1. Juniper says

    I don’t understand the slam that wonders if they think they’ll be better off with Romney. I voted for Obama – I thought he had the potential to be great and I’ve been HORRIBLY disappointed on so many levels. That doesn’t mean that I suddenly switch to Romney. American politics is truly f’ed up if all ‘support’ means is putting on rose-coloured glasses and pretending that everything your candidate does is always wonderful.

  2. V-8 says

    I am personally sick and tired of all these self-made videos, be from military people lipsynching to something or in this case, these two young white folks doing an elaborate video as political commentary…

    the reason I am sick of it it is because it is really about these people, and not about the cause at all… all the time and money spent producing this video is just completely insane to me…. a waste….

    go volunteer in a soup kitchen, in an AIDS ward, a women’s shelter, an orphanage or home for the elderly… get involved and touch people on a personal, face to face basis… or take on the streets…. organize friends, protest, march, what have u…

    it reminds me of Lady Gaga… “look at me, I’m the one protecting ur rights, because I am telling u so!”

  3. MIchael Demmons says

    If these douchebags spent half as much time educating themselves about all the obstructionism going on in Washington on the part of Republicans as they did doing this video, then they’d have a lot more credibility.

    As it stands, they’re just a couple of idiots who probably sat at home during the 2010 elections and made the problem even worse.

    But hey! They made a video with cool make-up. And that will be their contribution to the world. How awesome for them!

  4. Joey Y says

    Imagine what they would get done if they spent this energy trying to exact change rather than complaining that others aren’t doing it for them.

  5. BenR says

    What Juniper said. Wondering how these people would like Romney is completely dishonest and insulting writing. Criticizing Obama doesn’t mean they want Romney, and you know that very well.

    Also, yes, there is a tremendous amount of terrible obstructionism and it makes getting things done very difficult. So your takeaway is that we shouldn’t demand that our elected leader keep trying? No, that isn’t the answer either.

  6. Diogenes Arktos says

    Your comment about their supporting Romney rather than Obama (true or false) reminds me that in 2008 some of Clinton’s supporters in the primaries claimed they would switch to McCain in November because he would better represent their issues than Obama. There is no logic in politics.

  7. Chris says

    @benr that’s completely naive, in a two party election there is a choice…anything that detracts from one candidate is by default, pro for the other. This is a pro Romney election video, make no mistake.

    This is why democrats always seem to fail long run, it’s the old adage about democrats fall in love, while republicans fall in line.

    Anyone claiming its OK to criticize Obama publicly is correct, but not necessarily politically smart.

  8. downtownla says

    Kudos to this video. Lots of people feel the same way. I know I do. I volunteered countless hours and traveled to five different states for the guy, but now I feel so disappointed. I feel I met my end of the bargain, but he failed on his part. He failed to successfully outmaneuver the Republicans and articulate a progressive agenda. And don’t accuse me of being naive. I’m not. The guy went for the easy strategic victories and unfortunately negotiated in good faith with people who wanted to destroy him. If that’s not naivety, then I don’t know what is.

  9. Markt says

    The video is amazingly factually correct – you can’t argue with that. One way or another all of these issues are somewhere in voters’ minds. Better to face them than pretend they don’t exist. For Obama to win he needs the middle ground that he captured previously, to excite the young electorate, and to have successful suits in the swing states that have initiated voter ID laws. This video opens that dialogue and in some ways that door.
    It’s not pro-Romney.

  10. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    The main message of this video is about the economy, which was hurtling full speed toward a genuine Depression at the end of 2008. There is more that could have been done over the past three years to fix the economy, but only with the help of the Republicans in Congress. This video, therefore, is dishonest because it claims that the reason for the economic problem is that Obama wasn’t true to his ideals. BS. The reason that more hasn’t been done is that Obama hasn’t successfully outmaneuvered the Congressional Republicans, whether or not that’s actually possible. This is a completely different matter than being true to your ideals. Hence, the dishonest premise of this video.

  11. MarkUs says

    Hee Hee Hee. Loved it. Especially the part about moving in with mom. Hype Hype Hype, which is why he won’t release his transcripts. Someone’s creation, who’s been the least prepared person ever in history to hold the office.
    I know America and how funny he’s going to be tossed for the same reason he was elected: a miserable public wants someone new.

  12. Andrew K says

    Fact is, Obama has partially acquiesced to the security state that was set up before him. Its the worst thing about his presidency. Still…we elected a president and not a savior. Keep fighting for the right things. It’ll take a generation to undo the damage that has been done. Obama is as good a start as we could reasonably expect.

  13. Randy says

    Obama is a huge disappointment. The fact that the GOP is astoundingly awful doesn’t change that reality.

    The main thing in Obama’s favor this election is that Romney is an even bigger liar, and it’s on video.

  14. Gregoire says

    Please come back, Unattainable Idealism Obama! We don’t like Real World President Obama. You didn’t suitably thaw the ice of Narnia. Oz still has Wicked Witches.

