Barney Frank Hits Gay Republicans: ‘Their Role Model is Uncle Tom’

Adds Cooper:

"We never accepted the ban on open service – it was a federal court case brought by Log Cabin Republicans that declared the law unconstitutional, and our direct lobbying efforts in Capitol Hill that secured the necessary Republican votes for repeal. Barney Frank and President Obama didn't ask for Senator Susan Collins's leadership, and they never asked for Republican votes. Log Cabin did….Log Cabin fights every day for equal opportunity and nondiscrimination in the workplace – a victory that Democrats delayed by refusing to bring ENDA to a vote when they had the chance and by dismissing the support of conservatives like Congressman Paul Ryan. We had the needed Republican votes to pass ENDA. Barney Frank and his liberal allies chose not to, out of political calculation and cowardice.
"Finally, it is simply ridiculous to pretend that Log Cabin Republicans haven't spoken out about the freedom to marry. Between the full page pro-marriage equality ad we ran in the Tampa Tribune, the Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry brunch we hosted for Republican National Convention attendees, and our visible and vocal presence at the platform deliberations, our work at the Republican National Convention highlighted marriage as a priority, and our record on this issue is undeniable. Barney conveniently forgets that it was at a Log Cabin Republicans event where Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen became the first Republican to cosponsor the repeal of DOMA, and that it was a promise made to the Log Cabin Republicans of New York that made possible the vote in a GOP-led state senate for marriage in the Empire State.
"It has not been the Republican National Committee trying to silence Log Cabin – our voice is indeed welcome within our party, and while we may not win every debate, we are secure in our place at the table. Gay liberals like Barney, however, are trying to silence us, calling us names and ganging up like schoolyard bullies. It doesn't matter. While Barney bashes his fellow LGBT Americans, we'll continue our work building a stronger, more inclusive GOP – and someday soon, we'll win, because inclusion always wins."

We'll be carrying a livestream of Barney Frank's speech tonight – and post the livestream when the DNC gavels in at 5 pm.


  1. Mykelb says

    Admit it Cooper, the Republican Party HATES YOUR GUTS AND WANTS YOU AND every LGBT dead. Why don’t you accept that fact and stop abetting their atrocities against us?

  2. Randy says

    Cooper is right, in terms of what Log Cabin has done, but I think even they recognize that the Republicans have gone off the deep end.

    GOProud on the other hand are the Uncle Toms. What have they ever done that was good for anyone?

  3. rjp3 says

    OS2guy…no GOPROUD are the biggest embarassment…and in general just elitist selfish and all around the bottom of the monied barrel. This nobody from LCR just said some real dumb thinks about an LGBT HERO…typical.

  4. says


    Here’s the thing – gay republicans are the reason republicans don’t support LGBT Equality.

    those gay republicans are the “gay friends” anti-gay republicans always claim to have. this is why they dont’ support equality. those pathetic cowardly doormat homosexuals make it clear they’re not deserving of equality.

    then when they complain about Liberals? uh…we liberals are surrounded by non-gay liberal allies who support us.

    to get all Dr. Phil, hey gay republicans, how’s your way working out for you so far, huh?

    it aint. clearly.

    your party puts out ads promoting anti-gay prejudice. you still align yourself with them..

    this is why you guys aren’t accepted. not because you’re gay, but because you’re completely spineless wimps about it.

    i’ve never understood the delusion these boys live in. yeah. i’m a liberal. and all my liberal straight friends not only support Equality for LGBT people but they REFUSE to vote and support those that are AGAINST it.

    the perks of being a liberal, eh?

  5. says

    and just remember: GOProud exists to save their own @sses. it’s a group of moneyed white boys from anti-gay (and RACIST) families. These boys dont’ Come Out, either. They get BUSTED. FOUND OUT.

    and to save face, or so they think, they have to swing hard to the right, neutering themselves for tolerance

    again, this aint a problem we gay liberals have to deal with.

  6. Jack says

    I vote Libertarian to avoid the moral quandary of giving my vote to either Republican or Democratic hacks.

    I may agree with the Democrats on gay issues, but that’s not enough to get my vote. Sorry Barney, but your legacy involves much more than gay issues. It involves mismanagement of this country in other areas, and history won’t be kind to you.

  7. ? says

    Bawney Fwank? What an absolute joke he is. He is truly an embarrassment to the gay community.

    It’s funny just how truly ignorant many of the queens who frequent this site are. They have this idea that only a handful of gays & lesbians vote Republican, when in reality, John McCain received 27% of the gay vote. A staggering percentage which is bound to be even higher for Mitt Romney this year.

  8. Jack says


    Many of the queens on this site are incredibly closed-minded. To them, if you disagree with any of the Democratic platform, you are automatically a bad person. They just don’t understand how anyone could not believe any of the things that they do.

  9. Mary says

    Isn’t this hilarious? Barney Frank meet Little Kiwi. Little Kiwi meet Barney Frank!

    But seriously, it probably is GOOD that Barney Frank and Clarke Cooper are having this out publicly. Let people see that the gay population has a diversity of opinions, not just about political issues, but about how to achieve equality. Yet Barney Frank’s views are totally understandable and I don’t blame him for the way he feels.

