1. Steve says

    Mostly, it prevents ovulation. Just like the regular pill. So ideally, there is no egg involved at all

  2. michaelofthegreen says

    I thought it just prevented implantation of the fertilized egg… Shows what I know.

  3. WeDontNeedToLieToWin says

    ACTUALLY, the link provided proves exactly what they’re talking about…

    The pill DOES actually kill the fertilized egg, AND stops potential fertilization of an egg for up to several days.

    SO, yeah, the morning after pill DOES work the way Akin says.

    Granted, you can’t normally distinguish if the egg is actually fertilized within half and hour, or days later – and neither can the pill.

    So this article is misinformative and disingenuous.

  4. william says

    @wedontneedtolietowin Please identify the passage which you claim proves the pill has such an effect. For example, here is a quote from an article earlier this year in the New York Times:

    “By this year [2012], the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics considered the research so strong that it issued a statement saying that pills with Plan B’s active ingredient “do not inhibit implantation.”

    Research on Ella, approved in 2010, is less extensive, but the F.D.A., Dr. Blithe, and others say evidence increasingly suggests it does not derail implantation, citing, among other things, several studies in which women became pregnant when taking Ella after ovulating.”

    Your turn!

  5. William says

    He’s another backward Republican nut — they have taken over Missouri politics. Roy Blunt, Vicki Hartzler (the most vile woman alive), etc. Sadly, democrat Claire McCaskill is democrat in name only. She has no such Obamaesque journey on same sex marriage. She doesn’t support ANY relationship recognition for gay folk. Sadly, my birth state’s democrats act more like Fresno republicans. And it serves them no purpose. They have no guts at all, thus end up looking like republican lite when running against another clueless republican bible thumper, and keep losing. McCaskill is namby pamby and she’ll lose unless she gets some guts.

  6. Bart says

    William is right…the crazy right has taken over Missouri politics. I have written Akin, who was my district rep, at least a dozen times to tell him what a worthless rep he is. He doesn’t nothing substanial, has never done anything of note other than worry about everyone’s morals. I live in tea party country and the sheep here are scared of everything they are not (which is straight and white.) It’s very very sad that this man who has done so little in all his years in politics, does nothing but send Missouri, a beautiful state, backwards.

  7. Tony says

    Claire isn’t going through any kind of evolution. I just asked her like two months ago and got the same standard civil union crap.

  8. ratbastard says

    The morning after pill should be ENCOURAGED and covered by all insurance, maybe even make it OTC. It should be easily available like all other birth control currently are. That said, using abortion as a form of birth control bothers me, and I’d consider a partial birth abortion that wasn’t required to protect the health of the mother,murder.

    One of the puzzling things about planned parenthood, birth control and the way we’ve been encouraged to have small families or no children over the past 40 odd years here in America and elsewhere is the fact we now of course allegedly have too few kids and need to import millions of people and their big family and early pregnancy mentality to keep our entitlement programs and economy running. We encourage people who’re capable of the responsibilities of having children to have very few and then later in life than is biologically desirable, but on the other hand pay ‘poor’ women to have kids, and even make it desirable to not have a husband so as to get more entitlements. It’s a clusterf*ck.

    Finally, unfortunately, many on the left and the right LOVE telling people what they can and can not do, eat, drink, use, etc. THIS IS NOT JUST A RIGHTWING PROBLEM. The left LOVE the nanny state.

  9. WeDontNeedToLieToWin says

    Bill : So your argument is that it doesn’t work ?

    Hard to argue with that, LOL….

  10. DrMikey says

    In reply to Ratbastard, at least in CA, Plan B (that’s the most common brand) is available OTC to anyone 18 or over. Under 18, the girl needs a prescription – but can obtain one from a doctor or clinic without parental consent or notification. So glad I live in a civilized state.