1. Hugh says

    I don’t really think it’ll be all that shocking, since the Internet already pieced together the details awhile ago: Gay-for-pay porn actor becomes gay-for-pay boytoy in exchange for dental caps and a new hairline.

    If we’ve learned anything from Hugh Hefner and his exes. Calvin will come out of this relatively unscathed, and Nick will just look even more like a tool.

  2. Mike says

    The shocking part won’t be that Gruber was gay-4-pay or a gold-digger…it will be the long rumored info on Calvin and his sexual interests – kins, desired age of partners, fetish tastes. Those will prove to be juicy. Only hope that Gruber is prepared to back up his claims because Calvin will be ruthless with his legal hammer.

  3. joey says

    Why is he being called a “male” model? What other kind could he be?
    If it were a woman, would she be called a “female” model?
    What kind of sexism is this?

  4. Bill says

    Shocking to heterosexuals’ ears. I don’t care what kind of sex Calvin is interested in. I’m not sex negative. I don’t think Calvin should pay him off to avoid it being published. People who are fine with sex and understanding of human sexuality won’t look down on him. At the same time, I have to say to Calvin, this is what you get for worshipping heterosexual males and hooking up with one. There are a lot of Calvin Kleins in the gay community. Through stupidity and delusion they think heteros are the bees knees. Calvin could have found a gay man would was better looking, not interested in financial gain and humiliating him.

  5. FilmTurtle says

    You can put good money on the fact that this was all cooked up as a way to get a bit of press and money for Nick and that Calvin’s people will approve every word of whatever book might result. (I’m sure TMZ just randomly ran into Nick and randomly managed to confirm Nick is staying sober, has Calvin’s support, and maybe still likes women.) It’s charming to see the PR system works like this for gays, too.

  6. BobC562 says

    The only way he can get closure. And by closure, he means, of course, money. And who in hell is making offers on an unwritten manuscript by an unknown,uhmmm, “author?”

  7. Marlee says

    Sorry, but I don’t feel bad for Calvin. So tired of these old whithered queens using money to buy and exploit poor (and often minority) people. How many of these queens fly off to countries like Brazil and the Dominican Republic to buy and exploit them?…it’s gross and disgusting…act your (considerable) age Calvin. Just desserts.

  8. says

    I’m not happy about this or of any tell-all because they are only done for money and spite. I don’t know why gay people do this to each repeatedly but we can be incredibly stupid.

    But Klein is at blame here too. We have older friends, some well known who have built amazing careers. When they arrive with a boytoy on their arm I can understand the desire but the stupidity coming from one who should be far wiser but whose pecker has more control then his brain never fails to amaze me. Yes, he was hot and twenty-two but he’s taken the affair public and trashing your 50-odd year career down the tubes. Was it worth it?

  9. Jack M says

    Yes, the only way he can get “closure” is to have somebody else write a book that he dictates to them so that he can make even more money exploiting a older, rich, famous gay man who was too stupid to realize what a slutty golddigger he was.

    I could go on….

  10. MaddM@ says

    I think “”writing”” needs double quotes around it…ugh people like this deserve to never have sex again. Not saying that everyone that does gay for pay or has a relationship that exchanges sex for goods is awful, but this guy seemed scummy from the get-go. And yeah, I think ol CK is getting his comeuppance for idolizing what is at best a rocky endeavor (straight on gay mansex)

  11. anon says

    Considering all the potential choices for bf in the world, why would CK choose this guy? What would that tell us about him and the world he lives in? Other than that, there’s hardly much of interest in this idea.

  12. Graphicjack says

    You guys honestly think Gruber is straight? Not buying that claim for a second. He’s a typical gay, dumb twink who realized he could use his looks to get what he wanted, but needed drugs to mask the shame he felt in doing so. This is what we all get when we value looks over personality, kindness, humour and intelligence. Let this be a cautionary tale to sugar daddies and boy toys everywhere. Dating someone closer to your age is typically healthier and more likely to succeed. I have seen May/December relationships work, but they didn’t also involve money and power, or were more about casual sex than a relationship.

  13. says

    Chapter One

    “So, like, he was totes old and all but, like, he was also really rich and I got to live like a prince, and like, it was totes unfair that I consume ejaculate for a living, but, like, it’s his fault because he’s all old n’stuff and if he wants me to stick around he needs to let me spend his money”

    There. I just saved the world time and money. You’re welcome.

  14. Swine says

    Hmmm, what happens to the throw-away hustlers of rich gays? Well, this . . .

    I’m sure Calvin’s already gone thru 10 million more blonde 22-year-old gold-digging twinks since kicking this one to the curb. Old news. This is his thing — he’s been doing this for a zillion years.

    This one should be cruising round Wall Street to look for a rich finance daddy. He’s only got a year or 2 left to sell his ass & then it’s over & certainly Calvin wouldn’t go near him. He’d say, “Over 22? Ew, nevah!”

    I do kinda hope he has something new to tell bout Calvin but I doubt it.

  15. Ken says

    With Elton John off partying with Dolph Lambert (and others), the boytoy market seems to be thriving. I am jealous because I would like to get naked with Dolph too. No, not the Dolph on my TV, the Dolph in person! Nick Gruber not so much. Well, not at all.

  16. pdxblueyes says

    Can you say Media Whore? i think that there should be a sitcom about two hustler media whore boys who broke up with their well known partners… FOX could produce it. It could star Gruber, of course, and the queen of the Media Whores, Beau Breedlove of Portland mayor banging fame… They could call it… wait… WHORESING AROUND. I know Beau could probably use the money. He’s not been in the public eye for some time.

