1. says

    duh. we didn’t start the fire.

    there’s a world of bullies running to the teacher and saying “the whole fight started when the gay kid hit me back!”

  2. UFFDA says

    Brown should prepare himself to lose this war as we are younger, smarter and far less encumbered by nonsense than he and his. Thus it is wholly delicious.

  3. says

    I simply can’t take the outright lies of fanatical religious Christians who claim their hateful destructive statements are taken out of context. They are only repeating what their bible says as they understand it. And their bible is the law of America and therefore they have every right to demean, belittle, attack, harass homosexuals – who are of course, in their bible, sinners.

    This same argument was used against Jews, African Americans, Asians, Muslims, Indians, women and all minorities.

    We need to shut down Christianity in America and send it back to Vatican City.

  4. andrew says

    I don’t know anything about either of those gentlemen but I was not convinced that Brown is a hater. He is just a typical person who happens to believe that the bible is something other than what it is. The bible is a collection of books written thousands of years ago by primitives who believed ,as Jesus did, that diseases are caused by evil spirits and it is filled filled with myths, bloody made up history and riddled with contradictions. In my opinion, anyone who believes that the bible was inspired by the creator, if there is one, of the billion gallaxy universe needs to have their head examined.

  5. FunMe says

    That David Pacman is going to go far. He’s a great interviewer! He belongs on national TV in the future.

    Smarts with good looks … a winning combo!

  6. says

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