    Isn’t Log Cabin the closest thing the Republicans have to a PFLAG group? Pro-gay Republicans (who needn’t be gay themselves) can meet each other and at least share the company of the like-minded. No matter how long it takes, change always has to start somewhere. I personally benefit from the existence of this group. It enables me to be pro-gay and a Republican at the same time.

    I’ll duck now before the tomatoes start flying…..

  10. Steve says

    It’s easy to be against rights for yourself when you are a rich fat cat Republican and don’t have to worry about anything. They can easily pay for all the healthcare they want.

  11. PAUL B. says

    I won’t even read cooper’s comments…he’s pathetic and self-loathing.
    Mary…I love my heirloom tomatoes..won’t waste even a rotten one. Pro-gay & republican?
    Like a warm & fuzzy serial killer…not possible.

  12. PAUL B. says

    A diversity of opinion? Yes, I believe murder is perfectly acceptable behavior…so I’m a diverse gay. Welcome aboard diverse gays…join the club with 5 self-loathing faggots and consider that diversity. Not for one second.

  13. Mary says

    Paul B, people who oppose gay equality are not in a league with serial killers. Even if we accept the idea that they are on the wrong side of history (and I do accept it now) this isn’t the same thing as what serial killers do – which is to violate laws and norms that are already in existence. Gay marriage is legal in only 6 states in the U.S. I’m 51 and was past the age of 40 before it became legal in even ONE state. As of now it has yet to be approved by the voters in ANY state. You’re jumping the gun here. Gay rights isn’t helped by activists operating as if everything the American people believed before yesterday morning at 10 o’clock is now a sign of being perverse or anti-social.

    I understtand your frustration, but try to view things historically. No one ever said fighting for justice is easy. You needn’t belong to groups like LCR if you don’t want to.

  14. Esperando says

    I think Frank’s criticisms would have been far more apt if they had been directed at GOProud. The LCR actually has carried on a fight for gay rights from the right side of the aisle, whereas all GOProud does is name Ann Coulter their spokesdiva to reward her for calling John Edwards a f@ggot on national television, and make half-assed pleas not to pursue an FMA for now (that they know will go nowhere). Meanwhile, it was LCR that pushed the court cases through that put pressure on congress to repeal DOMA; we liberals just didn’t seem to care enough about military service to make a full-court press against one of the most invidious examples of institutionalized discrimination against LGBT citizens by their own government. Also, remember their glowing endorsement of Mitt Romney? Neither do I, because they’ve refused to do so as a direct result of his signing NOM’s pledge. GOProud was more than willing to give Romney cover with a completely uncritical endorsement, however. I guess not only calling for a Federal amendment to the constitution, but promising to lead a witch-hunt against gay rights activists to promote “religious liberty,” was too much for even the LCR to stomach, and you have to give them credit for sticking to their principles, even if it has cost them some access and influence within the GOP. I don’t understand gay Republicans (I am a lifelong registered Democrat, for the record), but I am grateful to the LCR for putting up with the vitriol of the GOP to advocate pro-gay policies internally. In their place, I don’t think I could restrain myself from knocking some bigoted jackass’s teeth down his throat (I’m looking at you, Santorum).

  15. Markus says

    Chance of rain tonight at B of A Stadium: revised to O%.
    Chance of hilarity with Droolin’ Joe speakin’ indoors: 110%

    And my sides still hurt from Fauxchohontis Warren.

  16. antb says

    Jack, it isn’t that if you disagree with any part of the Democratic platform you are a bad person.

    It’s that if you actually support the Republican platform – which will repeal the DADT repeal, supports a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, etc etc etc – then you are not just a bad person you are a self-hating idiot who supports ideas that are in every way opposed to your own interests.

    The LCR is the institutional embodiment of that self-loathing, and entirely deserving of the Uncle Tom tag. They are for those who are against them, and who would rather see them disappeared or dead than alive. And no, that is not hyperbole, that’s the fact of the matter. The GOP hates us, they really really do. And the LCR loves the GOP.

  17. says

    people who don’t support Equality are indeed in a league with murderers because they’re the ones contributing to a culture that keeps people being too scared to Come Out, the youth LGBT suicide rate, and any and al LGBT hate crimes.

    against equality? congrats. you have blood on your hands.

  18. Jack M says

    Cooper is a plain idiot who should thank Barney Frank for being a pioneer for gay and lesbian rights in America. Without him, Cooper wouldn’t even get his name in the paper. Barney was right – the LCRs are a bunch of Uncle Toms.

  19. TampaZeke says

    Neither Frank’s comment nor Cooper’s response is good for the gay community or for political debate. Both resorted to broad brush stereotypes and mindless partisan political jabs. Frank lumping LCR in with GOProud is offensive and ignorant and Cooper calling Frank a “partisan political hack” is the definition of the pot calling the kettle black. Besides, once anyone uses the term “Democrat Party” they lose credibility with me and I stop taking them seriously. Had Cooper responded without getting down into the mud with Frank I would have completely supported him even though I’m a dyed in the wool Democrat.

    I’d like for BOTH of them to give us just one moment where they STFU!

  20. Disgusted American says

    Admit it Cooper, the Republican Party HATES YOUR GUTS AND WANTS YOU AND every LGBT dead. Why don’t you accept that fact and stop abetting their atrocities against us?

    Posted by: Mykelb | Sep 6, 2012 1:59:09 PM

    AGREE 100% !!!!!!

