1. says

    I know this is satire, but it’s also very true.

    Once the GOP convention starts, Grindr’s servers are going to crash from the sheer overload of hypocritical closet cases trying to cruise each other.

  2. AJD says

    I’m not sure how many smooth, uncut Latinos you’d find at any big Republican event. I’m guessing it would mostly white guys, at least 99.9% of whom would definitely be circumcised because only “furriners” and liberal hippies let their sons keep their foreskins.

  3. Pete N SFO says

    Is Jon Secada really their entertainment?

    Even gay Cubans are Republican? That’s just sad.

    (“Tony Bologna” that’s funny.)

  4. GUEST says

    The funniest part was at the end with Michelle Bachman looking for Ladybird, screaming his name. Honey, just look in the mens bathroom…he is shoving a big cock down his throat as you yell!

  5. Gloria Agujero says

    When apprehended, Bachmann told officers that he was engaged in an ‘aversion therapy’ modality with the young, uncut Latino.

  6. says

    “Discreet (oh who are we kidding, they’re say “Discrete” instead…) masc, white racist with no testicles seeks same.”

    happy hunting, wimps! :)

  7. Randy says

    OK. Even Urban Dictionary doesn’t know some of those things. Closety Republicans are apparently quite wide-ranging in technique.

  8. starshipcaptain says

    “It’s so funny, because it’s true.” Oh, Homer, you have never been so right!

  9. says

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