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The Chick-Fil-A Gay Kiss-Ins Have Started - Will They Help? - PHOTO


Jason King and Drew Montalvo posted this photo to their Facebook account yesterday and the early birds already have nearly 500 shares and hundreds of comments, positive and negative.

Expect to see many more like this today.

The Courage Campaign has provided a website with information on actions and Chick-fil-A restaurants in your state.

Pam Spaulding writes:

IMHO, I’m not keen on this as an effective protest tool — it’s not about our right to love (ostensibly why gay couples will be there kissing), it’s about Chick-fil-As record of anti-gay discrimination and funding of groups that want us DEAD, endorse “ex-gay” therapy, and to deny LGBTs basic civil rights. The kiss-in seems more like a stunt for shock value that the fundies will try capitalize on by tying the action to sex acts that they abhor. The “ick” factor has been one of the major issues these folks cling to, like it or not.

What about you folks? Do you see kiss-ins as an effective protest tool in this instance? And if not, what are your suggestions?

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  1. I love Larry to, Malo. You're right on!

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Aug 3, 2012 11:46:20 AM

  2. 'Ooooooooh it'll piss off the anti-Gays!' 'Ooooooooh it'll just give them more ammunition!' 'Oooooooooh politicians calling out the anti-gays is wrong because it just pisses them off!!'

    Spare me.

    Posted by: Oz in OK | Aug 3, 2012 11:48:05 AM

  3. Seriously, people on here need to realize you don't have control of this CFA story, if you ever did. The story escalated due to straight allies like the mayor & alderman who wanted to keep CFA out and because of some universities trying to kick them off campus.

    Now you have this man Adam Smith who's also straight, who videotapes himself arguing with this Chick Fil A employee and now he's fired. He's being shopped around as a the devil and the girl a martyr for the right wing cause.

    There are in addition, numerous stories & editorializing that's kept this story in the news. People are coming down on either side of the issue with stories of arguing de friending on Facebook over it.

    I've seen at least a couple of posts by Christian pastors who're not for Gay marriage, who said they refused to participate with Chick Fil A's appreciation day because they didn't want it to seem they're against Gay people. They're concerned as they should be, that they're losing parishioners over this.

    Everyone seems to have an opinion & they're making themselves heard on either side. Plus they can make it represent whatever they feel like. My Brother in law who hates Obama, made it all about the 'Obama media' trying to control speech.

    The kiss in will just be another part of the story. Having it or not having it will not make this all go away so crying about it doesn't matter at this point.

    And maybe it's time to show people a kiss is just a kiss. Before the Madonna/Britney kiss, networks were pretty fearful about airing same sex female kissing. In the same vein, the more men kissing people are exposed to, the more they'll just start getting used to it. If CFA says they're a non discriminatory company, then they get to show their best behavior over this. Anyone criticizing it will just come across as homophobic. Either way it's a win.

    Hopefully everyone will be safe considering a lot of these CFA joints are in the homophobic part of the country.

    Posted by: sara | Aug 3, 2012 11:51:09 AM

  4. I think my 40-something husband and I will save the face-sucking for home, but I will make a donation to Lamba Legal today. It's almost lunch..maybe I should drive by my local "Hatechik'n". You know, just for a look..?

    Posted by: Rob | Aug 3, 2012 11:54:12 AM

  5. I like the idea of the kiss in for the simple fact it will make the people who choose to eat at Chick-fil-A's across the country uncomfortable and that's a great thing.

    And to the people who are worried about backlash or what "Middle-American conservatives" think, newsflash, they don't like us. They go out of their way to send a message of how much they resent us, how little respect they have for us. This isn't the time to grovel for their acceptance. Now is the time to stand up for who we are and show society that we're here, we're not going anywhere, and we're going to stand tall in who we are. Period. There are way too many LGBT folk who are comfortable just conforming and not making noise. Those days have ended.

    Posted by: Francis | Aug 3, 2012 11:58:26 AM

  6. I don't think of myself as being particularly old, but I guess I am. I don't see how this helps our cause. But, more power to the youth for getting involved. Maybe this is like a toned down version of Act Up. You know, standing tall and demanding to be treated equally.

    As for my solution: Don't eat at Chick-fil-A. That's the best solution I think.

