Mitt Romney To Announce Running Mate Within The Hour (UPDATE: It’s Definitely Paul Ryan)

Romsmile[UPDATE: Romney has tweeted, and it's definitely Paul Ryan.]

In either 45 or 60 minutes, depending on who you believe, Mitt Romney will announce his running mate for the 2012 American presidential election. The AP says it's US Rep. Paul Ryan, of Wisconsin.

The AP could be wrong — all the signs that Romney's picked Ryan could be some kind of political psych-out, meant to lend the GOP ticket mystery and excitement — but probably not. As The Weekly Standard points out:

… if the signs pointing toward Ryan, increasing in number, are meant as a feint, it's an odd one. Ryan is popular among conservatives and Republicans, and the talk about him is generating lots of excitement in conservative and GOP circles. The campaign would presumably be acting to tamp down Ryan speculation if Ryan weren't going to be the pick, in order to avoid a sense of letdown if he's passed over. But the campaign is doing no such thing. Rather, it seems to be preparing observers for Ryan.

— by, among other things, announcing his Veep pick in front of the USS Wisconsin, in Norfolk, Virginia. If Rep. Ryan's not joining the ticket, that's an odd choice of venue.

Rep. Paul Ryan is sort of an anti-Mitt Romney. Mitt's an ideologically flexible quarter-billionaire who dabbles in politics, and who once governed a liberal state as a kind of latter-day Rockefeller Republican. Rep. Ryan's an ideologically rigid objectivist who proposes austere, almost draconian budgets, and who's spent his life as a pol. (He has, in fact, never worked in the private sector, which means Mitt Romney will probably have to cease criticizing Barack Obama for his lifetime of public work.) The meeting and melding of these men could send the Romney campaign in weird directions. From WashPo:

Until now, Romney’s play has been very simple: Don’t get specific. In picking Ryan, he has yoked himself to each and every one of Ryan’s specifics. And some of those specifics are quite…surprising. For instance: Ryan has told the Congressional Budget Office that his budget will bring all federal spending outside Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security to 3.75 percent of GDP by 2050. That means defense, infrastructure, education, food safety, basic research, and food stamps — to name just a few — will be less than four percent of GDP in 2050. To get a sense for how unrealistic that is, Congress has never permitted defense spending to fall below three percent of GDP, and Romney has pledged that he’ll never let defense spending fall beneath four percent of GDP. It will be interesting to hear him explain away the difference.

… It’s not just that Romney now has to defend Ryan’s budget. To some degree, that was always going to be true. What he will now have to defend is everything else Ryan has proposed. Ryan was, for instance, the key House backer of Social Security privatization. His bill, The Social Security Personal Savings Guarantee and Prosperity Act of 2005, was so aggressive that it was rejected by the Bush administration. Now it’s Romney’s bill to defend. In Florida.

Tricky stuff. Of course, the Ryan thing could still be a ruse. Mitt might've picked Marco Rubio. We'll know in an hour.


  1. Gus says

    The Republican presidential nominee stands in front of a decommissioned WWII era battleship announcing his VP pick. A VP whose budget plan goes to the heart of the 80 year battle waged by Republicans to deconstruct everything FDR.

  2. Paul R says

    HAHAHA. It’s like Romney’s advisers want him to lose. It’s hard to imagine a worse choice for VP. Sarah Palin might well have more intellectual power than Ryan or, apparently, Romney. It’s sad or funny.

  3. MarkUs says

    Love Paul Ryan. President Urkel hates him because when they’re in the same room Urk gets exposed as the intellectual fraud he is. Gee, if Romney causes death by cancer maybe Ryan causes death by electrocution? Real confident game the Dems have going there. And gee all the polls show them “ahead”. (scratches head)

  4. Caliban says

    Wow. Why don’t they just change their name to the Sociopathic Party and get it over with, since they now have two sociopaths on the ticket?

    How do I know they’re both sociopaths? Well all you have to do is look at Mitt Romney’s entire history to come to that conclusion for him. And Paul Ryan is a big believer in Ayn Rand, which ought to be listed in the DSM-IV as diagnostic of sociopathy. (You know, Ayn Rand, the free-market Goddess who ended up on Social Security? The “philosopher” who openly admired a man who kidnapped and dismembered a little girl? Her.)

    And FWIW the HRC gives Ryan a ZERO rating on gay rights.

