Log Cabin Republicans Applaud Republican Party Debate Over Gay Issues Despite ‘Abysmal’ Results

The Log Cabin Republicans called "abysmal" the marriage plank written by Tony Perkins for the Republican National Party platform but applauded themselves for "being in the room" and "encouraging the debate" of inclusion, the group said in a press release:

CooperWhile Log Cabin Republicans commend the delegates who proposed inclusion of pro-equality language in the 2012 Republican Party platform, the final document is marred by outdated social conservative ideology.

"Tony Perkins may be boasting today about having written an antigay marriage plank into the Republican Party platform, but it will be a hollow and short-lived victory," said Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director R. Clarke Cooper. "The obsessive exclusion of gay couples, including military families, from the rights and responsibilities of marriage, combined with bizarre rhetoric about 'hate campaigns' and 'the homosexual rights agenda' are clear signs of desperation among social conservatives who know that public opinion is rapidly turning in favor of equality. Unfortunately, what voters can't see in this document is the significant debate within the Committee. We were pleased to see vigorous debate on amendments in support of civil unions and to delete language regarding DOMA. While these measures failed, the future direction of our party clearly trends toward inclusion. This may well be the last time a platform will cater to the likes of the Family Research Council on marriage, and the fact is, platforms rarely influence policy. Tony will never see his discrimination written into the United States Constitution."

Cooper continued, "Together with Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry, Log Cabin Republicans are proud to have encouraged this important debate at the Republican National Convention. Only by being in the room and speaking conservative to conservative will we succeed in building a stronger and more inclusive Republican party.

Despite abysmal marriage rhetoric, in certain places the 2012 Republican platform is an improvement compared to the 2008 document for LGBT Americans. Log Cabin Republicans advocated for the exclusion of any language calling for the return of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' – there is no longer any reference to the supposed 'incompatibility of homosexuality with military service.' We are pleased that the 2012 platform's language on refugees no longer presents a barrier for asylum of LGBT people who are persecuted and threatened with execution in places like Iran. Finally, we appreciate the inclusion of language recognizing that all Americans have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. While there is clearly a long way to go and the language regarding marriage will be harmful to Republicans in November, these changes should not be overlooked."


  1. Craven says

    The next time you are in a room and see someone getting assaulted you don’t sit in the corner smiling because you were invited to the scene of the crime. You scream, shout, get help and stop the violence being done because it’s being done to you ya friggin idiot.

  2. Diogenes Arktos says

    “Tony will never see his discrimination written into the United States constitution.”

    I wish he’s right, but I wonder what would happen if Romney is elected. After all how many states is it that have voted to deny marriage equality?

  3. says

    Next, the Log Cabin Republicans will applaud the debate over whether Jesus should have been crucified, the debate of whether the Crusades were immoral, and the debate as to whether the Holocaust actually happened.

  4. HadenoughBS says

    Good God, give it up, LCR. You’re NOT “Republicans” under the accepted definition of the party circa 2012. They don’t like you, they don’t accept you, they don’t want you in their midst. Get real or stay inside their self-imposed Rethuggist closet. You’re NOT making a difference inside their teensy- weensy, itty-bitty political tent!

  5. elangay says

    Idiot. If Cooper seriously believes this “may be the last time a [GOP] platform will cater to the likes of the Family Research Council” he is delusional and needs to take a long, hard look at all the ultra conservative money pouring into the Republican party to support repressive policies aimed at our people, families and loved ones. The loggers are so eager to be lapdogs of the rich and powerful — so happy in their grin and fetchit role — they wouldn’t know a viable, principled, ethical debate if it hit them in the face.

  6. Wavin' Dave says

    In the DC comics of my youth there was a place where everything was the opposite of itself – up was down, lies were truths, black was white. The Log Cabin Republicans live in Bizarro World!

  7. Gregoire says

    How do these people get up in the morning? Certainly their bank accounts and upper class dwellings aren’t enough to soothe the savage and profound disappointment at having to perpetually perform their Uncle Tom act to a room of uninterested people who loathe and pity them.

  8. Gregoire says

    HADENOUGHBS, I applaud your comment. They are only ‘Republicans’ in the sense that that is what they call themselves. But nobody else does. The operating Republican party calls them inferior, and we call them pathetic.

    The GOP platform makes clear what they think of the LCR.

  9. Bart says

    Yes, it will be shot lived because the Mitt won’t get elected. Hey Cooper, you’re in the party of Todd Akin and Joe Walsh, of Tony Perkin, Rick Santorum, Rush Limbaugh, of Pat Robertson, Rick Perry, Donald Trump and Michelle Bachmann. You must go to bed every night so proud.

    Me, I’d keep a puke bucket by my bed.

  10. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I would like for Cooper and the LCRs to take a look at the Democratic platform, and then say how much of the Dems’ LGBT positions they “appreciate”.

  11. says

    @Anthony: The platform reflects the mainstream Republican positions on the issues so, yes, they do follow it. Not sure what crazy sh*t you’re finding in the Dem platform? Equality?

