1. jason says

    Yawn, he looks very twinky and slightly cross-eyed. In any case, why are we holding these sexist competitions? Straight men objectify women but here we are duplicating the sexism, albeit with males as the objects.

    Why are we so intent on simply repeating the bad qualities of sleazy straight guys?

  2. Mark says

    IMO it makes up too much of gay culture, so apologies from those of us who might find this subject a bit tedious sometimes.

    Too many “gay” conversations sound like a bunch of 13 year-old girls talking incessantly about boys, which can get a little boring after awhile. Talking about hot guys can be fun sometimes, but all the time?

  3. SteveC says

    Women’s beauty pageants are degrading in the extreme to the women in that they place the contestants’ value based on how she looks in a swimsuit.

    How these male pageants are any different I don’t know.

    Many of these contestants will end up working as hookers.

  4. James says

    Is there anything in gay culture that teaches young gay men that they have value beyond their youth and physical beauty? That they have a purpose in life beyond self-objectification, looking and staying as hot and sexually viable as possible?

  5. Bill says

    Why can’t there be contests for fat, cross-eyed gay men?

    Watch out for this thread to be filled with jealous gay men. A very vocal group of gay men are jealous of gay men like this yet drool over good-looking heterosexual males. Threads like this are always filled with “why do gay men have to look like this,” “eat a steak” while threads about good-looking heterosexual males are filled with “he’s so hot,” “my mussy is moist.” Some gay men don’t want gay men to be sexual objects, they want to thwart sexual encounters between gay men. Anyway, I really liked these videos especially when the eventual winner touches the pec of the second-place finisher.

  6. UFFDA says

    What an adorable still photo of Miguel, I’ll save it in my file for the smile it brings. It’s the kind of joy I come here for. Good for him, good for us.

  7. UFFDA says

    What an adorable still photo of Miguel, I’ll save it in my file for the smile it brings. It’s the kind of joy I come here for. Good for him, good for us.

  8. Miguel R says

    Wait- you all clicked on the link. Sure beauty pageants are superficial. So what? To all of you haters- if you are in your 20’s, I get it. You are defining what it means to be gay against this. You used to be superficial, and now you want something more, so you bash contests like this. Got it. I forgive you. The rest of you need to grow up and stop being so negative. If contests don’t interest you, don’t click the link. Better yet, find things on the interweb that actually does spark your interest. Establish a community with likeminded people. Ok?

  9. Jeremy says

    What’s the big deal? I can be hot and intellectual. There’s no law against being beautiful and deep at the same time. In fact, since I had to work very hard to look this good, I would say that it built more character than sitting around complaining about the role of physical appearance in society.

  10. ty says

    The main problem with “the hot guys” is it seems to give permission to just lay there in bed. The “nerdier” guys are better sex because they aren’t so worshiped.

  11. andrew says

    Congratulations Miguel. You are a handsome young man and I wish you success in life. Your good looks will open many doors for you and I hope your talents will bring you much success.

  12. JDB says

    True beauty is more than skin-deep. It’s also deeper than making embittered and tacky comments because superficially beautiful people and/or the lionization of them make one feel insecure.

  13. andrew says

    It is fortunate that we don’t have to post pictures of ourselves on this site in order to comment. Can you just imagine the uglyness that would ensue. Can you just imagine what Rick and Ratbastard actually look like?

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