Towleroad Guide To The Tube #1189

NOT PRETTY: South African police open fire on striking mine workers.

LEND AN APPENDAGE: The next generation of robotic hand is here.

ALL HAIL: Presenting Yasushi, king of the capybara.

‘YOU REALIZE FROM YOUR FIRST STROKE': Vintage Gillette commercial.

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  1. vonlmo says

    Police have been using deadly force on OWS protestors all this, & last year, here in the USofA. That similar events occur elsewhere makes it so noteworthy? I guess it does due to the US media black out on domestic protests.

  2. james says

    The safety razor was a great innovation for men, freeing them from a straight edge razor and the barber shop. Giving them more time for, you know, manly pursuits, like talking about razor blades while fishing and camping.

    ‘Cause these guys are camping!

  3. Mike says

    Andrew is correct about the bloody pop ups. However, they are MUCH more then just annoying if you are on an iPad. Most of the time they throw a person off the Towleroad website!

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