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Sexy Band of Gay Boys Exposes Mitt Romney in Ab-tastic 'One Direction' Spoof: VIDEO


"Disclosure", a One Direction spoof by 'Wrong Direction', takes Mitt Romney to task for outsourcing, Bain Capital, flip-flopping, and avoiding Rachel Maddow, all while parading perfectly toned pecs and completing backflips into a pool.

Romney you lie to voters like no body else
Your SuperPAC giant size gets Dems overwhelmed
But when you smile at your wealth it ain't hard tell
You won't show
What you're hiding down below


Full Frontal Freedom is a coalition of independent artists and media folks using our creativity to promote civic engagement. The clip stars Colby Melvin, Quinn C. Jaxon, David Brackett, Brandon R. Brown, and Johnathan Myers.


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  1. I assumed that the rich white boy thing (grey goose, white shirts, ties) was a dig at Romney as well.

    Do you folks really think these are just rich white guys with a nice house who just happen to come up with the song? Really?

    They're not my type either -- neither is One Direction. But this is a parody of One Direction and Romney. Hello!

    Posted by: KevinVT | Aug 21, 2012 10:51:42 AM

  2. @Jason... Do some research. Bain, its investors and Romney all took their money off the top even from the companies that went bankrupt. They never lost a penny even when the company and its employees all lost everything. The companies took on debt in order to pay consulting fees Bain. Then they went bankrupt and defaulted on the debt.

    Posted by: ncman | Aug 21, 2012 10:54:33 AM

  3. @ Silvra: In 2010, approximately 30% of self-identified gay voters voted Republican. (Source: Politico) I would say that the 70% of gay voters who voted for Obama make up an overwhelming majority. Among voter groups, 2-to-1 is a very high number.

    Obviously, GOProud and Log Cabin Republicans exist. But, as I wrote, the gay vote is mostly Democratic.

    Posted by: gr8guya | Aug 21, 2012 11:46:46 AM

  4. I'm kind of split on this. No complaints about cute undressed boys who can sing (and Colin, the lead? Hammana hammana hammana BOING!), but I think even more statistics and facts at the expense of the general hotness might have been more effective. Still, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of info they packed into this (especially those oh-so-revealing quotes at the end).

    This election is going to be decided by a few thousand people in swing states--maybe the equivalent of a football stadium's worth (which, people forget, is all that swung the 2004 election in Ohio to re-electing George W.). If this hits just a few thousand 20-somethings--the most unmotivated and uninvolved demographic right now, despite their being largely pro-Obama--and helps get them to the polls to vote against Romney, I'm all for it.

    Posted by: Dback | Aug 21, 2012 11:50:47 AM

  5. gawd.. some of you are a bunch of bitches behind your computer screens. frick. get over yourselves.

    Posted by: NorthoftheBorder | Aug 21, 2012 11:52:50 AM

  6. Marcus Bachmann was all into that video! Hot!

    Posted by: Marcus b | Aug 21, 2012 12:01:10 PM

  7. Hahahaha.

    First of all, the first "Rick" comment in the thread was not from me, the real Rick.

    So now, assorted thoughts.

    Really nice-looking guys. I would "do" any of them in a heartbeat. As I was watching the vid, my gut told me, though, that they were NOT gay and I did not think the vid was all that "gay", either. And I guess my gut was right when it comes to at least one of the guys, given the comment above from Sam. If the others were gay, though, I was impressed that their "choreography" was at least not "queeny" and that they were taking an aggressive tone rather than a "victim" tone, for want of a better way to express it. Pretty attractive, actually.

    Second thought was what others have alluded to.....they are ridiculing Romney for being all about the rich, while they hang out at a pool that appears to be attached to a luxury home in southern California that must be worth millions...not very convincing....but then again, polls have shown that the very wealthy actually tend to be very socially liberal and most voted for Obama......and what are they supposed to do anyway....give away all their money to charity and live like paupers?

    Reading the comments, a lot of the negative remarks are just due to the hurt that so many gay men feel due to being left out of the "elite"--the young, beautiful, (yes, white) guys that everybody wants and that, yes, typically hang out only with each other and are contemptuous of anybody who is not as young and beautiful as they are (even though 20 years from now, when the youthful beauty that gives them their social status has faded--and the social status along with it, most of them will be basket cases).

    Oh well, life goes on.....

    Posted by: Rick | Aug 21, 2012 12:02:52 PM

  8. Lame.

    Posted by: Pepe Le Pew | Aug 21, 2012 12:04:09 PM

  9. this is just a bunch of LA whores (literally) with too much time on their hands. It's not that clever. they're just hot. Every guy in this video has done some sort of sex video too. As for the house, they probably just used the house from the previous night's trick to make the video.