  21. MikeH says

    The facts speak for themselves. Read the platforms of the 2012 DNC and RNC. The DNC embraces marriage equality, the RNC wants a constitution amendment to ban it. The DEMs are for women’s choice – the GOP wants to ban it. Clearly LCR and GOProud on balance don’t believe these things are more important than what the GOP is peddling. I don’t understand it at all. My values are completely different. I view the GOP as a bunch of cynical selfish people who only care about money. In order to win at the polls they have recruited a bunch of deluded religious zealots who are also led by cynical wealthy selfish people (Ralph Reed, Pat Robinson, FRC, etc.). It’s all about accumulation of wealth to them.

    This all reminds me of a quote near the end of the movie Fargo… “So that was Mrs. Lundegaard on the floor in there. And I guess that was your accomplice in the wood chipper. And those three people in Brainerd. And for what? For a little bit of money. There’s more to life than a little money, you know. Don’tcha know that? And here ya are, and it’s a beautiful day. Well. I just don’t understand it.”

    I don’t understand it either… the GOP wants to destroy the social safety net and use that money for upper income tax breaks…they throw gays and minorities under the bus… not because they hate us… but because they think it will get them a few more votes so they can win. They act so religious, but they aren’t. They are Judas selling out Jesus for a few pieces of silver…

  22. says

    Jack, the portions of the Republican platform that touch on us gay folks was written by Tony Perkins. Members of his Family Research Council have called for the imprisonment, execution and deportation of gay people.

    I guess I will never be greedy enough, racist enough, or religious enough to be a member of the LCR or GOProud. Thankfully.

  23. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Trash and mock Barney Frank all you want, but neither Cooper nor anyone here has rebutted this from Frank:

    “For 20 years now I’ve heard how the Log Cabins are going to make Republicans better, but they’ve only gotten worse”.

  24. Jack says


    “I view the GOP as a bunch of cynical selfish people who only care about money.”

    Do you realize that this is every bit as wrong and inaccurate as people who say “I view the Democrats as a bunch of Communists?”

  25. PAUL B. says

    Thanks Kiwi…you’re brilliant !!!
    Mary…when you’ve spent your whole life being made to feel less than human because of the way you were made…we’ll talk. No, I don’t feel that way anymore…no thanks to the repubs who would rather see me dead. Yes, I equate them to murderers because they were there and they incited… and continue to incite… hate, murder and suicide. Why would anyone attach their name to repubicans unless they supported that somewhere in their hearts?
    Still don’t get it Mary dear? Why don’t you paint your skin black and head over to your nearest country club, spend 40 years there…then we’ll talk about hate and frustration.

  26. EchtKultig says

    I kind of agree with TampaZeke. I don’t know if Michael asked a question about them or if Barney brought them up on his own – but GOProud is better ignored and left out of the spot light whenever possible. Since they have no actual power in the Republican party and never will, being attention-seeking, petulant little children is all they can really do that’s even remotely substantive.

    Good to see all the paid Republican trolls here though. We wouldn’t want them going hungry or something. Particularly like the one who just goes by “?”. That’s pretty much what’s filling your brain and constituting your identity if you are a gay Republican. Dehumanization reducing a human soul to punctuation mark. Very Republican, indeed. “I am the other, and I am not a life” – to paraphrase Jesus.

  27. says

    GOProud members should refrain from marrying, too. I mean, they don’t work for marriage equality, at all, they don’t care enough to make equality a priority when voting….they complain about liberals, they complain about democrats, and then enjoy the hard work done by BOTH, without lifting a finger.

    w i m p s.

  28. DannyEastVillage says

    Log Cabin Republican Executive Director R. Clarke Cooper hit back at Frank in an email, calling the Congressman a “partisan hack” who is “unwilling to do” the “hardest work” for the LGBT rights movement.

    You damn fool: Barney Frank ALREADY DID the “hardest work” – and he did it a generation ago when you were still cowering in your closet. What a friggin’ loser.

  29. says

    “Barney Frank ……undermining efforts at bipartisanship that would improve LGBT lives……”

    Ha ha ha.
    ‘What a lovely poem,’ said Alice.
    ‘But what does it mean?’

    I think I must have stepped into that alternative universe that Bill Clinton was talking about last night.
    Are these gay Republicans all self-delusional ?
    Have they no sense of dignity and integrity ?

  30. EchtKultig says

    Wow…veritable troll fest today. You guys are busy. Both of the things you mention were bills from a Republican controlled congress signed by Bill Clinton. Last night on MSNBC (of course you watch Fox) they were talking about how Clinton made these dangerous and long-lasting political triangulations with Republicans. Obama hasn’t, and he’s fixed at least one of them, permanently. Unless Romney is elected.

    I really don’t know why you trolls are here. I think the % of gay people who are “impressionable” is quite small, and especially at this site. The evil queens who vote Republicans to protect their trust funds or inheritance do so because they HAVE a trust fund to protect…you being here isn’t going magically give every gay person a trust fund and cause them to vote Republican. You’d be better off haunting a place on the internet with a less informed and intelligent readership, like the yahoo comments section, or Facebook. Please go away and stop wasting our time here.

