1. QJ201 says

    Trust me, this is a big crowd. They just seem invisible because you know they are playing games instead of hooking up online, hanging in bars, working out, and doing the “stereotypical” gay male crap.

  2. robb says

    First of all…

    You, QJ201, sounds a little too judgy. I happen to play games AND work out AND hook up online…get over yourself.

    Secondly, to you, M. Scott Hernandez. All blogs are one-sided. It’s a blog. I’m tired of people bitching about what does or does not get posted here. Let me repeat…it’s Andy’s BLOG…he gets to post whatever he and his staff care to post.

    Thirdly, Much needed event this Gaymercon. All of the ridiculous keyboard/internet homophobic bravado that gets thrown around in-game, while I realize is totally ridiculous…can wear one down after a bit. Will be nice to connect with actual people and attend forums on gayming topics.

    Thanks for making me read this blog several times a day. I LOVE it. Keep up the good work.


  3. Arrowsmith says

    Let that Youtube video rack up all the dislikes it wants. If SMBC is on board, that webcomic’s fans will raise the money all on their own.

    Let’s not forget the time SMBC made it to national news thanks to NOM hotlinking an image of theirs.

  4. AladinSane says

    I had already contributed to the kickstarter fund and am so glad to see this receiving coverage here. Look forward to seeing some of y’all next year if you should attend…

  5. Joseph says

    “There was a moment in South Florida, seven or eight years ago, when being 23, male, gay, and sociable very nearly required one to be conversant with underground anime titles, and to know the basic mechanics of an X-Box controller.”

    This has to be the most inane, vapid and ego-centric item I’ve ever read here. Proof that “gaymers” can be just as deluded and arrogant as circuit queens and gym bunnies.

  6. John D says

    I want to echo TSG’s comment above (gotta figure out whose initials those are).

    You need Kickstarter to get a convention off the ground? Good thing that wasn’t the opinion when the first Gaylaxicon was being planned. It was also 1988, so none of us had heard of Kickstarter or even the Internet.

  7. Frank-Joseph says

    The speed in which I threw my money at them and filled out the volunteer form on their website is a testament to how excited I am for this convention! Thanks for the tip, Andy! *back to my 3D Animation thesis project*

  8. Jason says

    After seeing the ridiculous backlash to nominal gay content in some games, I’d say this is desperately needed for visibility. It doesn’t really compare to Gaylaxicon–which is described as a sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and comic convention on their website. Gaymercon is specifically about gaming. Also, Kickstarter is sort of a fad right now, especially in the gaming comm.

  9. AladinSane says

    Rodney, Red Light Centre is not a game. It’s a virtual stroke arena. I like sex as much as the next guy, have no trouble getting laid, and am an avid gaymer. RLC doesn’t appeal in the slightest to me, nor do I think it would to most gaymers. You’re hyping up the wrong tree…

  10. darkorient says

    Looks like it’s going to be an awesome event! It’s not fair that you Americans get to keep all the fun to yourselves :( Oh well, there will be time when my country Indonesia and the rest of the world can join the fun, maybe in 100 years or so…

  11. Robert says

    This is inspiring news. I ran an all gay male D&D campaign from 1995 to 2003, and have many fond memories from that experience. Both my sons are now VERY interested in anime and online gaming. So this definitely speaks to me.

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