  17. jaragon says

    Oh please ( actually lets go retro and say Oh Mary!) This male bimbo just needs the money because his sugar granddaddy is no longer paying the bills ( perhaps his book can become an HBO movie with Kellan Lutz)

  18. daoudmac says

    Maybe he and Marc Jacobs rent boys can get together and do a tell all on all the things we already know. Rent boys and men with a lot of money do some shady things. Big deal and frankly there is nothing that Calvin Klein or Marc Jacobs would do behind closed doors that would shock or make me want to buy and read about.

  19. aj says

    nick gruber is as gay as the day is long. The term gay for pay is often used on porn models to market them.

    klein went out and leased himself a rent boy. the lease is up, now the rent boy is writing a book (haha, more like someone else is taking his drug fueled ramblings down for him)

    there is nothing new or shocking about any of this. it’s only novel in some peoples eyes because it’s a boytoy and not a trophy wife.

    also, the crack about klein exploiting nick.

    It’s only exploitation if they don’t agree to it, or don’t benefit. this was a mutually beneficial arrangement for both of them. Don’t go saying bad things about klein just because of his age.

  20. WTF? says

    Does anyone remember when Calvin married a model-(female!) named Kelly? I think there were kids.
    What was that all about? It was obvious that Calvin was gay.
    Why so much uproar now?

  21. Icebloo says

    He’s just a shady, untrustworthy little s#it who is using Klein’s name to make money.

    Calvin Klein is stupid enough to put himself in this position so I have no sympathy.

  22. Shannon says


  23. Dback says

    I hate to admit it, but that picture is pretty smoking hot as far as twinkie types go. I can definitely see why Klein decided to Nick Gruber into his own personal Pygmalion/Eliza Doolittle project.

    I’ve heard fabulously wealthy gay men in New York can and do all sorts of depraved things involving power, humiliation, control, S & M, etc.–read some Ethan Mordden, or Larry Kramer’s “Faggots,” which described a remarkably seamy orgy at a posh apartment where everyone more or less loses their minds while jacked up on testosterone, poppers, and cum. (Supposedly Arthur Laurents screamed at Kramer on the street one day that he should “Stop giving away all our secrets!” Kramer’s hatred of the extremes of the gay scene infused not only that novel but also “The Normal Heart.”)

  24. FunMe says

    For a Florida white trashy boy, he should be happy his teeth are fixed and look great now. He got as much as he gave. Time to move on. If he wants “revenge” for no longer being with CK, he should be happy to know how pathetic Calvin looks now that he “came out” by simply buying himself a young whore who could be his grandson.

  25. says

    I hope it’s as good as Behind The Candelabra. You need a lot of dirt to sell that book. I’m hoping for tales of glass coffee tables and sleeping with his eyes open. Whatever, I’ll read it. So will everybody else.

  26. Michael says

    Who exactly would be in the market for this book? Straight people wouldn’t care much to hear of the sexual relations between a twink and his daddy…and most gay men below the age of 40 probably don’t want to hear about sex with a daddy either.

  27. says

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  28. JD says

    Will people ever realize that writing books like this does nothing to hurt your target, but does make the “author” look like desperate trash? I guess it worked for Christina Crawford, but since then…

  29. Jerry6 says

    When are these ignorant Toy Boys going to understand that nobody cares what they have to say about their “Daddy”. Toy Boys are Toy Boys because they have no talent to earn a living except by selling their body. They are to be pitied, not glorified.

    Also, Klein is to be scorned for taking advantage of the boy. If he had really cared about him, he would have trained or educated him to be able to support himself in some business when he was gone from the picture.

  30. Alvarez says

    Calvin Klein should let this 24 year old gay hustler write the book.The public already knows that CK is a gay man who has sex with other men.Like millions of other gay men of all ages, CK has his fetishes.So big deal.CK is super rich while this Gruber guy is still struggling as a drug/alcoholic porn performer who doesn’t have a pot to piss in, nor a window to throw it out. Gruber is not going to become rich off this out of date ‘back street book’ and will most likely find himself at age 25, just another used up piece of tail.

  31. Jerry6 says

    What makes these opportunist “Toy Boys”, who are nothing more than highly paid prostitutes, think that anyone really cares what they have to say? The fact that their sponsors finally get fed up with their childishness and lack of “Growing Up”, just lets the general public know that the “Toy Boy” never reached “Manhood”.

  32. VDUFFORD says

    These kind of comments and conduct by these two idiots makes a gay man want to turn strait.
    I use to have respect for Calvin talent. But now he is known only for this twink?

  33. says

    i dont understand all the venom against this young man.he has to take care of himself financially in the world.did calvin klein ask to marry him and take financial responsiblity for him? not likely.if i had sex with a famous person i’d write a tell all book AND I WOULDN’T THINK TWICE ABOUT IT.i understand what it’s like to be financally disadvantaged.and how it never gets better UNTIL YOU TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SOMEONE ELSE.btw anyone with at least normal general intelligence could EASILY sniff out calvin klein as a gay.what has happened to him doesn’t surprise me.alex pettyfer an ex model(who’s hetro) used to work for calvin klein.i’m sure what’s in this tell all book wouldn’t surprise alex pettyfer either.

  34. bALAN says

    thinking back to when Calvin was sucking off guys on the balcony of the Saint every Saturday night…
    and then married Kelly for hetero appearance sake…
    ever since that time I have never let a garment with his name on it touch my skin.
    I’ve always been amazed the number of gays that wear his name proud like it’s “hot” to do so. For me, the name Calvin Klein is a total bone-kill.
    If the book comes out, I hope it shames spineless Calvin… he deserves it after all these years of profiting from sexual titillation and yet denial of any of his own sexual Pride.

  35. Jerry6 says

    Why would anyone read any book a “TOY BOY” would have published? What could this kid write about that has not been done many times over already? When one reads one of these “Tell All Stories” you have read them all.

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