1. Paul R says

    Kidman is using a similar accent and sleeping with a much younger man, which reminds of her role in To Die For.

    I’d watch this TV so that I could leave the room every time McConaughy came on screen.

  2. antisaint says

    I’d love to know the context of the “Little Shop of Horrors” moment without having to necessarily see the movie.

    I *kind of* like Nicole Kidman, but I usually spend my time picking apart her American accent when I see films with her in them. Perhaps it won’t be so bad with the southern touch?

    @ERIC – Well played

    @Paul – At least you know. 😛

  3. Contrarian says

    Although I’m hardly as old as the late Gore Vidal, you know you’re from an older crowd when all of these silly little emoticons you all use in your comments are inscrutable to me. Sort of like the internet version of pig Latin. Now you young ones will have to look up the meaning of pig Latin.

  4. Sam says

    This movie seems all over the place and the preview doesn’t help. Reckon the budget was tiny for this movie so it should make a profit at least.

    BTW, this isn’t a video game adaptation. According to wikipedia, it’s based on the novel, the paperboy.

  5. Stefan says

    John Cusack watched a little too much of Robert Mitchum in Cape Fear for his performance. Matthew McConaughey seems to be playing the same role he’s played in every movie except Contact. And whoever cut the trailer needs to figure out what the movie is actually about.

    Lukewarm mess, at best.

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