1. LincolnLounger says

    We are already well on the way to ending Medicare through financial mismanagement and inaction. I may not agree with Mr. Ryan completely, but at least someone is addressing the issue instead of playing ostrich. Shame on the Democrats for pandering and scaring old people with disgusting ads showing Grandma being pushed off the cliff.

  2. Mike says

    @Lincolnlounger. Medicare’s problems are solvable, but not through something like Ryan’s vouchercare, which is just an attempt to cut benefits. Senior citizens are smart not to entrust the stewardship of the system to a party that views it as “socialism” and “nanny statism”.

  3. ELI says

    Paul Ryan voted for the unfunded expansion on Medicare by $200 billion in 2003 – which was the new Medicare Part D.

    Mr Ryan now wonders why Medicare has problems?

  4. Inside says

    Last year, Nancy Pelosi was thrilled to take credit for pulling $500 million out of Medicare.

  5. say what says

    easy solutions to medicare

    1- raise retirement age from 65 to 67

    2- eliminate the cap on fica tax which stops being applied to every dollar over $150,000 a year

    3- national medical file database of medicare recipients eliminating a tonnage of waste, time, and paperwork = saves $ and speeds up treatment

    4- other trimmings of the bureaucracy running the system = streamlining it and eliminating waste and delivering results at a $avings


  6. say what says

    oh ps Lincolnlounger

    it is always easier to solve an issue by getting rid of it i.e. cut off everyone’s legs and attach motorized wheels to everybody to simplify and solve transportation and productivity issues

    anyway; repubs have been trying to get rid of medicare before it even was created i.e. ACTOR Ronald Reagan cutting a record back in the day that was mailed out to voters detailing how medicare would usher in communism taking over america

  7. Patric says

    Inside, I see you received the Republican talking points aimed at deflecting attention from the Romney/Ryan crusade to end Medicare and turn it into a voucher system.

    The facts are that (i) the targeted cuts included in Obamacare resulted in savings which then allowed for the law’s other expansions of health insurance coverage whereas (ii) the much larger cuts to Medicare proposed by Romney and Ryan would not be used to expand health insurance coverage but instead to fund deeper tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations.

    Nice try, though.

  8. Miguel R says

    I just wish these Republicans would be explicit- they think that Social Security and Medicare is communism, and that it should be eliminated. If they actually said what they think about these popular social programs that SAVE LIVES, they wouldn’t be in office. So they have to pretend to support them while trying to destroy them. The Republicans and Ryan need to say what they mean- poor people don’t deserve benefits, rich people deserve tax breaks. They think this, even though they won’t say this explicitly to everyone. Only to their wacko far right wing audiences.
    These social programs were hard won, and my generation is going to let them get cut by sociopathic and entitled tools of the elite. Sad.

  9. Kenneth says

    And enough with the republican bs about it being an entitlement, it isn’t, we pay into Medicare and our employers pay into Medicare. That doesn’t make it an entitlement, that makes it rightfully ours, bought and paid for. If fixes are needed, then fixes should be addressed and made, but Ryan wants to eliminate it and that only benefits him and the wealthy. Incidentally, while the media is focused on the outrage of the elderly and the effect this pick will have on the election, they are overlooking a far more important segment, us, the current workforce. We are the one’s who will suffer under Ryan’s plan. We have paid in to a system that he wants to yank out from under us, just as we will begin to be eligible. That’s as bad as the big insurance companies who take premiums for years, then deny coverage for catastrophic illnesses. A practice that thankfully is no longer legal.

  10. Paul says

    Educated yourself before you make a comment like “Last year, Nancy Pelosi was thrilled to take credit for pulling $500 million out of Medicare”.

    The money that was pulled out of Medicare was from areas of inefficiencies and insurance companies’ greed.

    Furthermore, the reforms from both parties include pulling out the SAME amounts from Medicare. The only difference is the Democrats puts the money back into the system to help insure the uninsured, the Republicans use that same savings to pay for their ADDITIONAL intended tax cuts for the wealthiest of Americans.

  11. Kenneth says

    Oy yes, and not to put too fine a point on it, Ryan’s goal of additional tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, includes a 0%, yes ZERO percent tax on capital gains. This in essence means, that his running mate, Mittens Romney, will pay NO taxes. This is based on the single year of returns he has provided. He stated that his effective tax rate @ 14%, most definitely lower than mine, is because the majority of his income is from investments – yes, that’s right, capital gains. Anyone in this country who thinks that someone worth $250 million, and I believe that is probably an understatement thus his reluctance to release any more tax returns, should pay $0 in taxes is either in the same boat as Mittens, or just plain stupid. Not to mention misguided, if they believe this is going to magically lower our deficit. These people are the antitheses to conservative.

  12. andrew says

    There is no doubt that the Ryan choice will help the democrats in the states with older populations like Florida and Pennsylvania. I am a glass is half empty kind of guy, but I am breathing a little easier since Romney chose Ryan.