1. Kenneth says

    It is small, but it isn’t sleepy during season. With more gay bars than straight, beaches, dining and friendly, beautiful Spanish men, it is one of my favorite places on earth!

  2. Jon says

    I’ve thought about going to Spain (specifically Madrid), but I heard that they barely understand or speak English, so I’d probably feel really isolated and lonely considering I speak no Spanish.

  3. Kenneth says

    Jon, you can get by almost anywhere in Spain without speaking Spanish, though if you know a little it always helps and language dictionaries can be invaluable, but Spain is a very friendly country and you can meet people from all over the world there. Madrid is more difficult than Barcelona or Sitges if you speak no Spanish, but even there you can get by. I have met people from the US, England and Australia while visiting, as well as quite a few locals. I do speak some Spanish, but trust me, if you don’t – you shouldn’t let that be the only reason not to visit.

  4. Rob says

    I love Sitges- I suggest renting an apt and exploring the nearby beaches as there are many. The locals love it when you befriend them. The train to BCN is easy and quick. You will find plenty of people from all over the world staying there during the high season, July thru August. I’ve made many friends who I’ve hung out with state side or else where in Europe. Very friendly place!

  5. Markt says

    It’s 20 minutes by commuter train from Barcelona. That train ride is beautiful. Spanish men can be very aggressive, passionate and romantic. I have some fond memories. Spain in general is welcoming and not knowing the language shouldn’t be a problem.

  6. chris says

    WOw! American living and working in Sitges here. Love towerload. It’s a nice surprise to see this posted. Sorry for my spelling. Just got home from work at the bar. (“mojito” btw ) Sitges is the best , the craziest, the dirtiest in the best way. If you feel stuffed up and bored, make a bee line for the beach, and get in line for a drink!

  7. GMB says

    Why is it that when cities like Sitges promote gay pride events, there are *NO* lesbians anywhere to be found?

    Lesbians outnumber gay men. It pisses me off that there’s such a massive contingent of gay men who flock to places where women are a complete afterthought… or held up as mere divas to be worshipped, mocked or envied.

    I’m waiting for the day when the trappings of gay pride events actually are inclusive of all four letters… LGB and T.

  8. says

    Sitges is great! Located down the coast from BCN, you don’t have to wait until Pride- September is great, FEB has the gayest carnival in Europe, and the Boys start showing up around April/May. Many great memories in Sitges! If you are Young or Old just come and have a good time don’t worry about the language many foreigners fill up the town during the summer months you can always find someone who speaks English.

  9. Rob Taylor says

    Ive been to sitges quite a few times now and been to the first two gay prides. Unfortunately they weren’t very good! It felt more like a oney making scheme than a pride and it was dragged out over a week but not that many things were put on to entertain you. Saying that I love sitges but its so much better when its not gay pride!

  10. pete says

    I thought it was great. It was my third time and each year it gets better and better. I imagine the costs are high to close off the beach paseo for the week, but given that there was so much on to watch that was free I don’t know how you think its just about money.

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