  15. AndyinChicago says

    I agree with the statement made multiple times: saying that you’re disappointed with Obama does not mean you’re pro-Romney. I’m probably going to vote for Obama in the fall, but I’m angry that I’m going to have to vote for a war criminal just to not have Romney win (And don’t get up on me for calling him a war criminal; he approved the killing of 15 year old children in Afghanistan and Pakistan if they happen to be where a drone is).

  16. Mark says

    Anyone who sat on their hands, waiting for Obama to solve all of our country’s problems like some reclusive superhero, deserves their own disappointment and then some for being so grossly naïve.

    One man did not create the mess we are in, so it is equally ridiculous to expect one man to clean it up. It is up to each of us to be invested in making a difference every day as a citizen of the world by getting and staying involved in where we are headed as a country.

    We as average citizens are up against a powerful plutocracy intent on maintaining the economic and political status quo, hiding behind a well-funded puppet show of religiosity, patriotism, and supposed “traditional American values”.

    Most citizens do not have the interest or ability to really see and understand the complexities of the political and economic situation we are in. Those who benefit most from this ignorance are glad when political discussions devolve into an overly simplistic “my team is better than your team” argument–where any real problem is nothing more than a personal failing of the person in charge. Unfortunately problems of this magnitude are rarely resolved through the stroke of a pen or the flipping of a switch–although based on people’s criticism of Obama, you would think it were that easy.

    It is also incorrect to assume that just because one choice does not create the perfect solution, that somehow the opposite choice is by default better or preferable. Unfortunately that is where many Americans are with Obama, and while I agree that he has not been a perfect President, I shiver to think where we would be now had McCain/Palin been at the helm the past four years. Hopefully voters can see the forest for the trees and not elect Romney POTUS. That would not only be a disappointment, but a serious mistake.

  17. BRIAN says

    WHAT ABOUT THE ROMNEY WE USED TO KNOW? The one who promised over and over to protect a woman’s right to choose, and is now super chummy with pro-life religious extremists. The one who said he’d be better than Ted Kennedy for gay rights, and now supports a constitutional amendment to prohibit marriage equality. The one who used to believe in the science of climate change, but now isn’t so sure. The one who pioneered the health care concept on which the Affordable Care Act is based, but now vows to repeal Obamacare.

    Do these idiots really think they’d be better off with a no-integrity Mormon who’s in the pocket of Big Oil and a handful of billionaires, promotes tax policy that benefits the wealthy at the expense of the middle class, and is, in his own words “not concerned about the very poor”?

    The people who made this video are not disillusioned Obama supporters. They are shills for the Republican Party.

  18. BRAINS says


    These are the kind of friends that you NEVER want…!!!….they only know you when you are doing something, directly, …FOR THEM!

    They are defined as SELF CENTERED BASTARDS!

  19. Dback says

    Artistically, a stunningly clever success. Politically, a simple-minded, whiny, and naive rant that completely ignores what Obama HAS managed to accomplish, largely in the face of complete obstructionism by Repubs who said immediately after his election that they wanted him to be a “one-term president.” Google “Obama 50 accomplishments” and read the list–it’s not negligible.

  20. Miguel R says

    Changing the lyrics of a song isn’t parody, unless you are parodying the song itself. Weird Al is parody, because by changing “Beat It” to “Eat It,” he exposes the ridiculousness of the song itself. But using Gotye’s images and song to critique the President is stylized critique of Obama, and NOT parody of Gotye.

  21. andrew says

    This is one of the many reasons that unfortunately tell us that Romney will defeat Obama in 2012. Obama has lost the enthusastic support of many young people ( 18-35) who can’t find jobs.

  22. says

    @Andrew: Actually, there is no evidence that Romney will defeat Obama, however much some wish it. The electoral college (the only thing that matters) is not tipping Romney’s way at all. So no need to keep playing Debbie Downer.

  23. Solly says

    The people doing more damage to the great O retaining the white house are not the critics who remind him about what he said to get elected, but the people who criticize anyone speaking up. I’m from Wisconsin, and the day before the recall to get rid of our wack job governor, the great one was flying over to go to Minn. and Chicago for his own fundraisers. He didn’t lift one finger to help us. And then, he has the gall to phone contributors from Air Force 1 to say we need more money, we can’t get outspent 8-1 like they did in Wis. Go back to Robert Gibbs who dissed the “professional left” because they caved left and right to the repugnants. The Obama Admin. response has to been to diss the ones that brung them to the dance. Then, “why no enthusiasm?”

  24. Armando says

    Boy, these people are in for a world of disappointment if they ever get married and find out that the honeymoon doesn’t last forever. There is a world of difference in running an election and running a country. Romney won’t be able to do most of the stuff he is running on either.

    I will happily vote for Obama because at least he is fighting for things I believe in. If he only gets some of them done, it’s still better then having some of his successes undone.

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