1. PAUL B. says

    Although I appreciate the gesture…and the token Republican support for marriage equality…it wouldn’t even be on the radar if these converts hadn’t been personally affected by members of their own families. Now, while that might “convince” a handful of repubs who stand to lose their relationships with their children over this…it’s nothing to write home about. I’m tempted to say…thanks, but no thanks !!!

  2. Rafael says

    I really don’t get why Conservative insist in becoming the minority in this country. I share a many conservative values, yet I feel completely alienated.

  3. Dan says

    @paulb …. But that’s how social change happens. If none of us had come out, no one would have known that they had a gay family member. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. The sooner the insane GOP drops its opposition to gays even existing, the better it is for us. If you want to shoot down the few in that party who are supportive of our goals, you’re only hurting yourself (and me).

  4. Jack M says

    John and Cindy McCain? Laura Bush? Wow, that will surely convince the vast majority, won’t it? Nice try, but he’s not going to get anywhere with that ad.

  5. say what says

    sorry but a California repub has about as much in common with repubs as a slug with a birb

    California repubs would be considered conserva-dems in all other US states and San Diego Mayor due to support of gays would be considered a raging satanic commie liberal in the heart of repub territory = the old south

    Anyway; more importantly romney the head of the repub ticket “went there” this morning with full on birther racist trump schtick

  6. scott says

    I appreciate Mayor Sander’s unequivocal support and his advocacy and hard work on behalf of our rights- and we should thank him and others, not shoot them down.

  7. Rick says

    “I’m tempted to say…thanks, but no thanks !!!”

    Because, of course, you have the luxury of doing so, right?

    Because society is so terrified of the consequences of not doing what the 3% of the population that is gay wants them to do, right?

    Because at some point the country is going to be 100% Democrats, so all we have to do is wait for that to happen, right?

    Because you can force people to change their attitudes by passing laws on a piece of paper, right?

    Because you are just plain stupid, right?

  8. say what says


    even the most hard core xtianistas grudgingly acknowledge 6% of population is gay

    You cite 3% OI how you must hate yourself

    reality is more likely the average of kinsey and the Family research council’s #s 10+6-16/2= 8%

  9. Bart says

    Tea Republicans (oh, excuse me, I meant THE Republicans)just voted Jerry out of the tribe.

    Republicans beat their breasts and wail to the skies about smaller government but yet at every turn they want more government in everyone’s bedroom, in everyone’s marriage, up a gay man’s ass and up every woman’s vagina. Now being as white as most of them are and as uptight and creepy as they seem, I imagine they could get all those places without much notice, but if they really believed in smaller government they wouldn’t want to be there.

  10. Rick says

    No more than 3% of the population is gay if you define that as exclusively homosexual…..and actually most estimates are closer to between 1.5 and 2%. And this is born out by every day experience–outside of a few big cities, how often do you ever have a chance encounter with someone who is gay? Practically never.

    The 8% figure would include those who have had some kind of sexual experience with someone of the same sex within a certain time frame–but many of these men, quite frankly, are married to women–and many of them have more sex with women than with men, so they can hardly be considered gay–at best bisexual.

    It doesn’t really change the point, however. We are a very small minority of the population, whatever the exact figure is, and people neither fear us nor see that there is anything really to gain by helping us… we can ill afford to bite whatever hands are held out to us, regardless of who they belong to.

    If you think otherwise, you are just plain damn stupid.

  11. says

    too bad the message from them seems to be nothing more than “we support lgbt people, but not enough to actually, you know, vote about it. and we’ll continue to support all those that don’t support lgbt people, because we’re really more into lipservice than Doing The Right Thing.”

    and guys, stop feeding Rick. He’s a closeted troll with no balls. Let him rot in peace.

  12. simon says

    William Weld, also a prominent Republican, was a predecessor of Romney as governor of Mass., even presided over a wedding ceremony for a gay couple last year in New York. There is quite a funny and at the same time moving video on Youtube. You can search “Jock Soto wedding” for it.

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    “rick cite your sources”

    The Imperial Encyclopedia of the Grand Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (Queer Division). What else would he cite from?

  14. says

    Individual Republicans who support equality certainly deserve praise. They’re the minority going against the anti-gay mainstream grain of the Republican party. Unfortunately, they are small in number, even smaller in elected office. But they’re on the right side of history.

    The pathetic ones are the gay Republican groups, GOProud and the LCR’s, who support Republicans no matter how anti-gay they are. They’re useless.

  15. PAUL B. says

    So, I guess when you squeeze hard enough…a rock will give a drop of water…and for that I must be thankful. Period. Otherwise, the evangelicals…can f-off. Oh, did I say evangelicals…I meant republicans, sorry. It’s easy to confuse the two being that
    “the party” is now run by “evangelicals” of one sort or another.

  16. says

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