1. Markt says

    Stewart is off target in his Chik-fil-a sessions. If a company was donating to KKK causes dedicated to denying rights to minorities, Stewart would totally understand when mayors of large cities spoke out against allowing the establishments in town. The KKK is free to have its opinions too, but the likelihood of discrimination or worse are so high that it is acceptable to try and ban them based on their espoused ideals. There is no difference in the Chik-fil-a controversy. Homophobia is everywhere even on the Daily Show.

  2. says

    Harassing that girl was a waste of time and effort and only made our side look bad. She has no control over CFA’s policy and could have been fired for discussing it. I’m not saying that she’s 100% innocent, but being a d*ck to her was a fruitless endeavor that gave ammo to the right-wing hate-mongers.

  3. Byron St. James says

    We have no control over what every idiot decides to do with a video camera. Along those lines, we also had no control over the statements made by the politicians – which, although they may have been morally correct – wound up putting us in a totally awkward and impossible position. Please people, next time you want to take on a national campaign, get organized and plan your strategy first!

  4. dancobb says

    John Stewart is on a disturbing trend. He seems to be shilling for right-wing viewers. Anyone WORKING and actively PROMOTING profits for Chik-Fil-A IS providing support for Dan Cathy. . . that’s a fact. I’m surprised that John Stewart can criticize Mitt Romney saying that he built his company (while ignoring all the other staff that did most of the actual grunt work); then turn around and act as though Chik-Fil-A employees aren’t helping to provide labor for a corporation and corporate political donations to organizations that would criminalize gay people having sex in the privacy of their own homes. I think Stewart and his writers are living in their bubble in NYC where they’ve never been inside a CFA…. the people there are employed specifically because they are born-again Christians. This sweet girl is NOT just a hire to perform a function, like someone at McDonalds. Believe me, they are right there with the political program that Dan Cathy is pushing. Guaranteed!

  5. Blake says

    I love John Stewart, but most of his Chick-Fil-A ‘scenes’ have fallen short of his usual standards.

    Stephen Colbert still seems to be on form though.

  6. says

    I’m as liberal as the come, and Jon Stewart was on target as usual. The carte blanche support the fired vlogger got from some Towleroad commenters, et al, was and is disturbing.

    Yes, he was fighting the good fight, but he did it in a way that was completely idiotic and self-righteous. He chose a target poorly and he treated her disrespectfully. He doesn’t know her story and from watching the original video, one might even infer from her body language that she indeed was a marriage equality supporter. And, then, he shared his mess with the world, making a mockery out of himself. And, now, people are talking about “death threats” towards the unemployed man and the woman “promoting” CFA profits? B!tch, please. I hope the guy finds a new job fast and learns to use more thought and discretion in the future. And, as Stewart alluded, I hope they give that woman a raise.

  7. Joshua says

    This is exactly why an executive of a large corporation employing thousands of people across the country keeps his or her big mouth shut when it comes to political issues.

    The safety of your employees should be more important than having to make a large public statement about your beliefs.

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