1. Steve says

    I saw this show in previews and it was fantastic! I (of course) loved every movie, even the one with Sista Knowles. With a “new” storyline (lets face it, your “crew” can only “throwdown” in so many different ways) I agree with PSUE that it is pro so many things, and celebrates all diversity. Plus give me a good cheer sequence and moving LCD screens and I’m good to go! ITS ALL HAPPENING!

  2. steven says

    We saw it in the pre-Broadway version in LA at the Ahmanson. We were impressed by the music, which was bubbly, also the inclusive message but more so the triple threat actors involved. Singers, dancers, acrobats/gymnasts/pro-cheerleaders. We applauded the cast more than anything else.

  3. WebHybrid says

    Really? Kidding, right?

    I saw it in SF with what appears to be the same cast. Third row seats. Fortunately I had not paid for them. Yawn.

    What disneyesque, witless, loud-louder-loudest, derivative drivel. Hard to believe anyone financed it.

    But yes, the precision ‘dancing’ (acrobatics, more accurately) was very well performed. Sadly, even this was of little or no interest after a few minutes.

  4. says

    I saw it in SF too and had the same experience as Steven. Yawn. It was cute. And bright. And the stage “design” was interesting. But there are only so many cheerleading moves to be done over and over. Impressive gymnastics yes, and some good arms for eye candy, but not enough to fill a show, nor enough drama nor comedy to sustain it. Very Disney matinee.

    I didn’t hate it at all. It was a pleasant show. But it wasn’t all that. And no tune stood out as a hit, and nothing stuck in your head on the way out.

    Maybe they did a lot of rework. The SF show was nowhere close to Broadway. Maybe there was tons of money.

  5. Deanster says

    I got half-price tickets to this and went with low expectations, but was really impressed. It is a simple story that may not lure Tony awards, but it is done with a lot of wit, charm, and *energy*. That the overall message was about inclusiveness & diversity was a delightful bonus. I agree, well worth seeing!

  6. alex says

    Perhaps my cynicism is showing, but I instantly questioned this “rave” review when I read that line that the libretto was written by a friend. And, that commercial didn’t help. The stunts looked fun but the song consisted of repeating “Let’s go” and “We gotta go” over and over. Those lines seemed to be rhymed with the phrase “Whoa”.

  7. Tom says

    Saw it in Los Angeles. I didn’t enjoy it overall. The acrobatics were amazing and the cast tried hard, but the story was all over the place. It got boring. It was almost like the creators hoped the dance numbers would distract from the poor story. Although to be fair, it might have changed on the way to Broadway.

  8. redball says

    wow i LOVE that song. it has a great hook.

    it also has some STRONG similarities to what is arguably the best and most popular (as well as my fave) song from “rent”: “525,600 minutes.”

    both songs have that expansive, epic feel to them that makes your chest swell with emotion & empathy and gets you singing along.

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