Madonna Announces Pro-LGBT Pink Wristband Demonstration at St. Petersburg Concert


Madonna, who promised in March to speak out against the oppressive ban on "gay propaganda" passed by St. Petersburg, Russia, announced a short time ago on Facebook that she would be handing out pink wristbands "to anyone that wants to support the LGBT community."

She adds, "The wristband will be part of the show – be prepared to raise your arm in support!"

Said Madonna in March: “I will come to St. Petersburg to speak up for the gay community and to give strength and inspiration to anyone who is or feels oppressed. I’m a freedom fighter.”

Madonna would be directly opposing the anti-propaganda law by making such a gesture. The law’s author, city assemblyman Vitaly Milanov, said in March that she would be charged under the law if she did anything at her concert to disobey it. The anti-gay law bars (and imposes fines for) gay groups from forming publicly, gay books and periodicals, LGBT Pride events, and other "promotions" of homosexuality.

He said he was willing to attend the show “to control its moral content.”

The U.S. Embassies in Moscow and St. Petersburg sent out a security alert yesterday for U.S. citizens regarding concerts tonight and Thursday by Madonna in those cities.


  1. allan says

    I’m not worried about Madonna because she can worm her way out of this in case it creates an unfavorable result. I’m worried about her fans that might get harassed/abused by the authorities; they can’t just ride a plane and go to a safer place.

  2. jr says

    I am gay, but WOW nothing will cheer up the gays and help rally support!!!!


    how lame.

  3. I don't trust her says

    This is stupid. How is wearing a pink wristband during her concert going to do anything, especially since probably half the people attending are probably gay? If she REALLY wanted to make a difference, why isn’t she protesting herself out in public? And is SHE going to wear a wristband during the concert or is she not going to so that she can say she had no part in it in case something goes wrong?

  4. Icebloo says

    If there is a real threat of being arrested Madonna will not do it. Madonna is all about publicity but even she will not do it if it means she will get in trouble. She’s a fake.

    This is the same Madonna who made an anti George W Bush video for her “American Life” single but quickly withdrew the video and made a new one when she saw how the Dixie Chicks were attacked in the US after they spoke out against Bush.

    If she is going to lose money, Madonna gives in every time. Madonna is all about money.

    Like so many of our other so-called straight allies Madonna is all talk and no action. She SAYS she supports us so we buy her music and make her rich but she hasn’t actually done anything to help us.

  5. ElCid says

    Sadly, I have to agree with most posts here. I do not see how some ridiculous wristbands might help just by making them “part of the show”.
    Moreover, I concur with Icebloo, she SAYS she supports her gay fans but what actions have she taken in order to SHOW her support? I’m not buying her speech anymore…

  6. Rick says

    Where is LittlePipi? I want to read his meltdown over these comments. I so look forward to his vitrolic diatribes, calling everyone anonymous cowards for daring to criticize Madonna….

  7. Jon says

    She’s so full of sh1t. If she’s so damn serious about LGBT rights in Russia, why doesn’t she donate all the proceeds from the concert to gay groups in Russia instead of giving away some stupid pink wristband that will do nothing? After all, she’s got more than half a billion dollars in the bank, so it’s not like she can’t afford it. Oh, that’s right – I forgot. She’s a greedy pig who can’t ever get enough money for herself. She’s such a fake.

  8. Morgan says

    Ouch, people are so judgmental…
    If she just did her show and said nothing about Pussy Riot or gay rights would that be ok? No, a lot of you here would be crucifying her (again) for NOT speaking up.
    If you don’t like her that much, why respond? Why be part of the conversation? You obviously don’t like her enough to stop reading and doing whatever else you’re doing to criticize someone you don’t like. She’s an entertainer, why is everything a competition on who’s a better supporter of rights?
    So she supports gays…but not enough? Not like Gaga or Elton John? I don’t get it… She will never please you, so let it go.