  5. ratbastard says

    Interesting choice. Romney thumbed his nose at the ‘southern’ evangelical, ultra-conservative wing of the party. I think he believes Ryan [who is also Catholic] will be more acceptable and personable to the country as a whole, and picking someone from the Midwest was a smart move. The Midwest is a true battleground, unlike the south, which will predictably vote Republican and as conservative as possible. Even the northeast, New England, will sometimes vote conservative and/or Republican, the south NEVER votes ‘progressive’ [outside of a few areas like N. Carolina, Virginia, and metro Atlanta], and these days, rarely Democrat. So Romney has nothing to lose here. If this works, it may be the beginning of the end of the ultra-conservative, religious [evangelical Baptist] southern-based 30 year stranglehold on the Republican party. Like the power and influence Dixiecrats used to have in the Democratic Party, many are unhappy with the influence these uber-conservative and religion-obsessed mostly southern evangelicals have on the Republican party. It’s likely national Republican party will treat the south and their hardcore ‘base’ the same way the national Democrats treat their hardcore ‘progressive’ base, which is they pay lip service and throw the occasional bone to shut them up, but otherwise take advantage of them when needed.

    Whoever wins in October, both Obama and Romney are essentially moderates, with Obama a little to the left, Romney a little to the right.

  6. AJ says

    Thanks @Caliban. Was wondering if this was still a gay blog. Was wondering the whole time WHERE DOES HE STAND ON GAY RIGhTS?!! I’m just glad it’s not Pawlenty. Now his worthless a55 can just fade into obscurity.

  7. Tony N SF says

    According to AmericaBlog, Paul has indeed worked in the private sector: he drove an Oscar Meyer Weinertruck, worked as a trainer at a gym, and was a waiter at a restaurant called Tortilla Flats. He also “consulted” for the family business. He is on record as saying that Ayn Rand motivated him to go into government — which at the very least shows that his reading comprehension is dismal. PS Ryan scares me and Romney’s pick scares me more.

  8. Brian in Texas says

    This will be a mistake. This went from an election that should have been a referendum on President Obama and the slow economic recovery. Now it is a CHOICE election. They can definitely kiss Florida goodbye.

  9. says

    Well, Caliban, to be be fair their target voters don’t care about gay rights. If they did they wouldn’t vote Republican in the first place. It’s actually a brilliant move, I believe. And even if it Turns out like the whole Palin fiasco, it’s not like they’ll end up any worse than they were before the vp pick.

  10. ratbastard says


    I’m not a Rand admirer, but, she that people who are forced to fund government programs are not immoral for taking the benefits for which they paid. For example, it’s not immoral for people to attend public schools, which are funded with their taxes, whether they like it or not. Her institute also publicly clarified this point in the 1960s. And I would agree 100% with this.

  11. ratbastard says

    @Tony in SF,

    Not necessarily. Ryan [who I’m not defending per se], but he’s genuine reformer [less government spending, more accountability, etc.,] from with-in.

  12. ratbastard says

    No one should put either Romney, Obama, Ryan, or Biden on some kind of pedestal. In the case of Obama and Romney, outside observers and insiders have described both men as ‘cold’ in private, not the smiley faced politician they present to the public. I’m not the least surprised. But people still fall for them and will continue to, because they’re influenced to think with their emotions rather than their brains.

  13. Caliban says

    @Ratbastard, her institute may have “clarified” this (How could they do otherwise since since she benefited from SS?), but while it may not be ‘immoral’ it’s certainly hypocritical when you’ve spent your entire life painting such people as leeches on the fabulous ubermenschen such as yourself.

  14. Gregoire says

    Keep in mind that no vice presidential choice has ever won anybody an election. Polls tick up mildly the day after the announcement, then re-adjust. Go look at the polls on Sarah Palin/John Edwards two weeks later if you dont believe me.

    Paul Ryan is not as stark a contrast as people are assuming. He’s a better choice than blatantly pandering Marco Rubio or Chris Christie; however, the Ryan budget has just now been given daylight, and it wont look pretty.

    In particular, Romney just completely lost Florida.

  15. Tessie Tura says

    Wont be long, I bet, till we find out another reason why Ryan spends so much time at the gym.

  16. says

    Ryan is the “safe” white-guy choice. He’s smart and not the assault on the eyes Chris Christie etc. would have been, and not an “exciting” choice that would bite the GOP in the a$$ like Palin, but basically he’s THE GUY who wants to take money out of old ladies’ purses to hand it over to the rich (he already has the rep, so the Dem’s have an easy case to make), so that may not be such a help to the candidate who, whenever he tries to come across as “human,” always fails.

  17. says

    Surprize, Surprize, Baalzebub is joined by Magog The Destroyer. Soon, at their convention the party will be joined by The Dark Horse, Apolyon and Gog as well, with their train of warmongers, the 1%, the water-boarders and of course the inquisition will be there to make certain we are all free to practice their religion.

  18. Armando says

    Romney has been courting the far right all primary season. What does it mean when he has to go to the far right for his VP pick? To me it means that his support there is soft and he needs his VP to firm it up. How are these two supposed to court moderate middle of the road votes while also hanging on to the far right?