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NEWS: Imperiled Love, A Fiddly Pastor, And The Loveliness Of The Moon From The Thames


Towleroad-roadicon Meet Jon and Nedo, a binational married couple whose union is imperiled by an expiring visa:

Since the day we first met, Nedo and I have not been apart with the exception of the seven months while we waited for him to come to the United States on his student visa ... To this day the effects of [the] decision to leave his family are deeply emotional and he can’t allow himself to communicate with them regularly because it is easier to disassociate then deal with the enormity of that decision. Every time he talks to his family he ends up crying for the remainder of the night.  He misses his nieces and nephews terribly and it hurts him not to see them regularly. The fact that he is separated from his mother is something he can’t even fully grasp without his eyes swelling with tears. Due to his current legal status he cannot risk leaving the country for fear his visa will not be renewed, but this means he also must live with the knowledge that he may never see his parents again. They are getting older and the more time that goes by without him being able to visit is another form of torment for us as a gay binational American family. My husband experiences this pain often, and it causes me to resent my government for the pain our families suffer in the name of DOMA.

... Each year we participate in the Diversity Visa Green Card Lottery and this last year was especially bitter for us as we are running out of time on Nedo’s visa. The Green Card Lottery is our final hope ... Because his visa will be up in February of 2013 we are running out of options ...

We can no longer put off conversations about what will happen to us next year ...

Towleroad-roadicon Tasmania likely to become first Australian state to grant marriage equality.

Towleroad-roadicon Conservative news organs complain that the mainstream media ignored Chick-fil-A appreciation day.

Towleroad-roadicon Indiana megachurch pastor Jack Schaap dismissed after allegations of sexual conduct with a 16-year-old girl:

“At this time, we deeply regret the need to announce that First Baptist Church has dismissed our pastor, Dr. Jack Schaap, due to a sin that has caused him to forfeit his right to be our pastor,” the church said in a statement.

Towleroad-roadicon There were as many as a hundred Christian families in the Egyptian town of Dahshour. After mob rampage, there are none:

The violence was ultimately rooted in a dispute over a badly ironed shirt that escalated into a fight in which a Christian burned a Muslim to death, in turn sparking the rampage by angry Muslims.

"It was a devil's moment," Wehba said Thursday at the home of her Muslim neighbors, who have taken her in. "Whoever caused this was the devil's son."

Towleroad-roadicon What Afghan girls brave on the way to school.

Towleroad-roadicon Five ridiculous atheists.

Towleroad-roadicon NBC apologizes for airing an ad starring a gymnast monkey immediately after recapping Gabby Douglas's gold-winning performance.

Towleroad-roadicon Michael Phelps concludes a storied career.

Towleroad-roadicon A lucky Olympic picture.


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  1. Oops! I just remembered that the Religious Right do follow some left-wing blogs, like rightwingwatch.org. They have asked the SPLC [Southern Poverty Law Center] to certify RWW as a hate organization. Why? Because RWW has the gall to report (and show videos, transcripts, and links) of what some important right wingers are actually saying.

    Posted by: Diogenes Arktos | Aug 5, 2012 9:40:00 AM

  2. I keep forgetting it's a different crew here at TR on weekends. Which is why we have a link to the Salon article about "Five ridiculous atheists", which appeared earlier this week. Suffice it to say, it was a hit job by Salon. Much as some theists would object that five random evangelicals with extremist right-wing views would be selected as representative of all deistic believers, so would the multitudes of atheists object that those five gentlemen should represent the breadth of atheism. Not sure why Thorpe felt this was a link worth pursuing. Equal time, I guess, but utterly pointless.

    One hopes that DOMA will be ruled unconstitutional before John and Nedo have to suffer the ultimate indignity and calamity: enforced separation that might possibly be permanent. Reading of their daily agony and uncertainty only stokes the anger against the heterosexual tyranny we all must endure on a daily basis.

    That the "conservative" media would claim that "mainstream" media did not cover the bigot's appreciation day shows that they really weren't paying attention. From where I sit, it got MAJOR play throughout the day on CNN, NBC, HNN, most local stations where that chicken shack does business, most major newspapers' websites and so forth. It is why my term of choice for those people is "whiny-cons". That's all they do is whine, whine, whine.

    Lastly, can we finally admit that NBC's coverage of the Olympics has been an absolute, complete, unmitigated disaster? NBC should know that their inept, dreadful coverage is surely going to harm their network long after the Olympics are over.