    Posted by: ben | Aug 21, 2012 12:13:23 PM

  10. Hate from both sides, why would anyone want to be a gay American?

    Posted by: Blake | Aug 21, 2012 12:21:13 PM

  11. "gawd.. some of you are a bunch of bitches behind your computer screens. frick. get over yourselves"

    But only behind their computer screens. In person, they are really nice people. (LOL)

    Seriously, though, social status in gay male life is determined almost entirely by how young and beautiful you are, so what kind of comments do you expect when mostly not young and/or not beautiful people view a video in which a bunch of young, beautiful guys are having fun with each other at a "party" at which they (the viewers" know perfectly well they would not be welcome?

    Just human nature. I don't know that there is a solution to it. All people feel some resentment and hostility towards those they are jealous of for some reason.

    Posted by: Rick | Aug 21, 2012 12:31:18 PM

  12. Great video, I would think there would be less
    attention to swimwear, and more on the text of the video, as for those posting more gay republicans coming out ,GREAT this is america but vote for the right reasons and not because your a republican, and this guy is one NOT to vote for I'm from Massachusetts trust me , you don't want him, the video was great the only thing they missed was that they are having an elevator put in there new house in California for there CARS , and this man knows how the average middle class american struggles , I THINK NOT.

    Posted by: Dave | Aug 21, 2012 12:35:12 PM

  13. Rick,

    In LA it is even more complicated than you describe. These men do not have jobs. Another busload arrives here every week with no prospects... just the fanciful notion they'll be the next actor/model/dancer.

    And contrary to being shunned by them, I'm the guy they want to be next too. They want to live in my guest house and be supported while they pursue their dream.

    I would love to see bright young gay guys make a video like this. But not these whores who populate LA's fleshtrade. Why can't young gay accountants and lawyers and teachers and doctors and stockbrokers make videos like this?

    Posted by: ben | Aug 21, 2012 1:11:50 PM

  14. Winston, don't hate on your own community. You could easily make the case that a lot of people of ANY sexual persuasion wouldn't get it.

    Posted by: Tim | Aug 21, 2012 2:10:38 PM

  15. I LOVED it for the hot boys, the music, the dancing, AND the message! MORE!!

    Posted by: John Simpson | Aug 21, 2012 3:34:13 PM

  16. Yes, Tim. It's true for any group. I'm just saying we shouldn't assume that everyone in our community cares about things other than dork shorts and abs.

    Posted by: Winston | Aug 21, 2012 3:56:50 PM

  17. "I would love to see bright young gay guys make a video like this. But not these whores who populate LA's fleshtrade. Why can't young gay accountants and lawyers and teachers and doctors and stockbrokers make videos like this?"

    Er.....because they would lose their jobs/clients/customers/patients?

    Most people who are "out" and "political" either have nothing to lose by doing so or are so rich/famous/well-connected that they are untouchable.....and will benefit in some way by "outing" themselves.

    Rarely does it have anything to do with "courage" or the lack thereof......

    Posted by: Rick | Aug 21, 2012 4:06:11 PM

  18. And they had to be half naked because...?

    Posted by: Aladdin | Aug 21, 2012 5:26:52 PM

  19. Aren't all these guys Andrew Christian models? Quinn all the way!

    Posted by: marks | Aug 21, 2012 6:09:19 PM

  20. It's nice to see hot young men get political. And it's nice to see hot young men. What's not to like? More please.

    Posted by: i could go on, but I won't | Aug 21, 2012 7:01:22 PM

  21. Very cute, very hot. But I'd be interested to know what activists and artists actually did all the leg work writing the song and shooting the video. These guys are there for their looks, and that's not a bad thing

    Posted by: Mike C. | Aug 21, 2012 7:37:47 PM

  22. @ Jason:
    The companies purchased by Bain were not bankrupt or stagnant when purchased. That would have defeated the purpose. They bought companies that were doing well and had good credit ratings - that allowed Bain to get the company to take on enormous amounts of debt, generating a huge pile of cash. They would then have the company transfer that cash to Bain capital, and pay themselves and their investors with the borrowed money. After that, with a huge debt load, the company would declare bankruptcy, be liquidated to pay off the creditors, and Bain would walk away, leaving devastation in its wake. Then they would find another company to buy. Wash, rinse, repeat.
    Romney is not Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, not a legitimate businessman who's activities have improved society. He's basically an economic rapist. He's a man utterly devoid of moral conscience. God help this country if he is elected.

    Posted by: Chris | Aug 21, 2012 11:00:22 PM

  23. that would be "whose activities" - sorry, I got a little overheated writing that... :)

    Posted by: Chris | Aug 21, 2012 11:01:48 PM

  24. GREAT video. What more can a guy ask for than Eye Candy with an intelligent political message. AWESOME!!!

    Posted by: andrew | Aug 22, 2012 1:21:03 AM

  25. You know what is really gross? Jealous people!
    These guys are actually trying to get across an important message in a cute way and so many of you just want to hate. WHY?

    Now, onto people who clearly do not hate themselves and are not bitter and jaded...
    The video is super cute, very informative actually and a hell of a lot of fun.

    I feel bad for people who cannot enjoy anything b/c they are so green with envy that it creates hatefulness

    If you want other people to love our community, why don't you try loving each other first.

    Posted by: dannyday | Aug 22, 2012 9:30:01 AM

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