1. Gast says

    To be fair Romney gave a good speech. Valid points were made. But the rhetoric of the past was also there. Times have change. The environment in important and none is trying to redefine what your marriage means. We just want to leave in a fair and balanced world. I just wish they would drop the act. I sincerely believe Romney and Ryan are better than that.

  2. Gast says

    To be fair Romney gave a good speech. Valid points were made. But the rhetoric of the past was also there. Times have changed. The environment in important and no one is trying to redefine what your marriage means. We just want to live in a more fair and balanced world. I just wish they would drop the act. I sincerely believe Romney and Ryan are better than that.

    Ugh how I wish there was an edit button. Sorry for the mistakes, it’s well past my bedtime.

  3. KC says

    OK, hold it a minute. Not even a third of the way into his speech, we hear about how Mitt’s father, George Romney, presidential candidate, was born in Mexico. Flat out stated, no innuendos, no “I’m just sayin’.” Born on foreign soil. Flat out stated, very matter-of fact. And if you just scratch the surface on this, there were questions back then about George Romney’s eligibility to run for President. Democrats backed down, and the issue was never resolved.

    Now Mittens openly talks about his father being born in Mexico, without question, but conveniently does not draw any delineation between that and the Birther movement still trying to prove that Obama was born on foreign soil. So WTF is it about the relentless push from Birthers – Mittens included? Does Romney really want to open that door? Apparently so.

    So game on. Now let’s openly discuss the foreign-soil issue of tax evasion. Seems only appropriate. I’d love to see even 5 years of tax returns. And like many wonder what he’s hiding. Oh wait – that might hurt his feelings. Never mind.


  4. Randy says

    What is that dark dot they all have on the US flag lapel pins they wear? Is it an asterisk?

    You know, if Democrats defaced the US flag that way, that would be all we’d be hearing about.

  5. says

    I am truly amazed at how the public narrative is that the pro-lifers support Republicans yet they seem to have no problems with the USA killing millions in lie-based wars. I guess the mangled bodies of young kids being blown apart is just not as compelling to them as plastering images of fetuses. I am truly amazed at how family values crowd supports the Republicans yet they seem to have no problem with them allowing the FDA to be run by frakenfood companies who are on track to ruin the natural human food supply. I am amazed at all these religious phonies proclaiming to be Christian as they embrace a party that so callously attacks people in poverty in words and in actions.

    On the other hand, I am amazed how how the so-called progressives have turned a blind eye as Obama has escalated the needless lie-based wars; drone attacked
    Yemen, Pakistan, Libya; signed NDAA; went out of his way to cover up Fast & Furious; declared he can kill anyone he wants; killed an American teen with no jury, no trial; advocates for the elimination of internet freedom; signed a bill restricting protestor’s rights (HR 347); allowed his EPA to raise acceptable levels of radiation in response to the Japanese nuclear explosions; appointed people from Monsanto to the FDA; continues to crackdown on marijuana users, and on and on.

    And what a shame that the mainstream media and even religious media, LGBT media, black media, Latino media, and even some alternative media continues to present the false left vs right paradigm.

    There are however some out there who are calling out the 2party system of all walks of life.

    2party sysrtem followers have should be ashamed if they vote for voting for these blatant liars like Obama and Romney/Ryan. What a nation of people with such lowly ethics, such pitiful lack of principle. Unprincipled voters will get the unprincipled elected officials they deserve I guess.

    Regardless of what 2party system puppet is elected by the Bildgerberg and electoral college farce, the only thing that will happen in the next four years is more war, more poverty, and more erosion of civil liberties – especially at the local level where the big-brtoher/nanny state control grid total surveillance society will expand with stop-light cameras, kill-switch vehicle tech, more drones, and more eye in the sky police surveillance. Maybe we’ll get an economic collapse, and/or some more major war, and some martial law too.

    But go on fellow LGBT brothers and sisters, play the charade and think you’re better than gay GOPers becuase you’re side is gay-friendly and you’re luck enough to not be a victim of their war.

  6. rayy says

    Like all good lies and con jobs, there is a grain of truth in what he said. However, it’s been watered with deceit. Yes, I was excited to vote for Obama the first time and no, it’s not going to feel that way this time around. But I will vote for him secure in the knowledge that he is the better option and that he will do the best he can for me and my family.

    I am far better off than I was 4 years ago; if you say you are not, you have probably not paid close enough attention to your retirement account balance.

    And he flat-out lied about gas prices doubling–they were $4 a gallon during Bush’s presidency; the only reason they came down was because of the global recession.

  7. Jack M says

    Why do all these speakers at the RNC talk about their childhoods to get everyone’s sympathy? It has absolutely nothing to do with their abilities to govern.

  8. Diogenes Arktos says

    Just remember that Mormons are big on big ideas that sound wonderful without giving any details that may discourage people from adopting their beliefs.

  9. i could go on, but I won't says

    The big skeleton the Repubs liked to rattle was Osama bin Laden. But now that Obama has taken care of business they need a new skeleton to rattle. So they use “fiscal cliffs” and deficits, both of which are Republican creations. New skeletons to hold up, be afraid, very afraid voters!

    These are paper skeletons, easily shredded by an act of Congress. Maybe Congress will take its foot off the throat of the economy and finally do something other than obstruct Obama.

  10. BrandonJD says

    JEFF 4 JUSTICE: You have posted that one numerous sites, and it is going to take more than complaining about all sides on a few blogs to change the 2 party system.

    And as for the drone attacks. At least in this administration you know about them. We can only imagine the number of military operations that happened elsewhere concurrently with the theater of the Iraq War.

  11. d says

    the black spot on the flag is actualy a camera lens which feeds a front view to secret service. funny that you stupid libs dont realize that big ears has one as well only in a different location. ill let you all try and find it.

  12. jaragon says

    I thought the speech was ok but Rommney gives me the creeps- there is something really fake about this guy- and his ass licking happy sidekick Ryan is even scarier

  13. Tomlouky says

    WOW!!! Such hate from this site. Why do liberals insist on name calling? American Taliban Party? Come on folks, you think we in the GOP r dividing this country when u r as responsible as anyone…

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