    Posted by: jamal49 | Aug 5, 2012 9:40:14 AM

  3. I agree with RANDY, that Atheist article was a waste of coding.

    Posted by: A_gay_guy | Aug 5, 2012 10:21:15 AM

  4. Why can't the American partner move to Croatia? Couldn't they then work and live anywhere in Europe? The US law sucks, but it seems that only one partner is being asked to sacrifice to be in this relationship. I'm not saying don't fight for your rights, but if love is all that matters, don't say that the only alternative to a green card is an end to the relationship. America ain't all that, after all...

    Posted by: Derek | Aug 5, 2012 11:33:39 AM

  5. @Derek: Aren't you presuming that there is marriage equality across Europe? There isn't, and certainly not in Croatia. I imagine they've run through all the scenarios themselves, and the truth is it is much much more difficult and complicated for binational same-sex couples than it is for heterosexual couples and changing that should be the priority wherever a couple chooses to locate. And they've chosen to locate in the US.

    Posted by: Ernie | Aug 5, 2012 12:40:07 PM

  6. "NBC should know that their inept, dreadful coverage is surely going to harm their network long after the Olympics are over"

    What are you babbling about? The ratings have been very good > great for NBC, that's all they care about.


    "Through five nights, including the opening ceremony, NBC is averaging 35.6 million viewers, more than any Summer Olympics from outside the United States since the 1976 Montreal Games"

    That's through Tuesday, so it doesn't even include the women's individual gymnastics which I assume got huge ratings, but with track & field starting, the ratings aren't going to dip much. The coverage may suck but people are still watching it. I watch the sports I care about online.

    Posted by: Henry Holland | Aug 5, 2012 12:52:42 PM

  7. Let's just call NBC's coverage "old fashioned".

    Posted by: anon | Aug 5, 2012 2:27:15 PM

  8. Paul- Nedo and I both wish you peace and happiness in life.

    Posted by: Jon | Aug 5, 2012 7:46:34 PM

  9. Thanks all for your thoughts- we appreciate the idea's and support.

    We have thought and checked out all of our options. We looked at alternate countries but getting citizenship is nearly impossible. I can't get a job in another country either- unless I want to teach English (scary).

    Why should we have to leave what I have worked hard for all of my life and what Nedo and I have built over the last seven years?

    Obama could solve this today without congress but he is playing politics once again with our community.

    Our options:
    1. Nedo stays illegally and accrues illegal days (ruin your chances of ever getting a VISA)
    a. He can never see his family again cause he can't leave the US
    b. He risk's being deported

    2. Leave and wait for Marriage Equality
    a. Live separated for years - and there are many who choose to do this- we choose the next option

    3. Stay and fight for our marriage and hold our President accountable for protecting American families that are suffering because of discriminatory laws.

    The bottom line here is that we can't wait for change. DOMA is discriminatory and instead of focusing on what color Nedo and I wore to our ceremony- we should be coming together and fighting for our rights. Its the self bickering BS in most communities that hold them back from making progress. Its exactly what both parties want and something has got to change if we want equality.

    I had doubts about responding cause I can not always articulate points very well. Please- help us out. We really want to stay together here in the US. Nedo is so happy here. He has been able to get an "internship" with a company that he loves. He never had that option in Croatia. He wants to eventually own his own business doing what he loves with his clients here in the Bay Area. Honestly- if he had to go back to Croatia- he would go back to nothing.

    We deserve to be happy together here in the US. Every couple we have met along this journey is subjected to so much criticism- can't we just honor each other and celebrate what we are trying to accomplish?

    Please- lets help each other. We have enough people who hate us for who we are. Why do we have to hate on one another.

    Jon and Nedo

    Posted by: Jon | Aug 5, 2012 8:20:46 PM

  10. I love how the athiest article is from the progressive propaganda rag Salon, and bulk of the atheists targeted are independents or liberatarians, and in Maher's case one who made a transgression against progressive dogma.

    And to cast a shadow on Ayaan Hirsi Ali is nothing short of despicable.

    Posted by: Lucrece | Aug 5, 2012 8:38:47 PM

  11. The evangelical (mostly) and Republican (mostly) fast food show-up event was covered, complete with GOP talking points (Gays object to Mr. Cathay's religion based free speech) by my area's CBS owned all-news stations. These stations never mentioned the donations to anti-gay causes or that corporation's activism. So much for the "liberal" CBS which is a long way from Murrow, Cronkite and Don Hewitt these days.

    Posted by: Contrarian | Aug 5, 2012 11:39:02 PM

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