Pedestrians Shot At NYC’s Empire State Building, Gunman Killed By Police: DEVELOPING


Here's some breaking news out of the Big Apple: at least ten people were shot outside the Empire State Building at about 9am this morning.

There are scant details at the moment, but according to ABC News, CNN and NY1 the gunman was shot and killed by police at the scene. The shooting victims' wounds are non-life threatening.

UPDATE: CNN now reports that at least ten people were shot, at least two fatally. Meanwhile, CBS News offers some more details on the incident:

Some of the victims were reportedly found inside the lobby of the Empire State Building while some were found on the street.

least one of those wounded is in critical condition. The conditions of
the other victims are unknown. It's still not clear what led to the
shooting. Details were still emerging as police worked the scene. There
is a large police presence and multiple ambulances on the scene. The FBI
has also responded.

UPDATE 2: Sadly, the final fatality rate 2, including the gunman. Nine people in total were injured.


  1. simon says

    There is no border control in New York. You can travel by car from Wisconsin to New York carrying a gun. That’s why Bloomberg can’t do much unless there are stricter nationwide gun control laws.

  2. says

    So sad. I’m not an American but I truly love this country for many reasons. It’s just pathetic and cruel that such things are happening there. Please keep peace today. Special request to Rick and Ratbastard.

  3. Ken says

    My question would be: Why is this of interest to a gay blog? Is there a gay connection? I don’t come here to get general news, I come here for ay related news. There are unlimited internet access points for general news. That’s their job, and they are best equipped to do it.
    Thanks for listening.

  4. LiamB says

    Ken, are you stupid, or just willfully ignorant? I ask because Towleroad has never been an all gay all the time blog. Andy ofen posts non-gay related articles. This isn’t something new. If he finds something interesting, and thinks others will too, he posts it. Seriously, try to think before you post.

  5. RandyOwen says

    @ Ken
    You do realize we live in the same world as everyone else, and you do realize that this type of thing is horrible and effects everyone in the American Community right? If you live on the other side of the country and feel nothing for the Citizens of NYC who are dealing with this and don’t want to see any news about this than that is more a failing of your own soul not the editors of this blog.

  6. says

    @Ken: It concerns humanity, an issue for which a majority of LGBT are fighting today. I wish one could realise that at the end of the day, irrespective of our sexuality we all are humans.

  7. topher says

    Ken: It’s news that are of interest to gay men. Enough already with demanding a gay-only news site! Go make your own blog and make it as gay as possible if you want. Towleroad is awesome the way it is.

  8. says


    I would say that it has everything to do with a combination of multiple factors: news awareness and copycat inspiration, economic/political climate, and extreme heat and drought.

    I believe it is an observable fact that when heat pushes into the extreme for a long period of time, as we are seeing now, violent crimes are always at an increase.

  9. Matt26 says

    Awful. The front of ESB is always full of people. The latest from local news is the gun man killed his ex-manager, the shooter had been fired yesterday. Then stepped out and started to shoot.

  10. Brian says

    These constant mass shootings are of course horribly sad, but I also think they point up the incredible cowardice of our elected officials. Usually one horrible act creates a firestorm of outrage and legislation, like the sex offenders list after a pedophile incident, shoes off and no liquids on planes after attempted incidents involving shoes and liquids, a slew of very intrusive spying/monitoring operations and airports that now resemble military bases after 9/11, the list goes on. My point isn’t that these are helpful or harmful, but that in general legislators go into overdrive to address problems as they arise. But when a gun is involved, everyone goes completely silent. I happen to support gun control as the answer but again that’s not relevant. But the silence that greets each attack really shows how scared legislators are to take on the NRA and possibly suffer political ramifications for just bringing the subject up. Maybe the answer is to force everyone to carry weapons, or to walk around naked, or something else. But how can the government just sit there and watch as we murder each other en masse without doing anything, or even asking any questions? It’s like we’ve become the society in Terry Gilliam’s Brazil, and just get used to things exploding around us without batting an eye.

  11. says

    In some countries, sometimes the opposition parties deliberately monitor such events to do politics on the poor administration of the ruling party so, as to throw them in the next election. Two things here. Firstly, election is coming and second, there’s a sudden rise in such pathetic, and cruel events. This tends to seem fishy.
    However, one thing for sure, the common element in all these incidents is *GUN* so, invariably the only immediate and possible solution is to formulate stricter gun laws.

  12. Jack says

    This is news? Wake up people. One person shot NEARLY TWENTY PEOPLE on Chicago’s South Side last night.

    If you think this was the first mass shooting since Aurora, you’ve got your head up your arse.

    We don’t have a gun problem, we have a PEOPLE problem. Why is it that so many people are raised thinking it is ok to wantonly hurt others? THAT is the source of this scourge, and we’ll never fix this without asking that difficult question.

  13. says

    Local controls don’t stop people from moving around, and the Federal laws on assault weapons already expired and don’t seem to be coming back. You can learn more about Federal gun control laws with this online guide: Is gun control going to be a major topic for this upcoming election? Let’s all pray there isn’t another major shooting soon.

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