    Posted by: secret identity | Aug 3, 2012 12:02:32 PM

  7. If two guys kissing 'icks' them out, so be it. Good. GREAT! Maybe they can feel, for an instant, how the bigoted scum of the nation make everyone else feel 60-24-7-365. They need to get used to the fact that they will not be getting their way any longer, and the sooner they realize that, the easier it will be for all of us.

    Posted by: Tarc | Aug 3, 2012 12:07:17 PM

  8. personally, ive always hated these "kiss ins". they always seem to do them in "hostile" places and really dont seem to be effective at anything. Always looked like to me they bus in queers from SF to make people in say Salt Lake City uncomfortable. Just seems like an ineffective shock tactic to me. All it does is piss off people who are bigoted. It doesnt change any hearts and minds.(plus I really dont like seeing ANYONE engaging in intense PDA)

    Maybe a better option would be a "marry in" and have people get married in front of the stores. Or people could hold wedding receptions AT the chik fil a's. Or have them cater receptions.

    I agree with Pam on this one

    Posted by: Homo Genius | Aug 3, 2012 12:15:12 PM

  9. Pam Spaulding is an enemy of mine. I despise her blog and consider her and her staff Left Wing fascists. So it's quite astonishing for me to find myself in agreement with her! The kiss-in is a dumbass, tired protest strategy that belongs to the 1970s. It fails to convey our anger at institutional heterosexism, and THAT's what our enemies need to see.

    Posted by: Stuffed Animal | Aug 3, 2012 12:22:47 PM

  10. Most antigay propaganda comes from the antigay Christians.

    Posted by: Mike | Aug 3, 2012 12:49:48 PM

  11. "Employees at the Chick-fil-A restaurant in Torrance arrived to work Friday morning to find the building vandalized with graffiti that said "Taste of Hate." It was written in the same font as the chain's slogan and had a drawing of a cow holding a paint brush and bucket." (Copyright ©2012 KABC-TV/DT. All Rights Reserved.) Wow! That will score us some points in the courtroom of public opinion. NOT Gays might not have done this, but we'll get all the blame.

    Posted by: M. Scott Hernandez | Aug 3, 2012 1:14:46 PM

  12. Let me suggest something that might be more constructive. A "Gay Family Photo and Donation Day" where families with gay moms or dads each anounce their family, get their photo taken, and then hold up a replica of the check they just donated to Freedom to Marry or Marriage Equality USA. The emphasis is on "family" not sex, and not even love (the love would be implied.) Family photos seem harmless to people. And when folks see those kids with TWO parents they're apt to think "Well, at least these kids have two parents."

    There is nothing radical or untraditional about a family taking a photo. What can homophobes say - "Look at those two disgusting people taking a photo with their children!" ??? The more gay families appear as normal as other families, the sooner they'll be accepted by middle America.

    Posted by: Mary | Aug 3, 2012 1:17:56 PM

  13. This was about freedom of speech, I think if we fight words with words - especially quotes from the Bible to show what hypocrites these "Christians" are - by protesting outside of these businesses, it would serve us better. I believe gluttony is a sin especially towards all the obese people going into Chick-a-Fil-A.

    Posted by: KuMiCu | Aug 3, 2012 1:31:45 PM

  14. Kissing is not an emphasis on sex, it's an emphasis on love.

    Posted by: Zlick | Aug 3, 2012 1:50:41 PM

  15. I think the Kiss-In is a great response. We show love for each other in front of a company that donates millions of dollars to organizatios that hate us. It is not exactly the action I would have planned. The messaging has not been perfect. (The focus should have been focused more on the company's donations, not Mr. Cathy's opinions.) Also, the idea of it happening at 8pm EST was, perhaps, a timing mistake. (I think an all day event would have been better.)

    But, here is the bottom line for me: There were people who were willing to do something, and this was the thing they chose to do. The Kiss-In was an effective tactic in the 70s and it can be an effective tactic today. It will not change the mind of Cathy or other anti-gay folks, but it has helped shine a light on the company's donations to hate groups. And, it might cause some people of goodwill to research for themselves the connection between Chick-Fil-A and those hate groups.

    To everyone who is complaining that this is the wrong tactic, I wonder if you would have told the queer folks at Stonewall to just calm down and go with the police quietly because a riot is really the wrong tactic.

    Posted by: Steve Houldsworth | Aug 3, 2012 1:55:56 PM

  16. I am neither for or against this "kiss-in" but I do think this is keeping pressure on CFA and it's keeping the company in the spotlight on something they want to forget.

    Any pressure on this evil company will ultimately help to unseat the CEO.

