1. Gigi says

    “a breakfast recipe that only a 20-something dancer could get away with eating on a regular basis”

    I lol’d a spat my coffee clear across the room. Thanks Andy!

  2. Elsewhere says

    “…and Sunday morning I found myself alone in the apartment…”

    Whose apartment?

    And [rhetorical question alert] crumbles bacon using a (guitar-shaped) spatula?

  3. QJ201 says

    Gee shirtless guy posts video of probably the most white trash recipe ever…right up there next to canned tuna mixed into a box of mac and cheese.

    FYI: requires disclaimer…don’t eat his unless you exercise daily.

  4. Gabe R L says

    @David – I can only hope you were kidding, because you’re statement was ridiculous. As Unruly pointed out plenty of bro-dom guys sleep with other guys. And yes, that includes guys with masculine vocal patters, movements, etc.

    @QJ201 – LOL at everything you said.

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