1. Homo Genius says

    Hopefully this is real. Which is kind of sad to have to say.

    My money is on some students rather than people in the community “attacking” her. She’s a coach and sorry but high school coaches are the biggest assholes and its likely she just pissed of the wrong teen. But lets get the FBI involved and make it into something way bigger than it is.

  2. Craig says

    SLO City is an odd mix of hippies and rednecks in a fairly liberal college town. SLO County overall is fairly conservative. While they voted for Obama in ’08, it was the only central/north coast county to vote in favor of Prop 8.

  3. Bob says

    These anti-gay attacks are coming from the Anonymous Christians who as we all know are the ones behind working hard and spending millions to attack and stop gay marriage LGBT people. There is your tip FBI who by the way are also Christians and some are also anti-gay, so send me my money. She is doing the right thing by standing up to these evil and hateful people by not letting them scare her away. After all most of these anti-gay Christians are mentally ill and mostly just say homophobic things to upset and harass and bully gays. That is all they can do call you names and follow you around and vandalize your property, do report the attacks as you are protected under the law. Don’t forget that some of these people working in the police are also anti-gay Christians, so if you meet one report them or go to their superior officers and make another report to get heard or video tape them all, they do not like it when you expose their insane hate crimes as it takes power away from their trying to frighten you and make you leave an area. Also learn how to defend yourself as the war on gays is only getting started and we need to be ready for any and everything they throw at us. God is on our side, as God made us all equal and now we must demand we get our equal and Civil Rights the same as all oppressed people have in American.

  4. Caliban says

    Ted_In_Dallas, I’m really not getting that vibd here. Not that it isn’t a possibility, but I don’t think the FBI would be involved if it already hadn’t been investigated enough to determine the crime was real.

    In the case in Nebraska several weeks back there were several suspicious things. A physical attack that didn’t do any real damage (she was treated and released very quickly), a fire that didn’t catch and burn anything, “graffiti” in the basement instead of the main part of the house AND was too neatly done, not scrawled quickly or in anger.

    Most “pity me” fake crimes don’t do much actual damage. “Anonymous” letters or words on a dorm door, etc. As with the girl who was “attacked by an Obama supporter” or the Nebraska case, words that were scratched on the body but don’t really wound, that need little medical treatment and will heal easily.

    Here you have ALL the tires slashed, the car scraped with something sharp, spray paint all over it. Probably a thousand or more dollars in damage repair. Then there’s the damage at the school, which would be far harder for her to pull off than graffiti at her own home.

    I have to admit I groaned when I saw she worked at a Catholic school. Based on the report it sounds like they support her and it’s a fairly liberal school, but with all the anti-gay stuff coming from all levels of the church hierarchy this could be a student, a parent, just about anyone.

  5. millerbeach says

    Another black mark for the Catholic Church…how sad, the church I have loved for so long, has become an institution of hate. It’s just not my church anymore…I no longer recognize it. Very sad. Move on, Bailey. Don’t look back and move on. I’ve had it happen to me, and that’s the best advice I can give. You are in my prayers, Bailey. I know that sting. Stay strong and move on.

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