  31. says

    i like when cowardly anonymous republican homosexuals like to pretend that DOMA and DADT were done “by democrats” and not done as a response to the even-worse bigotry being promoted and encouraged by the GOP at the time 😀

    DADT was a response to the GOP’s cries for an all-out witchhunting BAN on LGBT people.

    incidentally, DADT was signed into law the year after Canada made it legal for LGBT citizens to serve OPENLY in the military. and it was done by the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party. Who was a woman. :)

  32. Jeff says

    I am as puzzled as most as to why any LGBT person can support the Republican party. But, we must give credit where credit is due. It was the Log Cabin group that successfully sued the US to end DADT – which undoubtedly hastened the ultimate fall of DADT. Also, the fact that the LGBT people are not a completely monolithic voting block helps to ensure that the Democrats have to pay attention to our issues and must work for our support. So, I am glad that they are here. They do far more for LGBT people than those of us that are complacent and inactive. I could not be one of them, but, I am still glad they exist.

  33. BobN says

    The idea that the few GOP pols who vote for gay rights do so because of the influence of Log Cabin Republicans is absurd. I’m sure those pols appreciate that someone IN the party supports their votes, but they vote pro-gay because they come from states with huge liberal populations where liberals have pushed gay civil rights into the mainstream.

    As for Cooper’s claims about ENDA, who were those votes he supposedly had lined up?

  34. Cocoa says


    Always so many people arguing on the site these days…. I suppose to settle something, communication is needed, but we’re not making any progress at this rate.

    Personally, I hate politics period. Makes for horrible discussions and drives many people to things they would not do otherwise. I believe one thing we can all mostly agree on (You know, those of us who don’t come here to raise some ire) is that the LGBT is tired of being placed behind other issues and on the back burner.

    It is never the wrong time to fight for one’s rights, no?

  35. EchtKultig says

    Actually, the logic is quite sound. So-called gay republicans don’t give a damn about equality, or they wouldn’t BE gay republicans. This site concerns itself with issues of gay equality. Thus, the fact you’re here doesn’t make sense. Shouldn’t you be off making money somewhere – being one of Ayn Rand’s superhero capitalists? In a larger philosophical frame, to argue against one’s own rights is some kind of Zen trollery. It really doesn’t matter if you’re being paid monies, you’re being used as a tool to sell your own soul.

    But I admit, it’s partly just one of those mean-spirited rhetorical devices. You know, kind of like calling Obama a Kenyan, communist, drug-addicted affirmative-action beneficiary, as you Republicans are fond of doing!

  36. EchtKultig says

    Cocoa you can hate politics all you want but that isn’t going to make it go away.
    If Romney is elected you can almost certainly kiss goodbye to:
    the DADT repeal
    legalized gay marriage ANYWHERE in the US
    any laws protecting gay housing, employment or adoption rights
    the Lawrence vs. Texas decision that “allows” you to have non-heterosexual sex at all

  37. Rick says

    Excellent response from the Log Cabin Republicans to Barney Frank, who, like many highly partisan gay liberals, simply cannot control his woman-like hysteria in many instances in order to see the forest rather than the trees.

    The honest truth is that many gay liberals place the interests of the Democratic Party and the political Left ahead of the interests of gay people…..and they would rather see what we have now–a polarized country in which Democrats benefit from their stance on gay issues but we as a group make little progress on either the legislative or cultural front because of that polarization……they would prefer that to a situation in which the overall culture and political mindset of the country changed so as to eliminate homophobia altogether, which would necessarily mean that they would lose their advantage to a great extent among gay voters, a majority of whom are white males–often affluent–and therefore more natural constituents of the Republican Party than the Democratic Party.

    Cooper is absolutely right that the only way we will achieve consensus on gay rights and the only way we will eradicate homophobia will be to change the views of the more conservative elements of the population…..and some success is occurring in that regard, success that would be impossible if all gay people were ghettoized in the Far Left wing of the Democratic Party.

    You don’t achieve sweeping change with only half the population on your side…..any half-way rational and intelligent person should be able to see that……and it was not long ago that many liberals and moderates had the same views about gay people that conservatives still do today.

    That only changed because they were engaged and conservatives will only change if they are engaged,……which the LCR is doing and deserves enormous credit for.

    Sad that the Far Left automatons either are too stupid to see that or see it and don’t care, being willing to sacrifice real progress for the electoral intersts of a single political party. But not surprising, as they are no more rational than the automatons of the Far Right, whose MO they mirror.

  38. BobN says

    Yes, Rick, and one need only look at the equal division between Dem and GOP found in the black community to understand how it became possible for this country to elect a black man as president…

  39. Rick says

    “You damn fool: Barney Frank ALREADY DID the “hardest work” – and he did it a generation ago when you were still cowering in your closet”

    No, Barney Frank was himself “cowering in the closet” a generation ago, as were virtually all gay Democrats as well as Republicans.

    He only stopped “cowering in the closet” when he was found to be propositioning barely legal page boys on the floor of the House and reprimanded for it. So much for “courage” on his part.

    And you know what? The vast majority of gay Democrats remain in the closet today, just like the majority of gay Republicans do….unless you believe that there are only 3 gay men in the entire Congresss, soon to be only 2 with Frank’s pending retirement, one of whom represents the college town of Boulder, Colorado, perhaps the most liberal jurisdiction in the entire country, even including Berkeley (gee what “courage” it takes to be out in Boulder)..

  40. Rick says

    By the way, if you want to see “womanlike-hysteria” you should see how excited I get when my dad takes his teeth out and blows me.

