1. Dagoril says

    WTG Arizona! Those women were starting to think that what happened in their own uteri was their own business, but you showed them how Republican “small government” can worm its way into any old nook and cranny!

    Now when can we all start being legally dead for a year for tax purposes?

  2. say what says

    calling it “the doubts of Dawkins” is not accurate at all

    the interview shows no doubts what so ever and he explicitly says that if we ever hear that he has switched to theism then think he has gone senile in his old age

  3. gregory brown says

    Shouldn’t Arizonans consider some regional alliance with Texas–and maybe Kansas, Oklahoma and Tennessee? It would make implementation and enforcement of Christian Levitical/Sharia law so much simpler.

    I have said for some time that the next “logical” step for the radical Pro-Life theocrats is to declare that “life begins as soon as you THINK o intercourse”.

    Masturbation would then resume its old status as a horrible affliction to be punished with all the standard methods as well as any modern variations and innovations that might be profitable to interested parties.

  4. jason says

    Why is towleroad linking to Playboy promotes female bisexuality as normal but totally ignores male bisexuality. Such a paradigm distorts human sexuality and contributes to discrimination against gay and bisexual men.

    We don’t need this disgusting and sexist double standard in society. I’m surprised towleroad has done this.

  5. jason says

    As for the notion that hip-hop is becoming less homophobic, you’ve forgotten one thing. Most of the homophobic and sexist pigs who once dominated hip-hop have now moved to the dance music genre. Just be aware of this.

    Homophobia hasn’t disappeared, sad to say. It’s simply moved to another house down the street.

  6. simon says

    This is an excerpt of the brillant speech given by Richard Dawkins in a protest rally against the Pope during his visit to Britain in 2010:
    “He’s an enemy of gay people, bestowing on them the bigotry that his church used to reserve for Jews before 1962. He’s an enemy of women, barring them from priesthood as though a penis was an essential tool for pastoral duties.”

  7. says

    We actually do calculate gestational age in obstetrics as around 14 days prior to fertilization, which is what the bill in Arizona states. I’m not sure what the issue about that is. The bill has so much more worrisome langguage that we should be focusing on.

  8. johnny says

    There is a point where atheism becomes so adamant, feverish and fervent that it transforms itself into yet another religion with varying sects, old texts and odd beliefs.

  9. says

    No. Religion requires spirituality, without spirituality you cannot have a religion. Atheism necessarily excludes spirituality. Saying that atheism is a religion is like saying a bike without wheels is still a bike: it’s a f*cking chair! (thanks to Jon Stewart for that one)

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