    The LCR’s would applaud anything the Republicans do no matter how anti-gay it is. That’s why they’re both irrelevant to the Republican party and irrelevant to sane gay people.

  12. Anthony says

    Yes but there are Republicans who voted for repealing DADT and that was clearly against their platform. And Mitt Romney’s positions are nowhere near as crazy. This platform stuff is just for crazy fringes to say “we still have a hold” when in reality they don’t. Stop making a big deal over idiotic stuff and start fighting to pass the three initiatives legalizing same sex marriage in Maine, Maryland, and Washington.

  13. Anthony says

    And hey, look at it this way. If the U.S. goes to hell in a hand basket, which it looks like it is going to any day now, then there’s always Canada! Nationwide same sex marriage and no religious crazies like here in the states.

  14. Anthony says

    And hey, look at it this way. If the U.S. goes to hell in a hand basket, which it looks like it is going to any day now, then there’s always Canada! Nationwide same sex marriage and no religious crazies like here in the states.

  15. Anthony says

    And hey, look at it this way. If the U.S. goes to hell in a hand basket, which it looks like it is going to any day now, then there’s always Canada! Nationwide same sex marriage and no religious crazies like here in the states.

  16. Anthony says

    Well the hopeful thing is that as the younger generation ages these crazies will continue to dwindle in number. I’m 21, so it’s not like things will still be like this when I’m 40 or older.

  17. says

    that’s embarrassing, for them.

    “look at what a great job we’re doing! we’re in THE SAME ROOM as the people who hate us, and utterly failed (as usual) with changing their hearts and minds vis simple logic!”

    more than ever it’s clear that Gay Republicans are the reason Republicans don’t support LGBT Equality. After all, these are the “gay people” that they claim to know. Y’know, their “gay friends” that they always claim to have to make it seem like they’re not total bigot @ssh0les. So, this is why the GOP doesn’t support actual Equality – the Gay Representatives within the GOP are so f***ing pathetic and undeserving of it that they don’t convince anyone that we’re beings of worth and dignity.

    they’re the definition of insane. doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different result.

  18. Vic C says

    These men & women are perfect examples of self-haters. They hate themselves so much that they can only function in an environment where others feel that same hate. They don’t really want to be accepted, so they continue to keep themselves surround by those who hate them. I know a few and beleive me they are not all there. Some are even in years long relationships but do not acknowledge it outside of their few safe friends.

  19. Rick says

    Thank you, Log Cabin Republicans, for having the intelligence and foresight to understand that the way you change people is to engage them and find common ground with them…..and for understanding that if the gay movement becomes nothing but a subsidiary of the Far Left, no more progress will be seen and much of the US population will be permanently alienated from us.

    Thank you for having the maturity and the class to present yourselves to the general public as mainstream individuals, so superior in every way to the kind of adolescent outbursts that one sees, for example, in this thread from the street trash who posted it, street trash who nobody listens to, respects, or cares about…..the same kind of street trash that sets us back repeatedly with their disgusting and vile public behavior.

    Progress IS, in fact, being made, thanks to you, and as a consequence, in the near future, homophobia will no longer be the norm in either political party and those who try to make it the norm will have nowhere to turn….and this progress is being made despite the obnoxiousness of the lackeys of the Far Left, who have done everything humanly possible to embarrass the gay community in every way possible.

    Great job. Thanks again for all your tireless efforts.

  20. Rick says

    P.S. Can you speed it up? I’m conservative and still completely closeted and in my mid-50s. I’ve never been tongue-kissed by anyone outside of my immediate family and I’d like to at least live one day as an openly-gay man before I finally make them proud and just die.

  21. dms says

    Can we PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, not grant any additional coverage to this freaky minority groups, GOProud, Log Cabinettes, etc.

    Their self-loathing is sad. They’re like Jews who’d vote for Hitler because, apart from one issue, they like his politics.

    I don’t care what they say. I don’t care who they endorse. And covering their choices gives them more attention and legitimizes their voice.

  22. mattand says

    I say this a straight male who generally votes Democratic: folks, for the love of whatever deity you believe in, GET OUT OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. PLEASE. THEY HATE YOU FOR SIMPLY EXISTING.

    Caucus with the Libertarians. Start your own party. Just stop supporting this homophobic collection of religious freaks who want to re-write the Constitution to discriminate against gay people.

    I don’t see how any rational gay person can call themselves Republican, look at that hideous platform, and still support the GOP. It’s genuinely upsetting.

  23. I'm Just Sayin' says

    The only way we can be sure that Tony Perkins discrimination won’t be written into the Constitution is to re-elect Barack Obama. Clarke Cooper can wish and hope and pontificate all he wants, but he can’t offer a single documentable assurance that republicans can deliver on that promise. LCR is spinning and selling a whole lot of nothing. Sorry Clarke, but you can’t live on those DADT laurels forever.

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