    I squeal like a schoolgirl at a Bieber concert.

    Btw, I’m also cowering in the closet. My balls haven’t dropped yet. But it’s not my fault.

    Do you pathetic liberal queens have ANY IDEA how hard it is to be the only man in America suffering from penis envy!!?

  41. Jack says

    @Paul B.:

    What an atrocious thing to say, particularly for one who likes to claim how the Republicans cause suicides and the like. You’re no better than them…you want to see everyone who thinks differently than you dead.


  42. EchtKultig says

    Basically yes, but the issue is there’s a big gulf between professional advocacy and merely voting. If you advocate for a party that includes state platforms saying you not sound to adopt children, please explain to me how that IS caring about equality!? And of course, we know that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Romney’s “church” led the national support for Prop 8, and he personally donated 10K to the cause…he’s more anti-gay than the Bushes or Reagan.

  43. Jack says


    The Republican platform is about a whole lot more than just gays. Say a person believes in 85% of the Republican platform, but ONLY agrees with the Dems on gay marriage. Are you honestly suggesting that he’d be better off (from HIS perspective, not yours) adopting the Dems and trying to change 99% of their platform, instead of agreeing with 85% of the Republican ideals and trying to change the 15%?

    Which is more Sisyphean? The answer seems somewhat obvious to me: they both are. That’s why I don’t give either party the time of day.

  44. BobN says

    “He only stopped “cowering in the closet” when he was found to be propositioning barely legal page boys on the floor of the House and reprimanded for it. So much for “courage” on his part.”

    You’re mixing up your GOP talking points and confusing Frank with someone else.

  45. EchtKultig says

    “Democrats benefit from their stance on gay issues but we as a group make little progress on either the legislative or cultural front because of that polarization”

    Rick, do you sometimes feel like you’re talking to a brick wall in an empty room? This is so easily disprovable – I’ve had more complex arguments with 9 year olds. It was Obama and the congressional democrats who passed the DADT repeal, which as other pointed out, was itself a compromise to stop a total right-wing witch hunt against gays in the military. Since you’re soooooooo concerned with gay men being perceived as “real men” who are masculine, you should realize that the Democrats have about 100X as much concern for you as Republicans do. Being out in the military will go a long way to convincing Die Volk that gay men can be valorous. But go ahead, keep on living in a dream world if that’s what makes you feel good.

  46. Rick says

    “Yes, Rick, and one need only look at the equal division between Dem and GOP found in the black community to understand how it became possible for this country to elect a black man as president…”

    Go back and look at the historical votes on civil rights legislation, BOBN, and you will find that all those bills only passed because they had bi-partisan support. Republicans were often the leaders in championing such legislation. Without that kind of bi-partisan consensus, progress would not have been made on civil rights legislation.

    Since then, the ghettoization of blacks in the Democratic Party has actually been one of the reasons the Republican Party has been able to thrive despite the fact that its policies really do not represent the economic interests of the middle class, but rather those of the top 1%. The consensus on civil rights that emerged in the 60’s and 70’s disappeared when the Democratic Party adopted extremist positions on race that were basically anti-white male….and that pandering to blacks has led to much of the polarization you see in the electorate today.

    White males left the Democratic Party in droves to the point where Obama will probably not get even 25% of the vote among them in this election.

    And despite progress on civil rights and the election of a black President, the country is arguably more racially polarized than it has ever been.

    So, no thank you to that scenario for me. I want gay people to be part of the mainstream, not permanently isolated in the political ghetto with half the population eternally hostile to us.

    And if you do want that, then you are just not very bright, I am afraid.

  47. Rick says

    Shut up, : ECHTKULTIG , just SHUT UP!.

    Black ands liberals are obsessed with female divas and they’re the reason my dad thought I wanted to be a drag queen when I told him I wanted to perform oral sex on him. I just wanted to dress like a real manly man while I did it, but he forced me to wear girls clothes and wear blackface while I did it because of you stupid liberals who love Donna Summer and Diana Ross.

    And I’ll never get over it.

  48. says

    Oh shut up, all of you! My father and a priest molested me as a boy and then tossed me out for being a fairy, and I am so insecure about it that now I have to project my own issues by mocking other people and claiming that their dads hate them and molested them.

    And I’m so narcissistic that I think the fact that I have a blog with my identity makes my internet comments more legitimate. Anyone who disagrees with me is a self-loathing stupid American! Because I’m right and Canada RULES, eh?

  49. Rick says

    “It was Obama and the congressional democrats who passed the DADT repeal”,

    No, DADT repeal was only possible because of BI-PARTISAN support in the Senate. If the 8 Republicans who decided to vote for it had decided not to do so instead, DADT would still be in place. In fact, the bill that finally passed was authored by a Republican, Susan Collins….along with an Independent, Joseph Lieberman.

    Likewise, the bill to legalize same-sex marriage in New York State would have failed without the Republicans who voted for it.

    Proves my whole point.

    If you have only Democrats supporting you, you will ALWAYS fail. ENDA will NEVER pass without significant Republican support and neither will any other gay-related legislation of any consequence, whatsoever.

    So your attempts to ghettoize gay people in the Democratic Party are and always will be nothing but self-defeating.

