1. Matt26 says

    I don’t understand this model business and their trends. So few attractive people do modelling. Anyway, isn’t fashion about the clothes, not who’s wearing them on catwalk.

  2. Javier says


    I’m wondering if this picture is photoshopped. That’s not what Grindr’s screen looks like (it has a report button on the bottom and always has text overlay on photos).

    Here’s an “art project” that someone created with lots of photos like these:

    So maybe someone took this model shot in underwear and popped it on Grindr.

  3. jason says

    Yawn, how horribly stereotypical. Underwear? What a terrible message to send to the broader community – ie that we are interested in underwear.

    Frankly, Grindr sucks.

  4. jason says


    Undies went out with the dinosaur. We need a new shtick.

    In any case, if your basis for being in the gay community is underwear, I pity you. Go to an underwear store and sashay amongst the racks if you wish to get off.

  5. johnny says


    Agreed, they all look like they are in high school or younger. Skinny, practically hairless and wan. Yup, they’re male I guess, but not my idea of men.

    @Josh, intimidated by guys that look like they couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag? LOL…right. 1 or 2 are “cute” but that’s about it.

  6. Diogenes says


    Yes, of course, on top of making being gay the ONLY facet in my life, I eat, sleep, and breathe underwear as well. It’s all I talk about. It’s all I love. I CRAVE IT.

    And absolutely, I cum every single time I walk through JC Penny’s men’s underwear section.

  7. Chadd says

    those puritans that run Grindr would never allow any of those pics. OMG! you can see their underwear. Grindr would crop these pics just below the nipples.

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  9. says

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  10. luke says

    none of these guys super blow my skirts up as a whole package, they all have at least some aspect about them that’s attractive to me, but offset by something else.

    they’re all in better shape than me and probably better looking though, so what does it matter what i think

  11. MaddM@ says

    I thought this would be a story about how even when models go on Grindr bitches be throwin all that shade :b

    But whats up with those new rules? What is this, christian singles meetup?

  12. ThomT says

    Male models, unfortunately, are pretty close to disposables. Having worked in the industry (not as a model) I can assure you that most of these guys make way less than female models per shoot and constant work is virtually unheard of. Out of work models are as easy to find as out of work actors in both NYC and LA. European models make less than American models but often have more work. You really have to want to be a model to put up with the crap that most of these guys go through just to get work.

  13. John Dough says

    “You can tell by the comments when gays are intimidated. Look at this boys page. He’s beautiful.”

    Ahem. “Boys” don’t intimidate me. And they certainly don’t turn me on, as I’m not a pedophile. This kid doesn’t even look old enough to have pubes. You can have all the boys you want, Josh – I’ll take the men.

  14. Will says

    Something used other than Grindr?

    Adam4adam, the website using the mobile url. The phone app for iphone and android generally have restricted picture allowances. the direct link doesn’t.

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