  9. Tate says

    Why am I not surprised that the anti-Madonna comments are made in quick succession from each other? This Jason fellow is quite busy around the internet spewing the same comments all over the place under multiple names. What a sad life to obsess over someone you hate. It’s not going to make Gaga (nor anyone else) look better.

    Madonna’s been standing up for these causes since it wasn’t popular to do so. You can keep whining about it and trying to downplay it, but it’s not going to change a thing. The SP anti-gay law states you can’t promote pro-gay messages, which her show already does. Going on with the show itself is grounds for an accusation of a crime. In addition to that, she already spoke out in Moscow, not only in favor of Pussy Riot, but also gays. Delivering a speech in favor of gay rights is illegal under that law, speaking out against the law itself is also illegal, she will be fined, and she could be arrested. She’s received threats and yet is going to go on with her show. It’s not in Madonna’s best business interests to do any of this is Russia, but she’s willing to walk the walk.

    I’m pretty sure the beloved of the person having a meltdown against Madonna has never donated a whole show’s gross to any charity. You ask of Madonna more than you ask about her mimic.

  10. Chaddy says



    I’m not so sure that to a scared, young gay man in St. Pettersburg, any of Madonna’s message comes off as “phoney.” That’s who I believe this message is intended for.

  11. acevedo says

    Although I am not a huge Madonna fan, she has done a lot for gay rights since the early 1980’s. She was probably the fist musician to donate proceeds of a concert in the ’80s to AIDS research and she has done tons of fundraisers back in the day. Maybe this one isn’t so profound but what is someone like Britney Spears doing?? She has never done anything and yet she cashes in on the gay dollar year after year.

  12. Jack says

    Acevedo, what exactly has she done for gay rights other than have some gay dancers and SAY that she supports gays? She couldn’t care less about gays, she just talks a good game to get their money. This woman doesn’t do anything unless she gets money. Hell, she’s never even performed at a gay pride parade.

  13. BWR says

    @Jack She has participated in AIDS Dance-a-Thon and AIDS walks. She donated several concert gross’ to AIDS charities and paid medical costs for all her friends who were gay and dying of AIDS. She hasn’t been pro gay, she has been pro acceptance for everyone, from women and men to gay and straight to black and white.

    Her shows have never been white washed with skinny white models, but a picture of absolute diversity with black, white, asian, latino, and yes male, female, gay and straight.

    Madonna was about the right to be free and open and love who you want, that encompassed all sexualities. Before making comments do some research, many of her interviews show her support. She doesn’t always make a big deal out of it, she just expresses an opinion.

    Watch her shows, always gay positive. The Girlie Show more than any other had gay themes throughout. The songs Why’s it So Hard and In this LIfe from that show (look them up on youtube) not just shock value, those songs had great themes in them about love and acceptance.

    You guys just want special attention. That isn’t her style. She speaks out against injustice not just gay injustice.

    The fact that she could get in trouble and arrested just for performing the show and speaking out is pretty incredible. She has kids to think about, but she still chooses to support a us gays, who are disgustingly ungrateful for anything she does.

  14. George F says

    Lovely gesture from Madonna…Looking forward to see what happens tonight at the concert …there is so much suspense about what could go wrong(or right) in St Petersburg tonight!

  15. Bears Are Fat says

    I strongly support this gesture. Folks don’t seem to understand that the law she is protesting bans putative ‘propaganda’. In this context, even ‘symbolic’ gestures like wearing a pink wristband can be very political and very effective. Already, Russia’s deputy prime minister is threatening her with legal action:

    As to the claim that M doesn’t really support the gays, it’s so ridiculous as barely to merit a response. Aside from the fact that her entire career has been about sexual freedom, she has been opening her mouth — and her wallet — for gay causes for a very long time, since before some of the folks commenting here were probably born. I sample just a few relevant instances:

  16. JD says

    Wow. The comments here are idiots. In St Petersburg IT IS ILLEGAL TO SPEAK OUT IN SUPPORT OF GAYS. In this case, speaking out IS illegal and she HAS been threatened with arrest. WTF do you want her to do, run for the Russian legislature? This IS an act of civil disobedience, twits.

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