1. says

    Wow, this ad is stupid even by Romney’s standards. Are they actually accusing Obama of loafing on the job. Wait until someone pulls out the stats on Romney’s off days as Governor of Massachusetts.

  2. james says

    The ad is both stupid and poorly produced. What Denny’s in Kansas was it filmed in?

    Three funny details I noticed: Her water glass if nearly full; his is empty, a riff on the tired glass half full / half empty. She is of ambiguous racial / ethnic appearance — is this a nudge at Mr. Obama’s mixed race ethnicity? She has a vague resemblance to Monica Lewinsky.

    And a fourth — she’s stupid. You always wait until the end of dinner to break up and walk out — so you stiff the breakee with the check. Anyway, that’s how I always do it.

  3. jamal49 says

    They’re not serious are they? The RNC, I mean? Do they really think this is going to work? They’ve managed to insult women (because republicons do that almost as if its second nature for them) and golfers (insinuating that golfers are lazy slackers), among other people.

    All one has to do is to compare the vacation and slack time that G. W. Bush took and Ronald Reagan took to that of Mr. Obama or, even, Bill Clinton, to demonstrate that the art of goofing off in the Oval Office is a republicon specialty.

    This ad by the RNC is really, really pathetic and quite frankly, Bush league (pun intended).

  4. Larry says

    The pathetic thing is, that some people buy into this. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen making comments about how the Obamas would rather be hanging out with celebrities, or appearing on talk shows, or going on vacation. Because, you know, W never went on vacation.

  5. Redebbm says

    This ad isn’t for Moderates, this is for their base that eat this up on a daily bases. It’s like the rhetoric of why the campaign moved venues. It’s not weather, but “empty seats.” This party has convinced their base about an alternate universe that doesn’t exist. The Republicans had to do this to fire up their base, their base loves the alternate universe. You can count on these ads to turn out the extremist Republicans who will only vote on their hate on Obama. This is very threatening for our community as the extreme right will be delighted to be back in power and strip away our rights as a distraction to them slashing everything but the defense budget.

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