1. Rick says

    “sweet jesus lord that pic looks like White Frat Boys From Hell.”

    Oh look, everybody, another “I hate white people” comment from a gay, black male on…..the same ones that scream “racism” whenever even the most homophobic of blacks are called out for their hatred of gay people.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    “Oh look, everybody, another “I hate white people” comment from a gay, black male on…”

    Now, now, now, Rick. I liked John Kerry. I liked Al Gore. I liked Big Cigar Bill Clinton. I liked Michael Dukakis…hell, I even liked that bastard John Edwards for a while. There a lot of White people I like. I just hate those two dry-azz motha’ f.ckas pictured above.

  3. Sean says

    To be accurate, Paul Ryan is actually worse on gay issues than Romney.

    The version of the Federal Marriage Amendment that he voted for would have forcibly divorced legally married same-sex couples. Even Romney doesn’t go that far.

  4. ChristopherM says

    I am fairly certain that as a child Rick was pushed down on the playground by a lesbian and a queeny black boy who took his lollipop. There’s really no other way to explain his childish animosity toward women, non white folks, and anyone identifiable as gay.

  5. redball says

    RICK is an *ss. white frat boys can be darling (it’s rare, though….)

    we all know the frat boys who are smarmy over-confident elitist douchebags. this is what the two men on the Repub ticket represent. hence, “From Hell.”

  6. says

    So the economist joins the greed-ridden elitist to try and buy their way to the White House- What a team! Ryan will need to get fitted for his Magic Mormon Underwear soon! These sacred undergarments harness the power of the Almighty to cough up enough cash for their crusade to the highest seats in the land. See for yourself how these miracles are performed and how money plays its role in politics at

  7. andrew says

    As fine a looking Irish-American as is Paul Ryan, this grandson of Irish immigrants will vote for Obama and another fine looking Irish-American, Joe Biden.

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