  50. PAUL B. says

    @Jack…no, not everyone that thinks differently…just some. Sorry it offends your sensitive nature…but it’s not like we haven’t been dealing with it for a decades. Don’t like my opinion…oh well !

  51. Rick says

    And yes, LittleKiwi, Canada does rule. But you’re mistaken, people aren’t cowardly idiots for disagreeing, they’re cowardly idiots for making intellectually dishonest non-arguments and making them from a place of anonymity.

    Learn that you little queen.

  52. Jack says

    @Paul B.:

    You’re free to disagree. I’m free to think you’re an absolute creep though, and I do. I wouldn’t shed one drop of MY blood for the freedom of someone like you.

    The hated becomes the hater, happens far too often, and the fact that you aren’t developed enough to realize that it’s exactly what is happening to you is frightening. The extinction of humanity can’t come soon enough.

  53. EchtKultig says

    Yeah, Jack, tttssscchhhh you know vhat? I won this one. Fine, the Republican platform has 85% other things…vote for them and you can support those things and vote against your rights IN PRIVATE. If you’re life and career are built on supporting them, you’re doing the opposite of caring about gay equality, because everything about the Republican platform is anti-equality. Therefore one is publicly advocating against one’s own rights. Which, if nothing else looks stupid, and defeats any legitimacy you might otherwise have.
    If rich gays want to form some “small government advocacy” group…fine. Until the Republican platform is less anti-gay, that’s the only respectable option. (which, btw, government debt NEVER shrinks under modern Republicans…they are always promising it, and never delivering. And we all know that 75% of Repub. are more anti-gay than their platform. Yes, 25% of Democrats might be more anti-gay than THEIR platform…but their platform is a world apart!)

    Remember, you can’t be against something and for something at the same time – unless you’re Romney! (

    Ok…this troll slayer needs a break…later.

  54. Jack says


    You’ve won nothing. I am still waiting for an explanation as to how every single part of the GOP platform revolves around the gays.

    Calling someone a troll because they disagree with you? How clever, I’ve never seen that done before!

    As I’ve said countless times, I vote Libertarian. I do so because it comports with my beliefs better than either party, but I won’t lie: I certainly do get a measure of satisfaction out of spiting people like you who can’t deal with the fact that people don’t agree with them about everything in any way other than personal attacks.

    Gary Johnson: More pro-equality than YOUR candidate.

  55. EchtKultig says

    So, Rick, 85% of Democrats were supporting a gay rights measure, while 15% of Republicans in liberal districts were supporting the same. And yet – the Democrats are the problem. Yeah, I think I get that!
    (you can find plenty of tea party rhetoric on the nets that Olympia Snowe shouldn’t even be called a Republican. She seems to agree!

  56. BobN says

    “the country is arguably more racially polarized than it has ever been.”

    What a ridiculous opinion. Are you 12 years old?

    You’re right that there was bipartisan support for civil rights for blacks among Republicans, but that was back when there were liberal Republicans. Conservatives, by and large, Dem and GOP, were never on board when it came to racial issues.

    And there was some bipartisan support for gay rights, too, in the 70s. Then along came Anita Bryant and the easy GOP path to victory through division along racial and sexual-orientation issues. The Southern Strategy worked and it’s a badge of shame that the GOP will wear for a century. The GOP had a choice: either adapt and create a real, modern conservative party OR retrench and rely on people’s prejudices to maintain power. They chose the latter. Not something to be proud of.

  57. Rick says

    “So, Rick, 85% of Democrats were supporting a gay rights measure, while 15% of Republicans in liberal districts were supporting the same. And yet – the Democrats are the problem. Yeah, I think I get that!”

    I did not say “Democrats are the problem.” I said gay liberals who want to ghettoize gay people in one single political party are the problem. And that the only way we will achieve the kind of broad, sweeping change that we want will be to have a presence in both parties and support from both parties, recognizing that it is going to take longer to change conservatives and Republicans than it takes to change liberals and Democrats.

    But we still must change them and we cannot do that without some of us engaging them and being in among them.

  58. Just_a_guy says

    Is it just me, or was this the the sleaziest comment thread on the history of TR?? (at least that I’ve seen)

    Where is Anastasia beaverhausen to take advantage of all this for humour, eh?

    Y’all covered most of the salient points… But you left out on: Fred karger.

    To me, the fact that karger ran as a gay republican showed the best face of what the republican party could become regarding gay issues. But the fact that that the republicans OPENLY discriminated against Karger and kept him from being in the debates, etc., shows how awful the republican party currently IS.

    Let’s not lie: the BEST thing for a self-respecting gay republican (presuming such a thing is possible) would be for Romney and Ryan to LOSE!! Then the republicans would need to reevaluate things like their sharp turn to keep scapegoating gay people at the CENTER of their political strategy. Am I wrong?

    Btw, I don’t know this cooper guy, but it makes him look bad to denigrate the great Barney frank. If gay republicans are to get respect, they’re gonna need a better leader than cooper, sorry.

  59. PAUL B. says

    Jack darling…I don’t want you to shed blood for me. Whatever gave you that idea?
    But…I agree with you…”the hated becomes the hater”. Please don’t be frightened Jack…it’s just what happens when you’ve been spit on, stepped on and shat on forever…just for being gay. I’m not sure what you thought would happen…but turning the other cheek is not my style. You’re a delicate creature Jack. I’m not…and don’t look back fondly on those days when I was.

