mary’s of the blog can say, See this is a Big Step, Be Grateful Gays, and be quiet about it.

    Ayn Rand was so last century and yet her bastard off-spring rule the party. Do they know she was an atheist? Shhhh, quiet now, don’t tell them and upset their plans to channel her at the convention.

  2. Rob says

    Why is a leader of a hate group writing platform language for a national political party?? His ties to the KKK and CCC should have diisqualified him immediately! If this isn’t proof that the crazy religious right has seized control of the once proud party of Lincoln, then what is. What are they thinking??? Probably not , “GOD” probably compelled the platform committee to ask The Grand Exaulted Wizard Tony Perkins to write it.

  3. Dan Cobb says

    When your world is so confused by believing in delusional deities and delusional events from 2000 years and longer ago, it’s no wonder that your capacity to think clearly becomes strained over time.
    The irony of Mr. Perkins is that everything he says as reported in the post above is wrong. Even his line that “all Americans have the right to be treated with dignity and respect” is wrong. There is no right in the Constitution to be treated with dignity and respect. Period. He can’t get anything right!

  4. Steve says

    This isn’t new. All Republican platforms in the last 15 years have included language like that and waxed about freedom, limited government and dignity. And then had insulting language about supporting DADT and being anti-gay in all aspects.

  5. Michaelandfred says

    So women got by language denying abortion even in cases of rape or incest, we get stepped on “with dignity”….a few more minutes and we’ll probably learn they’ve decided to give blacks their very own special seats in the back of the bus!!

  6. kpo5 says

    Slick Willy may have signed DOMA into law, but Barack Obama has promised to sign it out if given the opportunity.

    Your party has promised to reinforce it with a Constitutional amendment.

    Stop pretending, sweetie.


  7. I'm Just Sayin' says

    As Log Cabin Republicans reported the other day, they are just tickled pink to have been allowed to “participate” in the GOP platform committee. It appears they came donning their rose colored glasses based on this post on the LCR Facebook page this morning:

    “Pleased to report that the Republican platform committee at 2012 Republican National Convention today engaged in vigorous debate in support of civil unions and stripping out support of DOMA. Materials distributed by Log Cabin and our partners, Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry, were prominently featured in the debate. While these measures failed, the future direction of our party clearly trends toward inclusion.”

    Clearly trends toward inclusion? Really? I guess if you define inclusion as getting an invite to the meeting.

  8. Freddie says

    Log Cabins and GOProud are like battered women. They love their abuser and hope one day he’ll stop mistreating them. And Heaven help anyone who dare criticise him.

  9. andrew says

    The FRC is a very conservative organization. Their ideas about social and political issues are certainly not mine, but the are not a Hate Group and that incendary rhetoric should be dropped.

  10. andrew says

    @Freddie: If you were a political candidate your comment that “battered women love their abusers and hope one day he’ll stop mistreating them. And heaven help anyone who dare criticize him.” Would sink your candidacy like a rock.

  11. Lee says


    Do you have any idea why the FRC was designated a hate group? From your comments, I don’t think so.

    They were designated a hate group not because of their perceived hateful views towards the LGBT community, it was because of their long history of pushing a false narrative and flat out lies about the LGBT community. Most of their lies are so far removed from the facts and rational thinking I’m surprised you would question the designation.

  12. Stefan says

    @Andrew: Do you know the commentary by Sprigg and Perkins, or any of the literature in the late 1990s and early 2000s published by the FRC that resulted in that designation? Did you know that these statements advocated criminalizing same sex behavior, and said that we posed a danger to children and wanted to promote sex with boys? The hate list is about who to watch for extreme rhetoric and practices that might potentially infringe the civil rights of minority and other dis-empowered groups. And that kind of rhetoric is, unquestionably, extreme. Now, I know that such a term as “hate” is divisive and personally I dislike the rhetoric. But I also know that the radical right uses tactics and language that are infinitely more extreme. When the SPLC actively begins advocating against constitutional rights, then I’ll change my view of them.

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