Longtime ‘Cosmopolitan’ Editor Helen Gurley Brown Dead at 90

Helen Gurley Brown, the former editor of Cosmopolitan, is dead at 90, the NYT reports:

BrownMs. Brown, who wrote “Sex and the Single Girl,” took over at the magazine — giving it its sexually frank tone — in 1965. She remained editor until 1997 and is still listed as editor in chief for Cosmopolitan International on all mastheads. Until her death, Ms. Brown was known for coming into her pink corner office nearly every day.

The Hearst statement reads: “It would be hard to overstate the importance to Hearst of her success with Cosmopolitan, or the value of the friendship many of us enjoyed with her. Helen was one of the world’s most recognized magazine editors and book authors, and a true pioneer for women in journalism—and beyond.”


  1. jason says

    Helen Gurley Brown was an enormous figure. My condolences to her family and friends.

    However, Helen was also the female equivalent of Hugh Hefner, over-sexualizing women for the benefit of the advertisers who ran ads in her magazine. This also benefited sleazy straight guys. She contributed to the sleazy straight guy fantasy. Whenever you over-sexualize women through media, it ultimately benefits sleazy straight guys in the sexual sense.

  2. andrew says

    @ Mateom: File it with Little Kiwi, he is one of the infallible ranters who tells us that the people who post things he disagrees with have no balls or that they are self loathing homos or will die alone. It only sounds mean spirited because IT IS!

  3. Steve says

    Wow. I was feeling profound cultural loss and admiration for a legendary figure, and then? I read the 1st sentence of the Jason/Rick comment; and for just one fleeting second, I thought I was reading an admirable comment that would be dignified and up-lifting. But no. The Jason/Rick shows up…like the proverbial skunk at the garden party. The kind of troll/s that fail to realize that all the cool people at the party are SLOWLY exiting the stage “specifically” because they showed up. And Jason/Rick NEVER EVER get the hint. They think they’re keeping things alive. But alas, they’re too self-important, and too ignorant to see the forest for the trees. And in the end? at the end of the night? they walk out into the morning sun saying to themselves “wow! we really had a night didn’t we?” When every one else bailed for better company hours earlier, got a few hours sleep, and is now having a nourishing breakfast. And yet there goes Jason/Rick waddling down the Boulevard like Peacocks…full of themselves, while utterly oblivious that what they’re actually doing is the walk of shame. Way to go Jason. Way to take a moment of community loss, and stick your middle finger in every ones face. Completely wrong time and place to spew your opinion even if this is a blog. People with class don’t have this problem. You sir: Have. No. Class. I’m sure this fact is quite evident to anyone who is unfortunate enough to ever see your face in person.

  4. Rick says

    @Steve I am not Jason, but would you care to explain to us how the death of a whorish, self-involved, old straight woman represents a “community loss” for gay men or for men in general?

    Believe it or not, some of us are not so mentally twisted and emotionally damaged that we find ourselves living vicariously through bitchy straight women or worshiping at their feet the way you apparently do….

    But if you can answer my question without demonstrating the tendency I described in my second paragraph, by all means do……

  5. Snottyboy says

    Before any of you heap any more scorn on the alleged troll remember this: Helen Gurley Brown told women, at the height of the AIDS crisis, that is was perfectly okay for straight women to have unprotected sex.

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