  60. says


    I actually think that’s not a bad point. If the Republicans lose and realize that their kowtowing to the religious right and stigmatization of gays and their supporters are costing them valuable votes, it might just force some change. Thanks for that perspective, I hadn’t really considered that angle before.

    Of course, my vote for Johnson effectively does that anyway, but a salient point nonetheless, and a compelling argument. Thanks for giving me something to think about in a sane and respectful manner. I do appreciate that.

  61. says

    Elected Republicans who support gay rights should be supported, and there has been solid reach out to Republicans in every state where equality has passed. Those handfuls of votes have been important, but no pro-gay legislation has ever passed without a Democratic majority in power. Those are the facts the gay Repub’s can’t get around, try as they may.

    BUT the LCR’s (GOProud is even worse) deserve little credit for this since they support Republicans regardless of their record on gay rights, and they’re consistently (and more and more absurdly, desperately) dishonest about how gay-friendly their beloved party is. The 2012 Republican party is more anti-gay than ever, and the LCR’s have utterly failed to move the party toward their positions in decades of lobbying. They’re dinosaurs.

    The real lobbying of Republicans is by non-partisan groups who are not under the same delusions as the sad boys and girls of the Republican gay groups. Barney is completely correct.

  62. noteasilyoffended says

    Oh just shut up already, LCR. Sorry, but I have lost my patience with these people. The Republican party hates you. They “tolerate” you and still want to see you without any rights. What part of that do the LCR not see? Conservative politics is one thing. This is entirely another. The LCR will NEVER (I repeat-NEVER) accept you, so you might as well be pissing in the wind.

  63. Rick says

    What mystifies me is how anyone who is gay could be a part of the GOP. They offer nothing…nothing to advance gay rights. In my opinion if you what to pursue a fiscally conservative agenda it would be more productive to attempt that through the Democratic Party, they at least seem to be interested in more than one issue and are sufficiently inclusive to be able to accommodate responsibly presented ideas into their platform.

  64. andrew says

    @Jack: It is hard to keep up with all the insanity on this site, some of it coming from you. My only comment to you is : When you vote Libertarian you are throwing away your vote. Libertarians don’t win elections. The next president and members of the Senate and House will be democrats or republicans. Surely one of those parties or some of those candidates is closer to your views than others. So choose. Also, I think that you probably have balls. I get so tired of the Johnny One Note Little Kiwi saying that people who disagree with him have not balls/testicles. He is obsessed with balls. He may have been teabagged by a conservative which might explain his rantings.

  65. EchtKultig says

    Jack, I’ve never in the history of debating seen such a silly move. I tell you it’s impossible to be a 100% committed operative for the Republicans (which are all GOPROUD try to be) AND care about gay equality, and you try to tell me since anti-gay hysteria is only a small part of the Republican platform, I must be wrong. THEN you come out as a libertarian! Who votes libertarian! Which is exactly what I said you could do! Because it’s not Republican! Of course, libertarianism is a terrible idea that will lead to an environmentally barren Earth and pure, pre-enlightenment economic feudalism. But I can at least say you have the intelligence not to support a party in which about 25% of the members would happily see you burnt at a stake. So, congratulations, you’re a small government-favoring gay genius!

    Newflash. Obama will win the election. GoProud will ALWAYS seem like COMPLETE JOKES to everyone but themselves, until the Republican platform is less anti-gay. And that includes ALL non-GOPROUD Republicans. I would LOVE to know some of the jokes they’ve been the butt of from pernicious little GOP frat boys. I bet they have some good ones.

  66. jamal49 says

    Reading silly fools like Mary or ? or Jack, one resists the urge to be, um, nasty because silly fools either deserve verbal reprimand of the nastiest sort or, failing that, either a slap across the face or a kick in the butt.

    Yes, let’s acknowledge that the LCR and some of its minions have been there fighting for civil equality. They deserve credit for the DADT court challenges. They deserve credit for their efforts to challenge DOMA. They’ve done good work with those issues.

    Having said that, the next question is: which GOP are the LCR identifying with? Surely, there is no way Mary or ? or Jack or any other of the silly fools who claim to be republicon can say they support the current incarnation of the GOP. If they do claim as such, they simply verify that they ARE silly fools. Not to mention, delusional and gluttons for punishment.

    Why, even now I can see the LCR and their contentious sisters-in-arms, the GoProud Girls, swooning, sighing, fainting in ecstasy when one of their republicon stalwarts goes on about “strong national defense”, or tax-cuts for the “job creators”, or “limited government” or “states’ rights” or “personhood amendments” or “constitutional amendment to define marriage as that between one man and one woman” or all those dreamy, peachy-keen, wonderful things that are in this year’s GOP platform.

    If Mary or ? or Jack can actually stand up and defend the GOP platform and the hateful, spiteful, bilious stands that it takes on the serious issues of the day, then they deserve ever last bit of venomous commentary that is posted here.

    But, I do remember a different GOP. I remember the GOP of Dwight D. Eisenhower, the GOP of Richard Nixon, the GOP of Gerald Ford, the GOP of Everett Dirksen, back in the days before the poisonous evangelicals or the John Birchers or the seditious Nordquists wrested away the GOP’s soul and honour and turned it into what can only be described as a cancerous carbuncle, festering on the American body politic.

