1. Josh says

    People are always so charming and rational in video pieces. Put this one out there. Great for the cause. Give this one the hard sell. Somebody’s due for a raise. Couldn’t have dreamed this one up.

  2. NVTodd says

    Where are all the posts from the clones that usually post how no Republican is to be trusted, that ALL Republicans are inherently evil, and how no Republican ever does anything to further the cause ?

  3. TruthSeeker_Too says

    Thanks, Per. You, your parents and family are doing great things. It isn’t easy being in the public eye, but it is a worthy cause. Here’s to marriage equality in Washington, Maine, Maryland (and a victory in Minnesota)!
    For the rest of Towleroad readers, if you haven’t given to these causes, do so today. They need money to air these videos. Even ten bucks will help.

  4. Kevin P says

    I think the ad will really resonate with non-fundamentalist, non-Tea Party people in more conservative areas of WA, even in suburban Seattle, especially people over 50. I’d like to see a similar ad with a Latino, African American or Asian American family, perhaps focused on a lesbian daughter and her partner.

    My only concern is that the part of the ad that mentions “vows” will be twisted by some to sound like gay marriage will be forced on churches. But I suppose people who’d be receptive to such misinformation are already firmly against gay marriage.

    I’m very hopeful about the passage of R-74.

  5. Jerry6 says

    Marriage! An arrangement between a man and a woman created by two men; one with a Son, and one with a daughter. Upon agreement of the terms,a ceremony was performed that bound the woman to the man to a lifetime of servitude with the wife having no rights, and the husband having all rights. Do not try to tell me that there is something sacred about Marriage.

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