1. HA! says

    Good Show. Typical Sorken. But let us remember, the beloved Mr. Sorkin has had an ax to grind, oh yeah and the show is “INFOTAINMEMT”. Yikes—-it aint real folks!

  2. rocko says

    I think it is one of the best shows out there..ANd I think everyone should watch it because of the element of truth that each story is based on..We live in a media society..where little grandmas want smartphones with the ‘internet’..yet no one watches or listens to the news anymore! I think it is a must see for everyone..And I wish oh how I wish..there was someone on some channel that would just be as bold as the characters in this show..Instead of the white bread news we get so no one is offended. I think Soledad O’Brian could be a start but we must support people like her to get the ‘hard’ questions..

  3. AJ says

    WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! I am absolutely STUNNED. I will echo what everyone else is saying: “If only legitimate news organizations had the balls to say this.”

  4. Zlick says

    The news report was broken up and played in snippets over the course of the season finale, so it was groovy to see it all stitched together like that – as it would have aired if only this were a real newscast in a more perfect world.

    The Newsroom is as much a stunning rebuke of the media as it is of things political. Critics find it too preachy and pompous, but I’m personally amazed at how unpreachy and non-pompous it manages to be when these rebukes are the very essence of the show.

    Perhaps the characters can be sketched a bit less broadly in future seasons. But speaking of which – ya know how if you go back and watch the first season of a show you love and, 9 times out of 10, it will be unrecognizably amateurish? Well, if THIS was the first season of The Newsroom, I think we are looking at the one of the best tv series in the history of the medium.

  5. Dback says

    This may cause some confusion for folks who don’t know what “The Newsroom” is, i.e. a fictional show on HBO. Others may assume that since the show is fictional, all of these quotes and statistics are also fictional. “The Newsroom” as a show may be fictional, but every quote and clip that Macavoy (Jeff Daniels) just played and referenced is real.

  6. Caliban says

    That the anchorman played by Jeff Daniels called the Tea Party “The American Taliban” isn’t the most surprising or noteworthy thing about this to me.

    Sorkin’s shows are fact-based and they stick very close to facts, so I’m assuming all the figures cited are accurate. I’ve read several articles about “voter fraud” and they tend to use phrases like “very rare” or “almost nonexistent,” which and vague and don’t really mean a thing. Is that 1 out of 100,000? 1 out of a million?

    No, 86. (According to this clip) 86 fraudulent votes out of 196,000,000 ballots cast, or .00004%

    And to take care of the “problem” of those 86 fraudulent votes the GOP is disenfranchising millions (11,000,000) of voters.

    Why is this, a fictional TV show, the first time I’m hearing these figures?

  7. Brian says

    How is it possible that a fictional show such as the Newsroom is doing more “hard news” than a “real” network like Fox?

    (The Daily Show seems to be in the same category as The Newsroom.)

  8. jsb says

    I kept thinking about “The West Wing” while watching this clip, Aaron Sorkin was behind that show too. Why is it that so many people don’t think for themselves, they just want to be led, even if it is off a cliff. American Taliban is right!

  9. says

    To the person that said that this was not true. Do you know anything about modern U.S. politics?

    In case you don’t, I’m a political fiend; I live and breath politics.

    Most of what was said in that diatribe was true. I think the main error was in the percentage of voter fraud. I remember it as 18 proven cases of fraud in the last 4 cycles.

  10. jamal49 says

    Pres. Obama and Democrats should get the rights to this clip and play it straight-up for the next 12 weeks. It nails the republicons up against the wall. It shows the republicons no mercy. It speaks the truth to the American electorate of republicon perfidy and sedition.

    It is brilliant.

  11. anon says

    The Taliban is a political offshoot of a civil war which seeks to impose Sharia law (as they see it) on Afghan society. The Tea Party was a vague offshoot of the Republican party after the party lost political power due to corruption and laziness. Subsequent to that, the Tea Party today is dominated by evangelical Christians. However, there already are plenty of other evangelical groups in US politics, and Tea Party is hardly the most extreme or even the most politically powerful.

  12. james says

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  13. andrew says

    It is outrageous to compare the Tea Party to the murdering Taliban. That is just another form of McCarthyism. Most of the members of the Tea Party are conservative patriotic Americans who have very different ideas about what is good for America than I do, but they are no more Taliban than Obama is Socialist.

  14. Alexx says

    Art doesn’t imitate life, it merely acts a reflection. What we see in it is sometimes the forgotten beauty or condemned truth that we refuse to see and admit. Its official, HBO, I forgive you for creating Sex in the City from this alone.

  15. BrokebackBob says

    This is the best summation of facts about
    the Tea Party (the ultra-right fascist wing of the Republican Party) that I have seen in this election cycle. I am able to see a wide panorama of news and comment because I am retired and peruse many outlets both right and left of center for my news and comment. Obama is right when he says we have a clear choice this time, continuing the positive path we are on both socially and fiscally, or taking a giant step backward into a world where only the rich and the radical right have the power to change our country and affect our lives. We, as a nation, have our own ‘Taliban’ and we must fight for out core centrist values of compromise, working together and moving forward, not backward. If Romney and Ryan are placed in power, the Reagan years will seem like they are left of center in comparison. Take a personal responsibility this election to truly voice your position on the radical right “Republican” agenda and punish them for abandoning -their-core principals and capitulating to the radical right.

  16. Arrowsmith says

    I commend that show for giving a very reasonable definition of what it means to be a true Republican. Makes it easier to tear into the ones that dare give themselves that title.

  17. idontevencareanymore says

    the criticisms are fairly accurate, but labeling them as a book burning fundamentalist child killing terrorist organization is a bit too extreme.

  18. frank says

    Like many of the comments have pointed out, The Newsroom is one of the most powerful shows to hit the small screen in quite sometime! Though it may be fiction, the societal messages portrayed in each episode are as real as can be. As @Pete N SFO said, too many people are exposed to corrupt news sources without even knowing it! I’ve done my best to try to spread the show’s message to everyone I can reach, since it is especially crucial to understand the governing factors of the media now that we are in the midst of an election. I’ve shown many episodes to my friends, family, and colleagues from my office at Dish, and they did the same with their circle of peers! It’s just lucky that I was able to preserve the whole season with my Hopper DVR, since it has such a large memory space that I never have to delete shows to make room for new recordings. I think the more people that are exposed to the realization that our media is nothing more than a business, the better off we will all be!

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