    This current GOP means America no good. It offers nothing, and I repeat NOTHING, to anyone of goodwill who just might not wish to vote for Democratic candidates. The irony is that the Democratic Party that a Mary or a ? or a Jack demonizes is a figment of their rightist mentality. That party ceased to exist when Bill Clinton was elected president in 1993.

    The current Democratic party is what the GOP in some ways used to be and what some of the silly fools posting here wish their current GOP might be: sensible, rational, responsible, patriotic and firm in its commitment to the fair and equal treatment of all America’s citizens, fairness and equity when striving to fulfill America’s economic promise, and help and comfort to the least among us.



    U. S. Rep. Frank SHOULD HAVE UTILIZED, “Benedict Arnold” IN HIS COMMENTARY.


  68. Surely U Jest says

    What is also simply ridiculous is for Cooper to act as though LCR has not engaged in “Uncle Tom-ish” behavior. They weren’t being bullied, they were simply being called out….

    Was it not “Uncle Tom-sish” to endorse John McCain in 2008 when he opposed repeal of DADT, LCR’s signature issue? We saw how well that worked out for LCR in 2010 with McCain’s vociferous efforts to derail repeal.

    Was it not “Uncle Tom-ish” to endorse the republican opponent of the democratic congressman who sponsored DADT repeal in the House? Nobody expects LCR to endorse a Democrat, but Patrick Murphy’s opponent would not even go on record as being pro-repeal and LCR endorsed him nonetheless.

    Was it not “Uncle Tom-ish” for Clarke Cooper to join the RNC Finance Committee to raise funds to help elect republicans at the expense of democrats who support gay rights? Sure Clarke says he is raising funds for equality minded republicans, yet the money goes into a central pool, not to the candidates of LCR’s choosing.

    Was it not “Uncle Tom-ish” when Clarke Cooper stood up for John Boehner’s decision to fight to retain DOMA? “The speaker is doing the right thing for right now.” Really, Clarke, what aspect of perpetuating discrimination is right?

    Was it not “Uncle Tom-ish” when Clarke Cooper joined forces with Ken Mehlman to sponsor a fundraiser for Speaker Boehner, a man who has never supported gay equality.

    Was it not “Uncle Tom-ish” for Clarke Cooper to defend Chick-fil-A against LGBT atttacks? Less than a month later Dan Cathy is backpedalling trying to save his college campus expansion plans and NCAA sponsorships because of the light shown on his activities.

    Was it not “Uncle Tom-ish” for Cooper to praise Paul Ryan as gay-supportive when every comprehensive look at Ryan’s record and his recent rhetoric says not?

    Was it not “Uncle Tom-ish” for Clarke Cooper to offer as LCR’s measure of success at the RNC Convention that they didn’t get Slush-eed? You’re carrying their tray Clarke, not sitting at their table.

    Will it be anything less than “Uncle Tom-ish” for LCR to endorse a man for President who sees them as not worthy?

    The problem here is that there is a big disconnect in the positions taken by LCR and the actions and words of their Executive Director. The problem may not be the concept that you can be gay and fiscally conservative it might be the way they are being represented by Cooper.

  69. Chris says

    LCR influence Repeal of DADT? Funny, I am military and working side by side with the policy writers of Repeal who worked with the legislators and Joint Chiefs. In our many discussions I have yet to hear anything about the LCR having any kind of influence on Congress. SLDN yes but LCR… NO. The LCR court case was dismissed with the Repeal decision. I was hoping that the court case would still go on and be found unconstitutional so we wouldn’t have to ever worry about repeal of the repeal. And why anyone would vote for their own suppression that would take many years to undo… is just dumb. Makes me think that the right wing is just planting people as “gay repubs” to try and persuade others to be like them for the votes. Hmmm, stay away from the Kool Aid!
    OBAMA 2012!!!!!

  70. "The Gay" says

    If Barney spent half as much time BSing about th Democrats that work just as hard at maligning us and lying about us as he does the Log Cabins, then I might find him a bit more convincing.

    But he doesn’t, and I don’t.

    Democrats are just riding the wave that the Log Cabins took part in helping create.

    Let’s not revise the history of the Democratic Party and this administration and past Democratic administrations that have dragged their feet until it was finally politically expeditious to use us.

    It’s just American politics as usual. I don’t blame certain Canadians for failing to grasp the minutia, but I also don’t buy into their misrepresentation of events and of the Democrats, either.

  71. gayalltheway says

    We should give credit where credit is due; which is that the LCR really did play a big role in fighting for the repeal of DADT and maybe true to some extent about ENDA. However, I cannot say the same thing about GOProud. They haven’t done anything that is remotely constructive for the LGBT rights movement. With that being said, if the LCR does not share the same values as Democrats, it should also be critical of the GOPs and its platforms. Fact is fact. The GOP does not believe in equality for LGBTs and would work to denigrate the quality of our lives. The GOP stands for smaller government and less intrusion in private citizens’ lives but they believe the government should have control over women’s health issues and what LGBT folks do in their private lives.
    Another thing that I find interesting about LCR and GOProud is that they don’t seem to have a lot to say about marriage equality.
    If their priority is really about fighting for inclusion and equality, then being able to marry the person you love and receiving all the benefits and security granted by laws for LGBT couples should be at least on the top of the list.

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