    Posted by: Icebloo | Aug 3, 2012 2:01:19 PM


    Posted by: KURT QUINTON | Aug 3, 2012 2:08:02 PM

  18. of course! a group of people willing to wait hours in the scorching sun to buy a crappy sandwich are right on the cusp of fully accepting us, with only a kiss in separating hostility from acceptance with open arms. These people that use no logic or reason whatsoever in their day to day, their religious practices, and formation of their political opinions will certainly be swayed by a nice logical low key discussion.

    Seriously if it were that simple it would be a done deal. I see the kiss ins more as a message to the kids that are forced to live with awful homophobic family that we are here and we're not going to go anywhere just because

    For the people that think you have to "bus in people from SF" you are about as dumb as the christians...there are gays right here in the midwest (and in small towns no less) who have been fighting the good fight for years who will be happy to kiss in their local chick fil as. I guess you don't have to be christian to be ignorant....

    Posted by: maddM@ | Aug 3, 2012 2:32:58 PM

  19. On a totally unrelated topic, has anyone hear heard from the poster "Nullnaught"? Is he posting here under a different name? I've been trying to get in touch with him because something he told me in his last email indicated that he might be having health problems. Just trying to see if he's alright. He hasn't responded to my last 2 emails.

    Posted by: Mary | Aug 3, 2012 3:05:31 PM

  20. Public displays of affection have never been my favorite, especially "heavy" kissing like in the photo... Can I have that chicken filet with a side of goober and spit? UGH I think not. ;)

    Posted by: speedorex | Aug 3, 2012 4:21:52 PM

  21. @ENDO if I missed your point, it is only because you failed to articulate one. Whatever point you thought were making never quite made it explicitly on the page, which was not very bright of you.

    You write: "Comparing 2 guys in gym clothes kissing in front of a fast-food restaurant to Malcolm X is honestly one of the most idiotic things I have ever seen on this website(And that's saying a lot, Mary!)"

    Mary? Really?! What are you . . . 75 years old?

    Well ENDO even more idiotic is seeing something that was not there. I never compared the two hot guys kissing to Malcolm X. I am not going to repeat what I said . . . if you read it wrong the first time, it is likely that you will read it wrong the second time.

    What your posting inferred to me was that the kiss-in was contentious, and played into the hands of the right, perpetuating, or enforcing their arguments . . . which by the way is THEIR argument, and subjectively speaking is only meaningful to those who wish to give those arguments substance . . . which apparently you do and I DO NOT!

    I made no explicit comparisons of the two men kissing to Malcolm X, rather spoke quite generally that a movement gains momentum, not merely through peaceful means, such means espoused by Dr. Martin Luther King, (And you cannot get more peaceful than a kiss), nor solely by violent or militant means, as espoused by Malcolm X, but that the two, while seemingly disparate, can bring about eventual change.

    You are saying much more in this post than you did in your original post, and inferred from my reply much more than I actually said.

    But again you somehow have missed the central point of my reply is WHY are you so concerned with what the far right thinks, with what they say through the media? We know our reasons for boycotting Chick-Fil-A, and from everything I have read and seen, no one but you, and gays who care too much about what straight people think about them, and those who are determined to remain ignorant (nothing we can do about those poor souls) are confused about the reasons behind the boycott. Towleroad, Huffington Post, and a score of media outlets are cued into the fact that what has us miffed is the millions Dan Cathy, and people like him, are channeling into organizations intended to deny us our civil rights.

    Like I said: You are watching the wrong news programs, and reading the wrong papers and blogs.

    Posted by: Ricco | Aug 3, 2012 4:46:46 PM

  22. @MARKUS . . . you think the people in the background look bored?

    I think they look like that are trying to ignore something they are struggling to ignore, to looking like they are not bothered by something they are bother by?

    Posted by: Ricco | Aug 3, 2012 4:50:37 PM

  23. This is on par with gays clad in nothing but g-string thongs while dancing on floats at gay pride parades. Foolish way to express pride in one's sexual orientation.

    Posted by: ? | Aug 3, 2012 5:17:56 PM

  24. Whether they will help or hurt is not the point, the point is WE HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO KISS EACH OTHER IN PUBLIC AND SHOULD EXERCISE IT!

    Posted by: Max | Aug 3, 2012 5:56:19 PM

  25. They are a beautiful couple. Good for them!

    Posted by: Jordan | Aug 3, 2012 5:56:37 PM

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